Can I Have the Scalpel When You’re Done?

Nice big cyst on side of young man’s face being lanced at what looks to be like an ER, nice payload, looks like good ricotta to me!! 

I laughed when he asked the doctor if he could have the scalpel after they were done. I wish they would have addressed the nice ripe zit above the cyst as well as the black heads below it. The scars on the poor man’s face seem to show a history of painful acne.

No profanity that I heard, the audio is lost in the last 30-45 seconds so your guess is as good as mine why the doctor is doing

“What?? Are you kidding me??? Ummm What… Why… Ugggggg I can’t figure it out!!!”

I am certainly looking forward to everyone’s opinions though… My thoughts when I saw what the doctor was doing…

“What the H#@&????  No it can’t be… Why would he do *that*??  I’m confused!!!”

YT Commentary: “Cyst on left side got infected.”

TITLE: “Lancing Craig Keefer”
YT INFO: uploaded by TrevTank on Apr 5, 2012

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  • So many questions. Great video, by the way, thanks for posting.

    Maybe take the BT phone earpiece out of your ear before surgery?
    Did doc tuck the cyst sac BACK IN towards the end?!
    Was the eye swelling related to the cyst?

    Excellent super angry cyst, great post.

    • This cyst was under rated, should be at least a 3.5, so I voted a 4 just to bring it up. Let’s **ZIT**yse
      1. Big Round appearance
      2 Quick shot, no nonsense or waiting
      3. Deft puncture
      4. lots of nice pus and finally
      5. some interesting work with the sac although he should have pulled it out

      this one might not be thrilling, but it does not frustrate like so many.

      • And why didn’t he deal with the “whatever that was” below the eye? Was it part of the cyst, a separate cyst, a stye?
        I bet he wanted the scalpel b/c med ones are hard to find and he’s probable dealt with cysts ling enough he can excise them at home. At home he probably wouldn’t push the head in,
        Maybe the dr. was afraid to much manipulation would increase scarring?


      • Maybe I’m alone in this, but I think it’s wrong to wish bad things on people. Unless you suffer these types of cysts, you can’t imagine the pain. I have Hidradenitis. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
        I may enjoy watching these popped, but I want it done right, and I don’t like it because of the pain it causes the patients.

    • If I was this guy, I would have been really upset that the doctor put the sack back into his face. It looks like that his eye was swollen due to two cysts from the look of it. I would say that this doctor was causing more issues for this guy. Good luck!

      • I agree! This poor man had almost half of his face swollen, it looked quite tender and painful, and the doctor couldn’t be bothered to remove the cyst correctly? He runs the risk of having another painfully infected cyst. This man doesn’t deserve to go through this again because the doctor is in a hurry.

        Was I the only one who heard the patient say something about “last time”? It made me believe he’d had a cyst removed before.

      • Maybe he, like MANY people, don’t know what a ‘sac’ is. You say to the average person ‘cyst’, ‘boil’ etc… and they will likely have, at least, a rough idea of what they are, but have little or no knowledge about this subject, definately not like we do….. Just a thought 😉

    • Because doctors don’t make money off of fixing you right the first time. They get money from repeat visits. So he tucked that cyst wall back in, knowing it would re-flare, and he’d be seeing that patient again. It disgusts me. As a doctor, he should be ashamed. He’s a blight on the entire medical community.

      • I hope you are wrong about that comment, for sure. I think he opted to push it back in because of all the nerves and stuff in the face. He could have **ZIT**ed it out and then guy couldn’t ever left his eyebrow again of maybe worse, like blink his eye. I do know that in my own experience with MRSA lump on my left flip you off finger, the doctor wanted to cut hap harzadly and I stopped him, #1 because it wasn’t numb. I went to my GP the next day and she was furious. Never heard one doctor say negative stuff about their collegues, but she did. She indicated the same thing about the nerves, there are so many in the fingers, one wrong move and I wouldn’t be able to flip off anyone with my left hand..j/k, I would never!!

        That ‘s my story and I am sticking to it! 🙂 🙂

  • The dude asks the guy filming if he’s getting sick, then a few seconds later the sound went out, then the video.
    I imagine the camera man was getting sick and had to stop.
    That stinks.

    It looked like the doctor gave up trying to get the sack out, and pushed it back in.
    Hopefully he was just going to try another method to get it out.

    • My guess?…1. Maybe he was going to try another method as pussbuster stated, or…
      2. He was an intern and inexperienced, thus not knowking what it was. (Highly unlikely, when you have a whole family of PTZers right here who could remove a cyst and sac like that in their sleep)…or…
      3. He wasn’t a doctor?

      Who the heck knows?

      And the mystery continues…………………….

  • Nice payload! Some impressive swelling going on. Looks like he paid the doc a visit just in time. I believe I would have removed the bluetooth for the procedure. Thanks Winnie. Great post!

  • OMG…WTH? No, no-o-o-o…tell me it isn’t so. Go back and giddit!

    Thanks for posting, Winnie; I’m sure they’ll go back and finish it.

    Properly. I hope. Gosh.

  • That hypo has huge to start..We all know never push more than 2cc of anything into the tissue at one time…

    I thought he tried to pull the sac out prematurely, having quite a bit of matter left inside.

    Then I thought he “tucked it back in” thinking he was going to finish evacuating it..Then????

    What a lovely cyst Winnie, a winner, no doubt!.

  • Oh, the secondary infection looked so very painful and dangerous!!! I hope the ER doctor took care of that as well. The cyst just poured nastiness out. I think he need to cut the sac out not pull it out or it would do damage to his face. I hope he obtained care so all of the swelling and pain came out. OUCH factor too big to enjoy the cyst.

  • There was a second cyst growing closer to his eye that needed to be drined too. He was really swollen fron having both cyst right by his eye.
    Again my 1question is how do they let them get that bad?
    Since the dr stuck the sack back in we should get another pretty good infection on the return trip to get it taken care of.

    • I know right! I mean my man looks like he has been in a cage match or had to defend a UFC **ZIT**tle or something. That can’t be the doing of that one cyst!

  • poor guy having to deal with those on his face! I am not sure why the doc put the sac back in…hopefully he removed it, and it just wasn’t filmed.

    great video! And I love that he wanted the scalpel…I’m thinking he’s planning some “self surgery” in the future.

  • The mystery of the ages…that’s what this one is. I saw this on YT after reading one comment there, so I knew what was going to happen. Still, I had to watch it to believe…I can’t figure it out! Anyhow, I thank you, Winnie, once again! It if wasn’t for all these strange, unexplained ones, we wouldn’t appreciate all the perfect ones! This was interesting in any case. Good golly, I hope that guy got better. Looked like most of his face was involved!

  • This time I don’t want to speculate why the sac is returned inside.
    I prefer to think about answering the award question which is:

    Why is it all the time BT headset on his ear?

    A) He is a police inspector and must be available 24 hours a day.
    B) He is a drug dealer and must be available 24 hours a day.

    What do you think the correct answer is? 8)

  • I think that the patient asking for the scalpel, the sac being stuffed back in and the sound going off when it did, are all related in a plot to do a DIY later when it fills back up. I dunno, doesn’t sound so far fetched to me!?!? Tehehe Hehehe……….Thanks for posting Winnie! 🙂

    • 3cysterscafe, He asked for the scalpel at the very beginning, and I also thought at first that he wants to do later some little surgery on himself.

      Looking the second time I saw that it was asked with a bit dastardly smile that says like he plans something Illegal, perhaps it ,ay be just a little DIY surgery, but to me it looked more like a cheap opportunity to obtain an effective weapon, which he naturally saw in the right medical scalpel.

      Of course that looks can often tricks people, but that’s just me talking, for example, what role to give this guy to play in a movie. 8)

  • great pus…this guys face reminds me of a boxer. I was like wtf was he putting the sac back in for????? So on the boxer theory, maybe he stuffed the sac back in there for a cushion for the next blow to the face….

  • This made me sad. 🙁 His face is so badly infected, his eye is all messed up. I do hope he went to a “professional” MD and had that infection properly seen about. How could a doctor do that? That is like sticking a rusty nail back into your foot. I hope dude is ok.

  • What the **ZIT**??? This could have been a GREAT video, but… so many things went wrong:

    1) quality of the video – why is the camera moving back and forth? why is the cameraman filming the hands of the doctor and not the cyst?
    2) why is the doctor not removing the sac? did I miss any parts, or did he push it back inside??
    3) why are they not taking care of the rest of the zits/cysts/blackheads on the guy’s face?

    And finally, biiiig question: why is the guy not taking off his ear piece??????

    • Maybe he left his Bluetooth in because he is really Batman and he is waiting for an important call from the Commissioner. You never know how Batman would look after a close call with the Joker! ZING! ZAP! POW!

  • Great vid up until the time the doc started pushing the sac back into the guy’s face! I just hope there’s a follow-up it would explain so much! Also whether the other zits/cysts were dealt with!

  • WTH??? Very confusing at the end. Did the swelling under his eye get addressed? How about that large zit? Did the sac ever get removed? Did the guy get to keep the scalpel? So many questions…

  • Yes I agree they way the cyst wall was tucked back inside puzzles me, it looks pretty clear to me the way he tucked the cyst inside, first using the instument and then using his fingers to better place it inside the hole tells me he plans on it staying inside for some time.

    the cyst sack was large enough that he could have cut at least half off without any problem.

  • Why is everyone freaking out about the sac “not being removed”? It looks to me like they stopped recording in the middle. The doc probably “put it back in” because he couldn’t get it small enough or loose enough to come out intact, and it looked like he was going back to work on it. Chill. Don’t **ZIT**ume facts not in evidence.

  • he had such a m**ZIT**ive infection going on, clearing that up was top priority. i’m sure that area was packed with antibiotic gauze, and he was put on either oral or iv antibiotics. it looked like cellulitis to me. i would let a plastic surgeon take care of removing the rest, since the involved area was so large..

    • Maybe he is a doctor in general medicine and would not want to ruin anything, but will let the surgeon to remove it. At first he maybe thought that’s an abscess.
      I do not know how it goes in the U.S. I thhink my young doctor also would not dare with a scalpel to separate cystic from healthy tissue, but she sent it to a surgeon or dermatologist.

  • Yikes! That syringe was big enough for a horse–hey! Maybe this doc is in fact a veterinarian. That might explain his inep**ZIT**ude in dealing with human skin problems.

  • This entire thing seems wrong, wrong, wrong. The patient should have been on antibiotics for several days prior to the procedure to bring down some of the swelling. When he was trying to remove the sac, he was simply yanking at it. He could have simply snipped the bulk of it off if he didn’t care to explore the wound with the scalpel. This procedure should most definitely have been referred to either a plastic surgeon a/o an ophthamologist. I certainly hope that the doctor patched the guy’s eye until the effects of the local anasthetic wore off so that he didn’t inadvertantly scratch his cornea or get a foreign body in it. This entire episode should have been done differently.

  • I am hoping he pushed it back in because he a) realised there was tissue or nerves or something attached or b) he decided it was too close to the eye and needed an eye specialist to do it or c) the guy needed antibiotics for a few days before attempting to drain it again… Anyway, I enjoyed watching the gunk he did get out so thank you for a great find!

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