The Giant Comedone Gallery


The GIANT Comedone!

Comedones are pretty amazing and quite the find here on Pop That Zit. So exactly what is a comedo? Let wikipedia give you the thorough answer and let PTZ show you the wonders of pictures, videos, extractions and more!

So basically a comedo opened is called “blackhead” and closed is called a “whitehead”.

Regardless what they really are they are fun to look at, so enjoy the comedo pictures below.

~ Click on pictures for Full Size view ~

Dark Comedo

Light Colored Comedone

Perfect Circle Comedone

How Old Is That Comedo??


Videos! Yes, dear Popologists, we have just a couple, but we can let you see what it is like to remove on of these mondo cuties!!



“AMAZING Giant Blackhead…”

“CountryGal Session 2”

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    • If you find one, you are required to notify me immediately. Yup. It is written somewhere on the little registration form… in really, really teeny tiny print. Hand to the sky, I do not lie… well, maybe you don’t have to…

      But it would be totally cool if you did!!! hehehe

      ~ H.S.

  • About Country Gal Session 2, all I can say is:

    She’s a little bit country,
    She’s a little bit comedone…

    And her comedones are polite:
    The don’t want to come out,
    They want to “exit.”

  • There’s just something about blackheads I find hypnotic. Don’t know why, but they’re still my favorite thing here. Thank you, HS for putting this together, and for everything you do to make us all happy little poppers!

  • I used to have an elderly client that had six of these things scattered about her neck and shoulders. One day she was having her hair cut and my clippers (accidentally) nicked one right below her neck line. This little boo-boo resulted in it getting slightly inflamed and the next week when I was setting her hair, she asked me to pop it for her! They look like they’d pop right out, but it was definitely a 4 finger squeeze required job. It came out like a long, waxy Chinese noodle, crackling and popping the whole way. Good **ZIT** did it stink! That was easily one of the top 10 days in my life!

    • What a lucky **ZIT** you are!
      (I did not offend you with this, we say that in our language when someone has a lucky punch, like you had lucky Cyst Puncher)

      I had a somewhat similar day once in my life, when my friend who has a back full of blackheads allowed me to squeeze them. It lasted longer than two hours on a sunny afternoon on the gr**ZIT**y sports airport. It was a perfect day for flying radio controlled model airplanes, but we did not even start the engine of our toys that day because he had a free cosmetic treatment, and I had ………. the gloves. 8)

      If we had waited with that for some 20 or more years, he would probably have also such a capitally specimens.
      Unfortunately it was the early nineties when the Internet was still in diapers, so we did not record even though we had a camera. But believe that we shouldn’t be ashamed because of the size of his blackheads at that time. 😉 There was also (how to name them?) c**ZIT**ers, networks, or groups of three and four and so five standard-sized dorsal blackheads.

  • I think those bad boys would bend and break a comedone extractor hence the need for surgical removal!!! Amazing specimens!!! The bottom two look like they are sitting atop a mound – maybe keratin or sebacious material? It would be Christmas and birthdays if I could pop/remove just one of them 🙂

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