Poppintime’s 100th Post: Popology Skills 101

In every Popologist’s life, we hope, pray (or is that prey???) for at least one decent sebaceous cyst to come our way – in order to put our skills to the test. Perhaps more to prove to ourselves, not necessarily everyone else, that we *do* know what we are speaking about when it comes to popping techniques. Well, in honor of her reaching 100 Posts on PopThatZit.com, our own poppintime went out and did just that! OK, maybe it was magical coinkey-**ZIT** that she was asked to remove a cyst that had been making its unwanted home on Terrance’s (really cute) abs for far too long, but who are we to complain??

A few tidbits about what you will be viewing…
~ Filming courtesy of poppintime’s daughter, K.
~ K. was very scared that the cyst was going to literally explode
~ She is also sorry for the pre-mature video cut-off
~ Terrance the Patient: as much as he may have sounded like he was in mortal pain, afterwards he said it actually said it didn’t hurt at all.. he was just scared to death! hehehehe
~ The cyst’s name? Baby Phillip!
~ Consistency report!!! Fell out like thick, rubbery chaulk!
~ How well did it really go? Excellent! Barely a scar to mar that football playing body!

And one final note… Holy cow, this should be edited into a “How To…” video!!! Let’s see… four finger squeeze, makes the hole bigger, shows the product, describes the texture, and finger condoms may become the new Popology standard (except in cases of large liquidy abscesses)… i am so jealous… ~ h.s.

So, Happy 100th, poppintime! Looking forward to 100 more! And a 100 more, then maybe at least 50 after that… but leave some for everyone else, ok? 😉

Thanks for your continued contributions! ~ Emil and H.S.

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