Exploding Cyst

This is one cyst popped just before Halloween.

(Does that make it more scary, or maybe pre-scary? lol. Nice find!! Thanks, Efteling!)

Exploding cyst
Uploaded to YouTube by MrSpud321 on Oct 30, 2011

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  • Spectacular blaster!! But, boy, if they woulda just used both thumbs and index fingers, that beautiful nugget of gold would have shot outta there like an Army howitzer. Great post Efteling. New one for the faves. 🙂

    • I know! Exactly what I was thinking. My dad has one in the same spot and his skin is so tight there I can’t do the thumb and finger grab and squeeze. I know if I could it would be way better.

  • This is just how I like’m! Wish we could have watched til the end though 🙁
    Brilliant poppage and video quality was good too……… 🙂 Another one for the favorites list!
    Thanks for posting! Nice work!

  • A generalized rant:

    It’s a definite plus for the person doing the popping to wear gloves. Why? There is bacteria of all sorts living under our nail beds just thriving and waiting to transfer to someone else. That seems to be logical and more people are taking heed as the data is put out there.

    However!!! (Official Rant Begins)
    Why do people get squeamish about getting someone else’s blood on them, or a sneeze, or perhaps even a cough aimed ourr way? but then when it comes time to pop a zit, they do so in a manner that most likely sprays zit matter chock full of aging disgusting bacteria sometimes months or years old all over the room where they do the popping?

    If you love the really bit money shots (I know I do) you know that the best squeeze is the one that just goes everywhere out of control. It’s cool to watch. I watch!

    But if you’re the one with the cyst or the one about to pop one, realize that the cool mess that spurts from those mega zits comes in every single pimple pop the big and the small. It might not be visible to your eye if the pimple is relatively small, but the spray of bacteria still goes in all directions.

    You’re popping zits in your kitchen. You’re popping zits while your young children are in the room. You’re popping zits at a dinner table or at a restaurant. You’re popping zits with a camera operate so close to the zit that it’s not unusual for the camera to get hit. Doesn’t that imply that at least some got on the camera operator as well? You’re popping pimples in the bathroom, and you’re right, it’s already chock full of bacteria, so what’s a little more going to harm? The types of bacteria are important. Staff infection on a toilet seat might live there just long enough to transfer to an unsuspecting daughter who ends up in the hospital with a m**ZIT**ively infected kidney because that type of infection is rarely introduced into the body.

    You’re popping zits with tools that range from safety pins and needles to the swiss army knife. Despite some effort to create a sterile field, few are actually educated enough in the medical field to understand a sterile field and the need for it to exist so that bacteria has the least possible chance of spreading. A box cutter that you use at your receiving door in the back of a grocery does not become magically sterile with a little flame created by someone’s lighter.

    You’re taking tools then, applying them to the pimple or cyst or pus collection and you’re poking into flesh. There are few nerve endings in a pocket of pus and the ones that are there are surrounded by white blood cells so though you feel the stick or cut to some degree, you’re not going to feel it like you would if the same was done to your healthy skin, therefore, you’re not equipped with the “Ouch, that’s too far” self defense option. You don’t realize how much effort it takes for a knife to pierce then slice skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body, highly elastic, and designed to be difficult to break. It’s hard to know how much pressure it takes to release the fluids from a collection of pus on your body. It seems logical that if the job can be done with only a small scratch into the skin’s surface, that should suffice. There are people (even medical personnel) who are slicing huge holes into all sorts of places on the body. Do you know how easy it is to cause nerve damage with even a shallow s**ZIT**e, and that the deeper the box cutter cuts, the more likely you are to cause permanent damage to the body that has far more repercussions than a pimple out of control.

    Gloves are a start. Yes! But there’s so much more that should be put into the process and plan of home surgical procedures. I understand wanting to avoid doctor’s offices and co-pays and all that, but if you do it at home and you do a poor job of it, or damage something irreparably, you’re going to land up in the hospital, and that’s far worse.

    Please pop carefully.

    Now I return you to your regularly scheduled program.

    Karen aka lilzitgitter

  • Me Too obsessed..four fingers would have brought to the surface some major pus….there was still so much in there that needed to be extracted, please if you are going to extract pus, make sure to get it all for our viewing pleasure…sweet post…splat

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