A Horse Gets Lanced by a Vet in Shining Armor

**WARNING: Lancing of a Hematoma on a Horse. Those of a sensitive nature, please consider skipping. As always, PTZ encourages you to watch by choice, and please comment with respect. Thanks! END WARNING!**

Was browsing YT and stumbled upon this video. A horse injured herself somehow and a vet has to come to her rescue.

YT Description:
“This is going to gross alot of people out, but I thought it was awesome. 

Recently, my mare Lea injured herself (how, we don’t know!) and ended up with large hematoma on her hind flank. This is basically the same as a bruise with a great deal of blood beneath the surface. Typically, hematomas go away on their own, but one of this size needed to be lanced. It wasn’t particularly painful for her, but I believe it was bothering her when she moved or worked, so it needed to go.

My vet, Dr. Haugland, came out and sedated Lea, then administered a local anesthetic to her flank. He then lanced the pocket of fluid with a sterile blade.

This is the result!”

Lancing Lea’s Hematoma
Uploaded to YouTube by Windress on Feb 15, 2012

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