House of Weird: H.S.’s “Thousands Of Nose Maggots”

*****WARNING: Don’t – Watch – This – Video! If you do, don’t complain. Ya been warned. Yes, it is a dichotomy I am posting this video and telling you to not watch it. So, go ahead, push play. It will burn in your brain forever. END WARNING*****

I, uh, ummm… wow.

~ H.S.

Uploaded to YouTube by SOUTHZONEENT12002 on Jan 26, 2012

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      • I’m so dense–I had to read your comment to my husband–like, I thought maybe it was some home remedy–and he started pretending to sneeze over and over and over….I’m so dense

      • Where the HELL is Dr. J when we need him? How come they didn’t just run one of those bitey-sucking things up in there and just DO it? Or do the Punjabi deify flies now too? (Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to come out racist)

  • I feel like one of those banshee screaming women. HOW? to you get one maggot, let alone a whole herd, up your nose? I’d have my finger all the way up to the third knuckle up my nose digging those things out! Heebie Geebies!!!

  • omg wow how did that person sleep or function with all those maggots up their nose wow and how in the world can they remove all of them or can they even remove them great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Hello everyone I went over to the Fourm and left a couple of comments, but with my luck its out in cyber-**ZIT**e some where, getting better at this though, great video, I got the creepy-crawlies now, going to check my nose…just-in-case…

    • unclelarry – I didn’t dare watch this and I am still with you 🙁 I know the things eat up the dead necrotic tissue. In the 1950s maggots saved my Dad’s life when the best antibiotic going was penicillin but I STILL CAN’T fathom the things crawling around without having nightmares for a couple dozen centuries – GHA!!! and GHA again!!!

  • your warning only made me HAVE to watch this, even if I don’t do nose videos. (I can watch a little of them) I’ve checked out several of these nose maggots videos but not one of them showed a removal. Anyone know why? I mean SURELY they don’t leave those things up in there. They just can’t. Say it isn’t so….please…say it.

  • Okay, I was freaked out and fascinated by this, so looked up how they remove them, and what causes it. The standard procedure to remove maggots is one by one, plucked from the nose using endoscopic tools. As for how the maggots get there – (*edited for content) a fly is attracted by infections inside the sinuses, crawls into your nose, lays eggs or maggots depending on the species, and the the maggots eat the tissues inside your nose.
    Also in my searching around, and y’all may know this and have seen this, there has been one reported case in the States of Human Cerebral Myiasis. It came complete with pictures. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Have you guys noticed that most of the nasal maggot videos are from India? Why is that? I am sure people in the U.S. get them as well, I just think they are to embarressed to film it and put it on the internet for the world to see. I know I wouldn’t. But I wouldn’t get that **ZIT** in my nose in the first place. I don’t think I could let a fly get up in my nose and stay long enough to lay eggs. Besides, I would stick a **ZIT** insect fogger up my nose and have Terminex on speed dial. Hee,Hee. Man thats nasty.

    • CRIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      HOW can one get maggots in the nose like that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?? I would put a hoover pipe up my nose and turn it up full blast.

  • Yuck! My sinuses drain every night and I have to clear my throat in the morning. I would freak the f out if I puked up a dozen maggots or so. I would claw my brains out trying to get those crazy,
    nasty creatures outta my nose. icky
    Thanks H.S
    I’m scared for life haha

  • I am usually fascinated by stuff like this, and it was interesting, but as zi**ZIT**cher said, I have chronic sinus probs. w/ wick post-nasal drip. I have an iron stomach for viewing, but a very sensitive gag reflex for touching and at times even have difficulty swallowing lg pills as a result. So, when those babies start draining, squiggling and hanging on to my uvula for dear life so as not to fall into the cauldron of stomach acid awaiting them, well it’s not a big leap to connect the dots.

    Secondly, as bad as it is when they are tiny little larvae, but what about when they are grow up to big grub size? Seems like you’d never be able to breath normally through your nose. This vid make it seem like they are embedded way far back in the sinus cavity which is only a hop, skip and a wiggle from the brain…ewww and scary…

    Paging Dr. J, Paging Dr. J. STAT and bring the nose hoover w/ you!!

    But, to end on a more humorus note, if you can stand these babies using your nose/throat as their nursery long enough for them to grow up, you can qualify as an understudy for The Mummy. LMBO!

    (for those who haven’t seen it or don’t get it; The Mummy he opens his mouth & a bajillion flies come out)

  • Excellent video Halph! Nose maggots are always fun to watch …. creepy & crawley, but fun none the less.
    As for how they get there, often it is a medical proceedure to help remove necrotic tissue non invasively. Medical maggots are used widespread as they eat only dead skin and leave behind an antibiotic like substance! Very industrious little creatures they are! They are usually removed as said above one by one after they reach a determined size, and for the most part the patient can’t feel the squirmy little juggers at all! : )
    As for why most ENT videos come out of India, Asia, or other continents than North America, and Europe, has more to do with privacy laws. Most doctors will not allow a camera near their practices due to either malpractice suits, or patient confidentiality law suits. Most “3rd world” nations don’t have the same privacy laws afforded to the Western world.

  • I do not like maggots. I read the warning but decided to proceed anyways. It’s like a bad car wreck, you know it’s going to gross you out but you have to look anywasy. LOL

  • Halphie, now that I know what nasal maggot removal videos look like, and they are among my all-time favorites, I feel a smidgen let down at the sneak-peak but no pluckie-outie part of the video…

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