*Holy Molar!*

****WARNING: DENTAL SURGERY Ahead!!!! GAH!!! I am not good to tell you what happens, because I have a very, very phobic level fear of Dentists. So, I would MUTE and cover my eyes… not conducive to seeing what I shall **ZIT**ume is a cool video, because gimpysgirl delivers the goods! (Even if it includes a dental drill. lol!) END WARNING****

Actually, it’s not a molar. It is, however, a tooth long grown horizontal in the upper gum. This is it’s surgical removal. It is not easy to watch, but, for the brave few who chance it, let us wholly appreciate that wonders of modern dentistry that allows a patient to stay awake while one’s gum is **ZIT**aulted. Furthermore, I am thankful for the many times that I have had a filling and returned home to a Tylenol-type pain when this patient will obviously wish for a bottle of vodka and a half-dozen morphine. 🙂

The translation is thus:

“The patient was referred for removal of the retaining part 13 in the buccal bone. With the design of a flap that will not alter the aesthetics of the gingival margin.”

TITLE: Extracción pieza 13 retenida
YT INFO: Uploaded by doctorolivieri on Jan 20, 2012

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      • Yep…I’m a blackhead man myself…so when an expert like gimpysgirl suggests that I don’t look or listen..I DON’T! but I did enjoy that vid with the chunks of tartar being water blasted out…hey,rock on kids!

    • You know from my experience shots in the mouth don’t hurt too much. My dentist uses a topical numbing solution before he gives me the local which makes it nice, can barely feel it.

      • My dentist uses a topical too but it still hurts like the **ZIT**ens. My mouth and my **ZIT**, the two biggest places on my body and they’re both tender to shots.

      • Getting a shot in the gums or the roof of my mouth makes my eyes water and it hurts like heck.

  • You know, at some point during the procedure, SOMEBODY said “You’re going to feel some pressure”. That’s dentist speak for “you’re gonna see Jesus”!!

    • You’re not lieing Unclelarry. I had to have an abcessed tooth removed and no amount of Novacain would deaden it. My dentist kept begging me to let him stop but I kept saying no. Even with all the pain from having deep roots, I didn’t want to go through the shots again. Pressure? Yeah right. (Still love my dentist tho)!

    • Before my dentist numbed me up. he said your just going to feel a little **ZIT**. I didn’t even wait for him to get his pants back on. I just run.

  • It seems that his “Buccal Bone” above his front teeth was pushing his front teeth outward and removing it would bring his front teeth back in. I never hear of this bone. It must have been broken in an accident (or a punch). Looked painful as **ZIT**.

  • Buccal refers to the cheek muscles, the bone he drilled through was the maxilla according to HOLE”S Human Anatomy & Physiology!
    That procedure made my **ZIT** cold and my **ZIT**hole draw up!!!
    Excellent find gg!!!

  • That was a good video, I don’t know if I would want to be awake for all of that. If i had the gas on high and it was numbed it probably wouldn’t be that bad. I was awake when they were chiseling my Wisdom teeth out, it’s funny because it was normal practice to just numb the area and pull the Wisdom teeth, these days people always go to the Oral Surgeon and get knocked out, then the teeth are taken out while you’re under. All of my friends had it done that way I was the only one who had it done the “old fashion” way.. and they were all like “omg how could you be awake for that” it was kinda funny.

  • Interesting to watch, although I wasn’t breathing most of the time. I’ve had oral surgery very similar to this and I was given IV Versed along with all those injections. I was in a semi-conscious state – awake but didn’t care. My oral surgeon also gave me earphones so I wouldn’t have to listen to him drilling into bone. Post op was not too bad. I had good pain meds. As for injections in the mouth, I’ve never had one hurt too bad except for ones in the roof of my mouth behind my front teeth. Yoweeze!! Made my eyes water or maybe I was just crying. – and I’ve got a high tolerance for pain. Another great one, gimpsgirl!

  • My daughter had the same surgery on both sides of her mouth and they did put her under for the procedure. She needed this done because the teeth were putting pressure on her permanent front teeth which would damage the root over time and caused them to become crooked. Instead of extracting the teeth, they attached a bracket to each tooth with a small gold chain on it and gently pulled the (eye)teeth into place over a year and half time period. One of the teeth they knew they could pull into place. The other, was less than a 50/50 chance it would work. I’m happy to say that both teeth moved into place very nicely and my daughter has an even more beautiful smile than before. 😀

  • OMG I had this exact surgery done when I was 14! I couldn’t watch the video, okay I watched them numb the mouth, just wanted to make sure this was not a video of my mouth. Uggg! Flashback!!!

  • Wow- my daughter has a tooth that never formed/broke through; but no dentist/orthodontist even remotely suggested removing it…never caused any problems at all – and she’s 25 now. Seems like prophylactic surgery here. How odd.
    Well, maybe not if the insurance will cover it, lul.

  • Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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