Johnny Pimples

Ginormous zit pop! Despite the shaky camera – there are enough redeeming shots to make it worthwhile! Not everyone is an instant pro at filming, at least they captured this nasty little **ZIT** gettin’ “detonated”!

jOHNNY Pimples
Posted to YouTube by linduh67 on January 11, 2012.

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  • Great poppin action goin off all over, not mightily impressed with the geezer effin n blindin in front of the daughter, but he’s in his own home so what can u say? im in two minds wether Seth Rogen actually overdubbed his voice, Haha!

  • There are great moments, because of we’ll forgive the boy swinging the camera and out of focus.

    A few tips for all PTZ camera operator: Put a pimple in the center of the screen and (absolutely) do not move it!
    Better cameraman is one who plays a better tripod.
    Until we learn to manipulate well with manual focus, always make sure that the auto-one (AF) is on.
    Provide enough light, but not so in the dark room highlight just a pimple, but wider area.

    I hope you understand my google translated English.

  • Slice that sucker! Get in behind it n squeez! Obviously it need it or it will just come back bigger. Oh what I could do w 30 minutes n his whole back. How can you sit next to him every night knowing there a gold mine next to you waiting fir the pickin???????

  • Not a bad vid with the exception of the roller coaster ride, and that’s why we never let the kids operate the camera! It did have a couple of really nice shots!
    Great find Coc**ZIT**!!!

  • It was good, but had so much more potential.
    You can’t get made at the camera girl, she tried her best.
    Hopefully after they see how this one came out, if there’s a part two, they’ll know the doe’s and don’t s.

    • It’s the potential that will always be in my mind….the “IF ONLY’S”. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a video on here and been so thankful for the pic but left so empty inside, lol…
      Camera work must be hard, good job but that kleenex was getting on my nerves!

      • I give the tyke a break for her effort. It was probably her first attemp at making a video. Given there was only her mom (popper) and poppee in the room, the job was left to her. By the sound of it, she wasn’t too fond of the task at hand. She will see the result and learn from it I’m sure. She did get what we all seek so I’m good with that! Great find Coc**ZIT**! Thanks for sharing!

      • Yes it is Johnny, I called his step-mom (my cousin)
        She told me all is well nothing more came out. He shaves his back and that was from an ingrown hair.It was there festering for more than a year.

      • Thanks luv2! Its so cool when we can get (excuse the pun) a back story! lol – I’ve been waiting hours to say that. tee hee Please extend our thanks for sharing the video, regardless of shaky video. The cyst was unique, and some awesome shots were captured! 🙂

        ~ H.S.

  • GREAT pop, besides the iffy camera..
    I almost never have the volume on, so I tend to create my own dialogue.

    “Don’t let it touch me, don’t let it touch me…. *touch*”

    “Oooo look at the pretty pink cup!”

    I shuddered when the camera-girl turned it on herself, she looked exactly like I did about 4-5 years ago… (yes, I’m a younginn)

    Anyway, thanks Coc**ZIT**:]

  • I hated this vid. Why oh why do some people get right on top of a zit instead of getting some meat under it so as to get the sucker popped? These little tentative jabs make me crazy – as did the lousy camera work. Three stars – are you kidding?

    • popperpeeper, it’s unfortunate you couldn’t find anything at all to enjoy about this vid. Most of us are a “lemonade from lemons” type of group, but not every video is going to float your boat. As a general rule though, we try not to comment on the ones that don’t float our own boats. That way, we keep a positive vibe. Hope you find something that makes your day soon.

      • Baloney. We should be able to comment honestly. And maybe someone might learn something as well in the process.

      • Each of a us has a right to comment and to have varying opinions as long as we express them appropriately. I don’t think any one person, other than Emil and Halph should be speaking for the group. I’m of the opinion that this video is disappointing because it had major potential but was seriously affected by hyperwiping, tissues getting in the way and the terrible camera work. That doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the time it took to make it or the fact that the people involved put it online. Also, vibes don’t stay positive for long when people feel like they are being shut down if they don’t go along with the group.

      • Snapcracklepop, you’re right. I don’t have a right to speak for the group. Popperpeeper, I’m sorry that I took that upon myself to do. I should refrain from any comment that starts with “most of us”. It’s not right for me to **ZIT**ume the position of speaking for others. I’m very sorry if I made you or anyone else feel like I was shutting them down because they weren’t going along with the group. snapcracklepop is also right that no group can have a positive vibe if everyone doesn’t feel they can comment honestly. You guys are totally right here. This time, I was in the wrong. My apologies to you, Popperpeeper. I really stuck my foot in my mouth on this one.

    • I TOTALLY agree. And what makes it worse is when they think they are doing such a great job, when really, they completly ruined it. They squeeze from the top and are really only pushing the pus deeper into the cyst. I don’t get why this concept is so forign to some people…its simple, common sense! And giving the camera to a kid?? *Shakes her head*

    • I don’t know why you give people the thumbs down for not liking the vid. Though harsh words are not needed, my way of showing my feelings are by not posting the vid in the first place. I know someone will post it eventually.

  • Didnt know that a back pimple-cyst-ingrown (idk!) could hurt that much!!!
    The “dude” really seem to be in pain….

    And that little girl was trying sooooo very hard to puke !!LoL,that was funny,hahaha (kidding abt the lil one btw!)

    Tnx for the vid Coc**ZIT**!Keep up the good work!

  • And that, gentlemen, is why you shouldn’t shave your backs. Embrace your manliness!!

    I really liked this one, Coc**ZIT**. Thanks once again for a great vid.

    I also though the kid did a pretty good job. It wasn’t the best camera work, sure. It was a little boat-ridey at times. But we’ve all seen much, much worse camera work from adults! She did the best she could, I think. Kudos to her, and heres hoping she’s willing to keep filming pops.

  • Thankzz for the Vid Coc**ZIT** ,
    I will say in respect that this Vid was a total waste of what have could been a great beauty !! I had a real hard time watching it , sorry

  • Gosh….JUST POP IT…and then i won’t get so sea sick from the camera…it was an awesome pimp to pop but we could have seen so much more…i saw them, they were every where 🙂

  • Is this the first time a PTZer saw someone they knew in the vid? How did they react when called for follow-up? Obviously they are zitheads too but how do you make that call? Hi, Jim, that was a really cool zit, how are you feeling, is there a part 2? LOL. Seriously, though. Please post and tell us how the CALL went too! 🙂

  • I was worried at first thinking this was going to be a dud. But then that first glorious explosion… and I’m back on the edge of my seat. Sure, the camera operator was less than stellar but we caught a glimpse or two of a gigantic zit being dispatched. All in all, it was an enjoyable evening. Thanks Coc**ZIT**. I liked it.

  • haha nothing like hitting the popper with a good one to her shoulder that she didn’t wipe off at all she must of loved it marinating on her shoulder getting ready for a big feast at feeding time lmao haha and did anyone else notice the nice ripe pimple to the right of it hm hm i was about to break out a strike sign and yell move the tissue!!! move the tissue!!! move the tissue!!! lmao but we did get some nice juicey popping surprises here and there poor kid i think the camera went off focus sometime cuz the camera kid was having a difficult time watching lol haha but the kid still got some really good shots in great find Coc**ZIT** smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • That pimple was absolutely beautiful, a sight to behold! Nature gave us a rare 5-Star Hall of Famer…if only the camera work had been as perfect. (sigh) Maybe he’ll get another one (we can only hope!) and the filming will improve on the next video. Thanks Coc**ZIT**! 🙂

  • It is so aggravating watching nothing with that shoddy camera work. If the camera work sucks that bad, don’t bother posting it, it’s a waste of our time. Sorry.

  • So much potential, but very frustrating to watch. The popper needed to go wide, it bothered me that she kept squeezing the tip of it…and those godforsaken tissues!, and of course the nauseating camera work almost ruined the entire experience. The one redeeming moment this vid had was the money shot that landed on the chick’s shoulder, that was pretty cool.

  • Even with the camera swinging around and out of focus we still somehow mananged to see a couple decent shots, the little girl may have been a sweetheart BUT can you imagine how great it would have been to see this with a somewhat experienced camera operator. Still thanks for the catch.
    it was almost funny when the camera was not even on the cyst….the wife had dreams of a great video for youtube but now she will have to wait another year for it to grow back, Ttp to Mom next time you would be better of having a blind person film the popping and not her daughter.

  • The girl did get a couple of good shots in that were satisfying, and I have seen vids by adults that were a lot worse. On the whole, it could have been so much better with more preparation. Better squeezing technique, less kleenex in the way, and a more mature camera person.
    Thank you for the video. 🙂

  • What a crybaby!! Nice language around a kid!! Also, IF you’re going to have a kid video it, make sure it’s not a kid who’s going to try to be center of attention!!! Sheesh!! Could have been great!!!!

  • I don’t know why anyone would allow a dumb child to do the camera work. But the wife had her fingers so close to the **ZIT**p, there was no way she could get any real action. Nice try, but two thumbs down. Way down.

  • Just such a great zit and than you have this untalented child filming it. The first minutes the child is filming everything underneath, yes underneath the zit and not the zit! Then the mother who uses two rolls of toilet paper so she does not get an infection from he dead **ZIT** stupid husband who keeps calling her ‘dude’ all the time! What would he say if she started calling him ‘chick’ all the time? All in all with a bit of fantasy and imagination you still can enjoy it yet it could have been really amazing, dudes! Yes, I mean that dudes, the dude duded on the dude with his dude till the pus duded out…

  • Sorry, but these people really annoy me and I am really an usually very polite person. I know, I should just not watch it than, but it is just amazing, this child managed it to mess up every interesting moment. Either it is filming everything underneath the zit, or it focuses on the zit at the right moment and then it blurs everything, or it holds the camera in an angle that everything left of the zit you can watch, but the zit just vanishes off screen. That is really talent- to mess up every time something is happening. And the mother with her tissues. He complains that he can not see anything and she keeps saying you can watch it on film. What a disappointment he must have felt later watching the film and realising that his lady covered up all action with her tissue paper and his brat was unable to focus the camera, being to mortified of getting a shot of pus into his face.. I am sure ‘Mr Dude’ shot them afterwards ‘ since they deserved it’, dude…

  • So-so video. The way the camera kept going back to the poppers **ZIT** after the initial pop I thought the camera operator was a boy. Glad to know it was just inexperience and not the making of a pervert. But then I noticed it so what does that say about me? Ack!

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