Smells Fantastic!

I’m SOOOO EXCITED! Since when do we see a video Extracting the WHOLE CYST! The first thought that ran through this head of mine was that Little Pig on the Geico Commercials… WEEEEEE-WEEEEEEEE-WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Good camera work and sound to boot! I guess for some it *might* be a little boring here & there – and a few shots are blocked by the nurse’s gloved hand, but believe me, it is never too long and its never during the really good parts! Because just when you start to get frustrated… here comes the wittle piggie!!! WEEEEEE-WEEEEE-WEE-WEEE-WEEEEEEE! LOL!

YT Comment:

Dr. rupturing and removing the sac from the very large cyst on my face. Unfortunatly with the pregnancy and the infection he couldn’t get me fully numbed. THIS WAS DISGUSTING! My gf was gagging videoing it..OHHH LAWDY, it gets squeezed for about 10 mins, just keeps going and going and going and at the end he is able to remove the sac so hopefully it won’t come back this time!

Sit Back and as always ENJOY!

cyst being ruptured and removed from my face
Uploaded by mrsmorris1979 on Feb 21, 2012

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