Dr. J: Posterior Ethmoid Fungal Ball

BigTull Presents: Dr. Janakiram’s “Fungal Ball – Posterior Ethmoid”

Dr. Janakiram has been putting in some really fine video editing hours lately, and as usual, we are the ones who benefit from his talents! This time he sets his sights and scope on a fungal ball which is much further back then where they are nomally found. This might take a bit of digging… will it test Dr. J.’s amazing talents? Mebbe, but we all know who comes out the winner… and the fungus, well, that just comes out, period. ENJOY!

YT INFO: Published on May 10, 2012 by ENTENCYCLOPEDIA

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  • I am always amazed that all this structure is in our heads! Wonder what causes the polyps, fungus, etc that he operates on? It’s always a well worth watching video.

  • That was a thing of beauty! I love Dr. J’s videos!! I wish he would put out a DVD of all the magical things he cuts out of people!! They could call it : Get that out of my nose. or something just as colorful!! Then a bonus you can, you will recieve the sound track, “The best of Dr J” then you could listen and think about those awesome polyps and pus moments at work, and people will just think you are into soft relaxing music.. Only you will know the symbology behind the music. All this for only $19.95 Operators are standing by, LoL

  • You know that the patient knew they were in excellent hands when they sat down in the chair. That fungus ball was huge. Thank you BT for sharing this amazing procedure.

    • Hey, Pick-That-Puppy, when your purchase your nose camera see if you can find me the nose suction device. It would come in handy during allergy season! Perhaps we could get together and “demonstrate” our new tools on friends and families. 😉 Of course, to train others, we would have to post the videos on PTZ.

      Great find, BigTull

  • My wife had surgery back during the winter to relieve a blocked “drain” in one of her sinuses. She’d had trouble for about six months with sinus problems and secondary infections. The danger with these “roto-rooter” procedures is that they are very close to the brain. If the surgeon is not very careful he can go into the brain. I told him to be extra careful with my bride because I would be extremely unhappy with him if he penetrated her cranium.

  • When I see these X-rays and videos all I can think of is what it feels like when I have a severe sinus infection. I know how bad my head hurts and my under my cheeks & eyes from all that pressure. I can only imagine what something like this feels like and I know this lasts much longer than a sinus infection. Man… that has got to be painful.

  • Incredible.

    Looks just like joint compound..

    bet I could use it to fill nail holes in my walls..

    I would just love to squish it between my thumb and forefinger!

    Thanks big guy!

  • Thanks Big Tull! Excellent find 😉

    Its pretty rare that we see “clean” sinus ostium (ortho???) after such a surgery!
    Maybe its because the fungal “material” was so far up in the cavity…
    Good stuff.

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