The Shoulder is Bolder

This is one was worth waiting for this weekend. This 30 year old sebac is huge and they cut it open with a steak knife! (saw saw saw…it gave me the {{{shivers}}}! This guy is my hero…”make a bigger hole”…”make a bigger hole” did I mention he wanted a “bigger hole” but the family I think are smelling the stink and I cant believe they didn’t finish this! Cross your fingers….I said cross your fingers and hopefully we will get a part two!

Update…I received a letter from “thiswinterslove” and this is what it said

“haha yep the camera ran out of battery. We ended up having to finish outside because the smell was getting so strong! It took about an hour to take out all of that **ZIT**. Wished we had more to show tho : Glad you liked it!”

So no more, no sequel :…(

“Make the hole bigger- cyst” Uploaded to YouTube by “thiswinterslove” on November 5, 2011

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  • Damage the battery failure!
    an extraction done by a professional as one who works in “the best back zit” us would have excited!
    excuse my English (you can blame google!)

  • Aw Man!!! What we did get was excellent!!! Shame it ran outta battery juice!!! I’m surprised she didn’t put a bigger hole in the back of his head!!!
    Excellent find dripper!!!

  • Way too much wiping, fussing about, and ridiculous efforts at hygiene. No wonder they ran out of battery. Great cyst, excellent camera work, and boo to the squeezer for being such a wuss. Thanks for posting.

    • This definitely had “Huge Sebac” potential. Can you imagine if the woman from that vid got to this guy first? Less than 5 minutes and done… according to the thiswinterslove it took over an hour. I’m really feelin some type a way about this lol

  • Thanks. I am having a mental breakdown!!! That could have been the best one in a very very long time. Jus to grab hold on either side and just squeeeeeeze………………….My **ZIT**, that could have been wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but the payload is still there and is filling by the minute…………………

    • I advised them to swab a little of that toothpaste under their noses to they wouldn’t have had to put up with the smell.

      Just once I wish I was in their place…I would put up with the smell for that squeeze!

  • That’s the first time I remember the person with the cyst asking the popper if they need a break! It must have smelled horribly! That’s a caution to all filmers; make sure the camera is charged and ready for the big show. Thanks for a wonderful find!

  • That cyst was so big- it reminded me of Voldemort on the back of Professor Quibble’s head! An alternative **ZIT**le could be “Lou’s Siamese Twin”.

    ps- Lou- next time use your manners and she might even do what you ask. “Make the hole bigger… PLEASE.”

  • How often are we treated to a 30 year old sebac, and finally, just when everything is set for the big grand finale… battery failure. It was like getting the rug yanked out from under my feet. Must have been a lesson in Zen. Still, I suppose I should be thankful for what I did see, rather than to complain about what I didn’t. Thanks, Dripper!

  • Are they saying that this thing has been on his shoulder for 30 F’nyrs!!!!? How in the name of poetry & fish, could he have not gotten that thing lanced? I just gotta SMDH.

    • I’m thinkin’ (from all the scar tissue around it) that over the course of those thirty years he’s had that thing butchered up MANY times, hence, his **ZIT**ertion to “MAKE A BIGGER HOLE!”
      (What the heck is SMDH?)

  • I loved it, dripper…I’m trying not to cry for that Pus which the Camera Could Not Capture…I have dreamed of having a 30 year old sebac all to my ownself. WHY do my friends not grow these for me?? They must not truly love me. That has to be it.

    • @ PickyPicky Maybe you should have dreamt for 30 years and a bit more…..every-night !!! LOL !!…… But know what you mean…we all wish that, I wouldnt even care if it was just 2 or 3 years old….but on a verry easy to reach yourself place….
      and offcourse they”d truly loved you !! Maybe they just wanted that cysts for themselves… ?? just a thought….would you give away your cyst that easy?? May have took years to ,,save up,,

  • shut the **ZIT** up about the bigger hole and let the woman work!!!!
    im sorry but only a dumb **ZIT** would want an X cut…..that cyst could have been caused by all the hair dye you are using to keep your hair black……..Im sorry I was trying hard to be kinder and more gentle

    • Hey popper01, just a quick bit of advice, it’s definately OK not to like the video or even the subjects in the video.
      But mean spi**ZIT**ed comments about the subjects n the video are really not appreciated nor necessary here at PTZ.
      Nope I’m not the PTZ police, and frankly you are free to write whatever comment you choose to here.
      But in the interest of keeping “our” site friendly & inviting to everyone to come here & enjoy themselves “we” all try to be RESPECTFUL with our comments.
      Just a suggestion, take it, leave it, or tell me to go pound sand.

  • Amused by the man’s incessant demands, and not only were they incessant, he never changed the wording, or the cadence or the tone. It was like it was a recording. LOL

    • You as always are right on MomE. But her excuse was that she had not planned on doing this at all! And who doesn’t have two types of cameras these days. I have three more than I want with old cell phones. Not that the quality would have been as good, but it may have been something!

  • My husband fell off the roof. Bruised himself all the way down his left side. Not a whimper. He never said too much about it. Equipment malfunction at work….broke a couple of ribs. Never complained much. Said the pain wasn’t too bad, he would take Motrin. He has had some very serious injuries over the years and every time the ER doc has offered him pain meds, he refused. He seems to have a rather high tolerance to pain


    try to pop a zit or a boil and he cries like a baby! These things are so painful to him he refuses to let me break them. One little squeeze and he SCREAMS…..literally.

    go figure

    • My husband is exactly the same way. A he-man I can be proud of. So tough and strong. Try to squeeze a zit and he screams like a little girl. I don’t get it. I put my fingers on him and just as I start to squeeze, he pulls away, before there’s enough pressure to cause any pain. What a wuss. I tried getting him drunk, but that doesn’t even help. What’s a girl to do. This is torture.

    • My husband makes me count, as I squeeze gently “One, two, ready? Three (big Squeeze)”

      He’s so sensitive on his skin, it’s amazing. But he carried my new kitchen hutch up to our 2nd story apartment all on his own, just fine. Go figure!

  • Loved the video and the guy saying make a bigger hole with his funny accent. To bad she didn’t just make the darn hole bigger so she could squeeze it and get it over with. Thanks for posting the video!

  • Dripper you are definately find the best material for us to view!
    Thank you for this gem, yes there were some glitches with the video not finishing before it’s time, and a few other annoyances, but holy cat fish the size of that cyst was epic, and the stuff that we did get to see was totally impressive!
    I’m with you 100% on being willing to forgo the smell just to be able to squeeze one of these delicious sebac eggs!
    Thanks for your dedicated work girl!

  • Sorry guys, I forgot that here at PTZ when we are watching videos of people popping zits, cysts and boils that we always maintain the high level of cl**ZIT** and loving kindness that this site is known for, I would like to apologize to everyone for making a little fun at people that have shown such bravery to have made a video showing the world there zits being popped, folks this is serious stuff not to be made lite of. “Puss N Boots” thank you for giving me permission to write what I want to. I am only human and I keep forgetting how serious this is.

    being serious ……I made a little joke about his hair dye causing the cyst is that worth your wrath…take the plank out of your eye before judging me

    • I don’t think it was the hair dye comment that would have offended most people popper01.

      Saying things like “shut the **ZIT** up” and calling them a “dumb **ZIT**” are rude and mean and simply not needed.

      Being nasty to people is not a joke, it is called bullying and not tollerated in an adult community. I believe that is the reason people disliked the above and many of your previous comments and also wht Puss N Boots went out on a limb to try and gently inform you that your personal attacks on people are not nice and not welcome here. I am not an admin of course and therefore this is my personal opinion and not that of PTZ.

    • Aussie Cyster you are an admin on this, a community that you truly believe in and a wonderful regular contributor I thank you for bringing this up when you feel offended.

      Puss N Boots, also a great and kind person, said what she did with much more tact than I would have! Thank you, both of you!

  • OMG that’s the best video I’ve seen! I was ROFLMFAO through that – then had to repeat it for the sake of my (highly squeamish) girlfriend! With accents and everything! I kinda forgot about the cyst (I know, I know, not very hardcore of me) and was just wetting myself at the comedy catchphrase! Love it x

  • This is like a brilliant TV Series being cancelled right after a cliff hanger airs. WE NEED TO SEE THE ENDING!!! PLEASE GROW IT BACK!!! GIVE US THE ENDING WE DESERVE!!!

    • I know they did finish it. but did not take out the sac!!!! Lets just not wait 30 years this time eh. The scary thing is that I can see myself her in that time waiting for it! lol

  • Ah, @Dripper, I’ve had so much fun watching and commenting on this video, I’ve forgotten to properly thank you! So sorry. I loved this one. Straight to favorites. It would have been great to see it all, but what we got was fantastic!! And the humor was wonderful too. Another delightful find. Thanks so much.

  • GAAAAHHHH DRIPPER, ANOTHER GREAT POST! ! ! Goes right to my favs, with all of Your other posts here. 🙂 I live down here, in Texas, and I wish I could take us all here, at PTZ, to a little country cafe here, out in the country, have a wonderful breakfast, and over the course of about a 4 hour span, we could probably come across around 4 or 5 guys, (farmers), with an accent kind of like that guys. Not so sure that they would talk EXACTLY like him, but close. And that’s why I was laughing, SO HARD, watching this, and had to watch it again! This one had great puss, and great laugh’s. Thank You Dripper, for making my evening! 🙂

  • I post comments on many sites, mostly political; but this is one of the very few sites on which the members attempt to police themselves and maintain a level of decorum and courtesy. The advent of online bulletin boards and worldwide instant communication has served to co**ZIT**n the discourse and allowed individuals to sling all sorts of vile invective at others, knowing that they will never be called upon to account for their words in a face to face confrontation with the target of their insults.This is extremely refreshing and certainly a radical departure from other sites I frequenty.

  • Truly liked this one,…I only thought that maybe they needed to make a bigger hole…cannot Imagine that someone not just came to that idea….the rest of the vid was nice…..Only ,..who on earth will stop filming at this stage of the surgey ?? Doesnt make anny scence…maybe if they had made a bigger hole then the procedure would have go faster…..Could have reached the end ?? then…..So whats the point of this then ??? That its most Important to have a nice Bigg-Hole !!
    Nice find Dripper, good Video although needed a bigger hole, but thats only my opinion.

  • Awww…she wiped too much! If she just would’ve kept going and squeezing in all directions there would be no need for “a bigga hole” -lol…was truly a watch though

  • For some reason this video really pi$$ed me off. The person was too busy wiping all the time. She could’ve been folding origami in between squeezings. I mean really, if you’re going to squeeze, it doesn’t have to be immaculate and pristine. If you wait long enough to get the tp, the blood will keep coming. Wipe, wait for the blood, wipe, wait, wipe, wait. Why are these always wasted on the inept poppers?

  • THIRTY YEARS????? That’s like a prison sentence! Wht’s with these folks? And to leave us hanging like that? I magine the sac on that one…..we’ll never know.. What a great find….we lost all the possibilities.

  • Since the srorm in the northeast I have been having a great deal of difficulty accessing this site. Sorry it took so long for me to view this vid. I must have tried 30 TIMES!

  • He had that for 30 years!!! He said “make a bigger hole” 31 times!
    One for every year that he had it, with one extra just for the **ZIT** of it!
    Not only was this one of the best I’ve seen, it was funnier than zit!
    Thank you for posting!!

  • Where is the wonder-nurse from Huge Sebac when you really need her? She would’ve destroyed this bad-boy, drank a brandy, and lit up a fine Cuban before this hyper-wiper got off the second tissue.

    Nonetheless, I am grateful for the posting… as it was more enjoyable than frustrating…

  • great find make a bigger hole make a bigger hole that southern guy had me cracking up great footage camera work great find dripper happy new year smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Lou wanted a bigger hole **ZIT** it!! She should have just sliced that thing from one end to the other, got a spoon and just dug that puppy out!

    On another note, what the **ZIT** does this smell like? Can someone give me an aromic visual? Is it like dead bodies? Don’t know what that smells like either..or is it like raw sewage? Dead fish? How can it be so foul to make someone cough like that???

  • They should have cut a punched the end of the knife down to the bottom of the cyst – then the hole would have been big enough. Can anyone tell these people where to find a punch?
    Fantastic find, dripper.

  • I went back and watched this a few times , one time I counted how many times this guy said ” MAKE A BIGGER HOLE ” and it was 29 times OMG, this guy was freakin out. She should have just sliced a huge gash right acroos that **ZIT**p-of-puss

  • Jeez Louise! 29 times he says, “Make a bigger hole!” 29 times! Plus 8 times he says “I want all that **ZIT** out of there!” Oh, I’m sorry, we didn’t understand what you wanted…

    It would have been very tempting to have taken a meat cleaver to that shoulder and then asked, “IS THAT BIG ENOUGH?!”

  • This is my 2nd favorite zit video right behind kIll George. Every time this guy says “make a bigger hole” I crack up. Wish the phone battery had lasted longer, just so I could find out just how many times he said “make a bigger hole.” LOL LOL

    • I’m with you Twinz! Whenever I need a laugh, this is the video for me. First time time I saw it, I laughed so hard I scared the dog & could barely catch my breath! It would of been so good to see it to the end but I suppose we have to be happy with the great post we have. “Make a bigger hole” LOL every time!

  • You never know–they might not have gotten the sac out, in spite of what they thought, and we’ll see it again! You gotta admit, old Lou sure is a good sport about getting it emptied out. Didja see those neck tendons all swelled out when she asked him, “Does it hurt?” He’s a tough old bird!

  • Nifty post, dripper. I think if I was popping this piece of sebacious art, I would be wiping like crazy in order to see where to squeeze next. If you don’t keep clearing off the huge cysts, the gunk would eventually start falling on the floor.

    I wish we could have seen it to the end, but I work at being content with what folks have to offer. I don’t want folks to quit sharing their work just because they think they can’t be perfect enough to please the m**ZIT**es.

  • Lou sure was annoying with “Make a bigger hole” over and over. I swear, he said at least 50 times. I give those who live with him credit as I would have gave him a piece of my mind by now, saying that I’ve heard him the first 10 times or something like that! Possibly that’s why I’m not married…
    Otherwise, it was a great video! Thanks for the post!

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