If I Could Put Pus in a Bottle

That’s one thing that I wouldn’t do
To miss all the squirts
Wouldn’t be as much fun
To see … as the usual goo
(ah sorry Jim)

This was pretty boring until the end…I really liked the end so wait for it. After this I return you to your regularly scheduled programs. We have no category for bottle…lol.

BTW He was using a gl**ZIT** bottle with hot water in it to suck out the pus.

(Found a video he day the day previous – a bit longer, thought it would be interesting to some. Neat find dripper! Seen a bottle method or two, but never a bottle full of water!)
YT description, first draining:

“I’ve had a boil on the side of my stomach/right ribcage area for 2 weeks! Tried many meds and remedies with no relief! An old timer told me about the gl**ZIT** bottle trick and It works wonders…..”

Second Draining – Short Version

First Draining – Long Version

“WTF popping a boil /huge zit so gross with gl**ZIT** bottle” uploaded to YouTube by the24aboyz on Thursday, Feb 2, 2012
“Popping a boil (zit) with gl**ZIT** bottle gross must watch!” uploaded to YouTube by “the24aboyz” on Friday, February 3, 2012

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