Abscess on Lower Back!

Pretty nasty looking abscess on this guy’s lower back. Encrusted with pus, swollen, so red its purple! Yeah, this one is begging to be lanced and let the river of pus flow forth…

…at least its a normal metal pan to catch all that pus, and not a gl**ZIT** jar. tee hee

OK – I can’t write anything witty here – let me tell you what I am watching on TV and you’ll understand – a modern remake of a 50’s style B-Movie… about a giant spermatazoa created from an untested fertility drug for men with a, um, low count. Anyways, all goes wrong and his one “little swimmer” shoots free and eventually grows to a size where it decides to, uh, go after the Statue of Liberty… which they cover with a giant condom…

Now tell me would you be strangely distracted? I think so, yes, I think so. Muwah ah ha ha ha!

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.

ผ่าฝี รพ. บ้านดู่
Uploaded to YouTube by laughyzzz on Aug 16, 2011

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  • Ahhh, the mighty red river of blood and pus! You never know where this beast will rear its ugly head! It lurks in the shadows until one day it mysteriously appears on PTZ for all of us to enjoy! Spectacular post!
    Thank you!

  • I don’t think the doc had a clue on what to do with this monster except cut deep and long! The patient may not have gotten any pain killer the way he was howling while she was working. I didn’t see a lot of fluid come out during the cleanout procedure, so it was as deep as it was wide!
    Great find H.S.!!!

  • Wow! That is one brutal wound! I can’t tell if it’s MRSA, a spider bite, a stab wound, a gun shot wound, an infection from a kidney drain, a regular ole’ abcsess or what! Whatever it is, I sure hope this person recovers completely. Thanks HS! 🙂

  • a betadine irrigation?

    Im not sure what we were seeing….

    The Doc? didn’t probe the entire wound for loculations, Did anyone else think there may be pockets left?

    Perhaps it’s so discolored because it’s been “messed” with too much.
    Kinda looked like hamburger in there…..

    Please fella, take care of that thing!

    Good one Halphie!

  • I love when a cyst or wound is over scabed or closed up. And the Doc got to take a blade & slice into it real deep like that. I bet his pain level afterwards went from 10 to prob 2. I know I’m twisted, but I can’t be the only one…..Am I?

  • At first I thought it was filmed in the Philippines (kind of sounded like Tagalog to me at first) but I believe the writing is Thai.

    As **ZIT** as my witness I miss the Asian third world.

  • Ok, this is only the second time I have been really disturbed by something posted here. The 1st was a video in 2009 with a girl who had an abcess on her arm from using drugs.
    This video is pretty much close to that, except that the patient is actually recieving medical care.
    Judging from the moaning he is going through, I suspect what ever they used for pain killers has worn off. as well the wound is sooo deep, like others here i expected her to pull out a kidney!
    I love watching all kinds of material here, you name it, cysts, surgeries, boils, ear wax & tonsill curd, but when I watch real people in real pain being treated roughly …


    Thanks as always Halph for posting it, I just didn’t like this one that’s all.

    • I know that 2009 video of the girl with the cystic iV drug wound you mentioned . I agree, both of these videos bothered me- and very few medical videos/ **ZIT** pus eruptions ever elicit that sort of response for me.

  • Nice flow of pus at first then she stopped squeezing and just went deeper. I kept screaming “quit fiddle farting around and get start squeezing”. It almost looked like she was at the very end.

    Nice find.

  • Glad i’m not the only one questioning the doc? here. The lesion looked very irritated due to multiple extraction attempts and why wasn’t the beta-dine flushed better than that ..whole procedure was questionable at best .this thing ended up lookin like a gun shot wound ..hope he gets real help soon

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