Frostbite Blisters – Poke, Drain, Peel, Owww!

oh my that had to hurt. Frostbite from WAY below freezing. Sorry…not much draining action. But cool to look at.

From YT:
“…frostbite from -50 below… part of the process is to poke and drain the blisters…and then peel the dead skin off. Not for anyone with a weak stomach.”
and then, on video #3:
“this is 7 days after freezing his hands in -50 degree freaking coldness in Churchill,Manitoba. And according to Doc’s the healing is going nicely.There is still some feeling in the tips and circulation in the fingers.There is some obvious pain,but you wouldn’t be able to tell by his “tough” disposition.He has adapted and is able to talk on the phone with the aid of a chopstick.(Given to him by loving sister Edith) and also to change the channels on the TV.Even feeding himself is possible as long as it is not a sandwich. All in all there IS hope.Amen to that!”




“Frostbite aftermath”
“Nat’s frostbite 7 days later Video”
Uploaded by vadahlicious on Jan 1 & Jan 7, 2009

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