Redemption: Back At It – The Director’s Cut!

I emailed the the “Insanewombats” and begged them for a second chance at redemption! The original 200th post was deemed, to some and including me, not worthy! So this is what they gave me for Thanksgiving and I am truly delighted. Yes there are still too many cooks in the kitchen, part of it is covered but someone took control and did a much better job. So thank you Wombats, even if it was not for me personally, I adore you!

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“Best Pimple Pop Ever – Extended “Cut”” posted to YouTube by “insanewombats3” on November 25, 2011

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  • Yeahhhh I’m first to post. Well I think to many hands in the pot. I had to laugh when he said everyone take a break lol. But thanks I needed that. Hugs to everyone!!

    • cut out all the wiping and covering it up while squeezing and that would have been a 4 star cyst pop! **ZIT** I just cant stand hyper/wipers. Also, I wish they would have went in for the sack. Sometimes a good sack can really top off a video and make it go from great to a cl**ZIT**ic!

      • I agree, considering all the chaos going on. They stayed focused on the task at hand. I’m soooo happy this was repaired and reposted!! Yea!!! I though it was gone forever. This is in the running for my all time personal favorite video!! I could watch this all day long!

  • too much paper in the way of the videogripher the hands were ok
    please quit blocking the camera’s view.
    great zit squeeze.
    camera a little too moveable
    thanks for showing it to us though
    still some enjoyment

    • Not sure if you’ve been around and not posting much or if you’re new but, we have certain unwritten etiquette rules: 1. comment with respect 2. interact with each each other as if we’re friends. I’m starting to see way too many mean remarks directed from one member to another and it’s getting quite old. Sorry for implying that you are a jerk in my post below but, you were sort of being one to pop and maven. Just enjoy derbarbarian – just enjoy!

  • WoW! That my friends…was a nice cyst!

    In the vid there was 2 (4 hands) hyper-wiper and a “blade” maniac ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Too many chief,not enough Indians!

    Bref,c’รฉtait le chaos! LOL

    I liked it nonetheless,thats for sure.You guys seem to have a lots of fun also…Tnx for posting your vid.

    And dripper,that was a great find

  • When I went for the mute control after hearing all of the people and the kids screaming I just knew where this popping was taking place… the kitchen table. The last few moments of the video proved me right (i hope they didn’t spray Febreeze into the cut)! Everything appeared to come out except one minor detail… the cyst sack. I wonder if they’ll video the second popping?

  • Well it was a nice cyst pop, had it all volume, distance….but the guy sure was a DICK!!! dropping F-Bombs with mom dad and other friends and family present.
    “FU$K you Lady” what an **ZIT**!

  • The correct four-finger grip of death would have created something akin to the ‘Huge Sebac’ output.

    And why can’t people have a small plastic cup nearby to collect all the goodness?

  • I thought this was pretty good actually. I agree there were way too many hands. I do undertand that some were just trying to prevent the puss from flying all over. But in total I enjoyed it, even the banter between the spectators. HOWEVER, I gotta say my very favorite part was at the end of the little girl with towel over her nose…the look on her face was priceless…hahahahaha. Thanks to dripper and to the Poppee and his entire surgical team …LOL. We did enjoy it thank you.

  • Way too many cooks in the kitchen, but the squirts were extremely choice! I’ll have to watch this one again. I loved the rope of se**ZIT** laying along the gloved finger.

  • Wow, this was great! 5 star & fav’s all the way!

    I can not understand why so many of you are complaining, crying & whining, ziting & moaning about everything you think is wrong with this video! Why can’t you appreciate what you got. Maybe appreciate the fact that they even posted it in the first place, for your viewing pleasure! I’d love to see just one of you put in this same situation and see how well you do! Y’all are expectin somethin for nuttin! You would want these wonderful folks to keep on posting, wouldn’t ya? Well let me remind you, you draw more bees with honey than you do with **ZIT**……..
    Come on …………. lighten up a little ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Most of the people here have watched so many videos that they probably could do a better job. Even tho the puss was good, I too found the tissues to be annoying. If you’re afraid of spraying puss everywhere then go to the bathroom to squeeze where you don’t have to worry about it instead of covering up good shots.

    • Thank you 3cysterscafe. I often think the same way myself but I have learned to be a gl**ZIT** half full person, or am diligently working on it!

      What most people don’t understand is that about 80% of the people who post these on YouTube are doing this for the first time. (as is the case with this one) Their only reference is watching another vid off the Tube.

      Some people are always going to be gl**ZIT** half empty and that is just in their nature. To change is HARD, but so much easier on the nerves.

      Even Huge Sebac had a lot of complaints! I just roll with the punches because they are not personal to me!

      But all of us here, a great eclectic community, would die to get a chance to get our hands on one of these cysts…and would prob do a fantastic job…I think the smell would be my only objection!

      • I’m with ya all the way, on every count Dripper! I consider myself one of the family and I’m very greatful for that privilege! I love this site and will always defend it. However, I do get annoyed sometimes when the complaining reaches toxic levels! 9 times out of 10, I keep my pie hole shut! Sometimes I just can’t! Lol

      • I have watched this vid a number of times…but now it only plays half way thru and then quits. waaaah! can it be fixed?

  • this reminded me of one of those lightbulb jokes You know…how many lawyers, cooks, teachers or whatever does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Only this was how many people does it take to pop a cyst?

  • I found the amount of goo coming out of this cyst to be most delightful…. and agree there was too much tissue action.

    I loved the pre-video warning…. do not eat while watching…. um…. I ate my dinner WHILE watching…. geesh I could eat while popping this cyst in real life too! LOL Oh, and my potatoes were about the size of some of those chunks….. bahahhahaahhaha

    • I was gnoshing too! Lovely ham and scalloped potatoes. mmmm I thought this had a cute ending. The display of tools was very nice and I loved the poses from the poppers! They reminded me of big game hunters posing with their quarry.

      • As was I!! Nothing as good as ham and scalloped potatos; just my nightly snack of yogurt and banana chunks – alarmingly realistic!!

  • well mustv been a trooper allowing so many bodies and hands in the mix

    i hope each and every one get their own cyst for christmas

    thanks lady dripper it was a fantastic cyst!

  • That was incredible!!! What an amazing payload!! That first money shot was awesome. A lot of people were trying to get their hands on that monster. This is what would happen if we held a PTZ convention and this guy was shoved onto the main floor amongst us. It would be like lions surrounding a freshly killed wildebeest on the African plains. Thanks Dripper!! This made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • There is something fun about large group disasterous chaos and the performing of multiple types of at home surgeries. I like family gatherings. I love it to be on a holiday and the whole family flies in from all over the country to — drum roll — get a little cyst action with their turkey and taters. Another fun group seem to be hyped up teens/young adults who are either just hyper in their group when the groups together or under the influence of something that creates that frenetic chaos.

    I’d have to say that in the past 3 days, I’ve seen 3 different videos where the people are so excited about making a Youtube video for this stuff, but then when they get into it, they end up blocking the camera view.

    A little common sense would help but if common sense were really common, more people would have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I thought it looked as if his shoulder was becoming really bruised didn’t you? Those **ZIT**s are painful although if he’s saying the f word in front of his parents, wife, and that sweet baby girl…maybe he should feel some pain. (Sorry, that was mean.) If I said that in front of my family, you would all be watching the video of me having the broken teeth dug out of my gums! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Amazing pus and all in all good technique if they just quit blocking the view with tissue. The lady with blue fingernails seemed to be the one doing most of the blocking (she’s got a glove on one hand but you can see the blue nails in it). I hope they let it fill up really good before they pop it again.

  • I thought the comment ..”is that fat coming out?” or Puss? That made lol so hard. Just think if we could just squeeze some extra fat out of our bodies like puss when ever we felt like it. I would be squeezing my self after every meal.

  • popmaven, yankeedoodlepus seriously cry me a river.. Insensitive can’t help it if it’s true. Listen to the dude speak to his wife, refers to her as a “zit” on one than more occasion..

  • What I would give to come across such a specimen as this!! I would go wide and deep, the four-finger method; I would give it a good, big squeeze and be done with it. This was a great vid. My toes were clenched and my teeth were grinding, and I was perched on the edge of my seat the whole time!! Awesome!!

  • I very much enjoyed this video! The stills at the end just added to the enjoyment! If we want to keep viewing these types of vids, we have to be careful not to make personal attacks upon the Stars. You can and WILL be corrected by long-term PTZ members if you become nasty. We like each other here – don’t ruin our rapport by fighting with our members. PM and YDP – you both wrote exactly what I was thinking. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kitchen table surgery with the whole family chiming in. Jeremy’s entire extended family there to lend fingers, hands, kleenex, phones, cursing. A cl**ZIT**ic of contemporary Americana. Let’s videotape Uncle Jeremy’s cyst hump and put it up on Youtube! Some nice oozing out of that big hump. Thanks for posting!

  • The size of that cyst was amazing. Ive seen a lot of people post about hands and tissues but you have to keep in mind not everyone is out to be the next Internet sensation. Many do**ZIT**ent their cysts for personal remembrance. We got a great squirt and I’m happy with that alone!

  • @Dripper, did you ever know that you are the wind beneath my pus loving wings? :0

    Seriously, that was fantastic, great squirts, great pus, good squeezing. Satisfaction! It was so cool of you to contact the Insanewombats to ask if they’d be willing to show us more. I really appreciate the way you take the time and effort to do things like that for us. Thank you!

    And thanks to the Insanewombats for filming such a great sebac slaying! And for agreeing to Dripper’s request for more. Very cool of them to do that.

  • Come on! now there is no defending the so called star of this video, Yes it was a good cyst but like I said before the guy was a real **ZIT** he was very rude, very dissrespectful.
    And yes I am one of the so called long time members, probably longer than most, I just don.t post 18 comments per video. “DERBARBARIAN” did get a little to excited in his comment but the “STAR” of the video was much more rude and nasty. now the site has the little smile faces for how many comments you post, the person who has five is no more fit to p**ZIT** judgement than someone with one.
    trust me I don’t want a bunch of people making out of line comments but I also don;t want minority of people p**ZIT**ing personal judgement on other peoples comments all the time..
    Chill out log off the internet and go for a jog or someting, get some perspective.

  • I’m just grateful that folks are sufficiently considerate to record their adventures and post the results here. They could have neglected to do either and we would have had nothing to watch.

  • with everything that has been written I’m glad my speakers kicked the bucket a few days ago and haven’t been replaced yet. So I just enjoyed the cyst… awesome. thanks!

  • nice cyst, lots of cheeze, to many hands in the mix, it would have been a better video to watch and better for the dude with the cyst if just one person was doing all the squeezing and another doing the wiping……The owner of the cyst was a real **ZIT**……you could make the excuse that he was in pain and under stress but my bet is he is a **ZIT** all the time.

    Good Watch, Thanks

  • Definately a lot of quality cheese. But there are just too many cooks in the kitchen. Kind of reminded me of dogs chasing cars, they were just so excited to get to it, but when they finally got to it they didn’t know what to do with it.

  • Great cyst! Too bad you girls ruined it. It made me a nervous wreck trying to keep up with what hands were doing what. Ms. betadine stained glove, it really wasn’t necessary to put your hand in the way to wipe every little drop of puss! There was only one girl who knew how to get the goo out, the rest of you should have been spectators only. All in all it was kind of disappointing.

  • 3cysterscafe had the perfect word for this debacle – it should be named Chaos. Comments like โ€œOh my **ZIT**, that is disgustingโ€ slay me. Did they think that they were going to get sheer beauty out of a gash on top of a lump of a cyst? They have way too many hands in there – they are in each otherโ€™s way. Is this being done in the middle of a family reunion? The noise is enough to drive me batty. Do they have him wearing a garbage bag? Some of the voices are sooooo shrill. Man I am not a prude by any means but there is sure some sailor language in from of small kids. And there was toooo much wiping.

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