The Cats Me Ouch

***Warning, this is a beautiful cat with an abscess that is being treated professionally by a vet…but if it still bothers you…that’s OK. just don’t hit play!***

Poor kitty is probably none to happy with its owner, but this has got to be done… Don’t worry my fur lined feline, you will feel better in the morning!

“Nastiest Cat Abscess” Uploaded to YouTube by MegaBoxermom on Thursday, January 19, 2012

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  • well that cat has this sound to it like if it was a one on one thing i’d knock u the **ZIT** out with my claws and my god the suirt out of the pus was splended and i hope they got all that infection out great find dripper smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

      • I gave my cat a bath and got bitten mid way…the next morning my finger was a sausage so I went to a clinic and was told in a Russian accent “cats don’t like baths, why did you give your cat a bath? You go home and say sorry to your cat.” Very funny doc. Got antibiotics but I was told if the redness goes any further or swelling starts to go up my arm to go to emergency because if i had gotten bit to the bone it’s an emergency.

      • I don’t care if it is the middle of Winter, I got a churn full of Ho’made vanilla on the loading dock waiting for that topping!!!
        Excellent find dripper!!!

      • Oh yechh! I wish you children could stop with the food references! I was just about to get used to “cheese” but, when you start including some of my favorites, I gotta call a halt! Soon, there won’t be ANYTHING I can eat or slurp without feeling like it’s PUS!

  • Thats a lotta pus in a little puss! poor sod, looks just like my cat, Garfield, the ginger ninja! – He was out cold for this, no animal would tolerate that pain unless sedated, especially not a cat – they’re hard wired to got the fudge outta dodge rapid if they’re gettin hurt, by any means possible! hope he’s better soon! Ben.

    • you got that right!
      They will remove your face and any other part of your anatomy they can get a claw in……
      Beautiful cat….he feels much better I am sure.
      ( having HAD a cat with an abcess I was actually able to smell that, yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuucccccccchhhhhhhhh)

  • Being a pet parent, (two cats) my first question would be…how the **ZIT** did they manage to prevent kitty from tearing them all a new a$$hole? They would have had to chain one of my cats to the table to get him to let them do that… or knock him out with gas.

    • Trust me, the cat was sedated! It was given injectable drugs prior instead of being on gas during the procedure, it just wasn’t totally out. The only way you could perform surgery on a fully awake cat (not that you’d want to) is if it were almost dead.

  • If they didn’t hurl, I most certainly did!!! Are you sure it was pus and not **ZIT**? Thank goodness kitty was growling and ready to scratch people’s eyes out that would get poor kitty healthy.

  • The colour of the pus is quite gross. A mix of **ZIT** and pus? The smell must have been so disgusting. And they said it was the 2nd towel? That’s a whole lot of pus for such a small tummy.

    • Hey Gabina…nice to talk to you again. I think Tully is right when he says it may be mas**ZIT**is as it is close to the nipple. Unfortunately it happens all to ofter to pregnant and nursing mommy cats 🙁

  • It might have been another cat bite. I had a cat years ago who was bitten by a stray tomcat, and the poor thing went through about two months of daily antibiotics and every-other-day shots to try to get rid of the horrible infection he got from the stray. Cat bites can be VERY nasty!

  • Dripper, thanks for the post. That goop is so blechy. I know my cats had their share of them, but I never had the nerve to open them myself. Probably why I’m alive to watch someone else doing the surgeries…

  • A few cat facts: Abscesses on cats typically come from fights – bites usually. On the face if kitty is a fighter; on the hindquarters if he is a wimp. Bites VERY infectious, loaded with bacteria. That said, the placement of this wound is a bit unusual (tho you know cats are famous for their ability to move in astonishing ways). The odds are also less likely that an orange tabby is female; it is one of those coat-colour genetic traits that are fascinating in cats. Orange females that do occur tend to have reproductive malformations; plumbing tends to be small and/or poorly functioning. So, all-and-all (including the way it looked when the vet felt around in the cavity), I’m guessing it was a bite. I’ve seen many of these. They always tend to be copious, but this was as big as any! Nice post!

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