“Smells Like Peanuts”

~~~~ WARNING!!! ~~~~
This video may upset those with sensitive stomach, sensitive eyes, sensitive minds… it is quite… ICKY! Wonderfully icky, but icky quite the same. BEWARE! Watch by choice, comment with respect, much obliged!!!
~~~~ END WARNING ~~~~

Not much to say on this one….Enjoy my friends, enjoy!!

YT Comment:Β 

“A cyst popped to its **ZIT** **ZIT**erscotch perfection. Smells like peanuts.”

THIGH CYST‘ published to YT on May 19, 2012 by cranberryjello

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      • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        OK, where did the little emoticon guys go? I need the one that is LOL’in all over the page, on the floor….

        LMAO LMAO LMAO….
        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • This was great! He looked like he gutted himself. It looked like intestines more than pus. Thanks for the post Winnie, you have done it again.

    • Really??? It made me feel like dancing a waltz around a big empty room with wooden floors while Strangling baby bunnies to death. Crazy how people are different huh?

      • A most inappropriate comment!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    • Like we were in a Roberto Fellini movie,or some french movies from the 80s!!!
      I heard that piece many time,but where?Idk…loll

      Tnx Winnie…it was an awesome vid πŸ˜‰

  • I usually get annoyed when people make the loud gagging noises but if I was anywhere near this person I’d be gagging to beat all. That was absolutely nasty! I can’t believe I watched it all the way to the end.

    • Same here, dweedwaa! I was hard to watch. Almost like we were being forced to watch a **ZIT**o! I can’t quit describe it, like watching a murder take place and not being able to stop it. Or like a train wreck. You know it’s horrable and shouldn’t look but you do, because you can’t stop yourself. Great payload but not so sure about the color or consistency! Thanks for the post Winnie!

      • Funny how this particular video has that effect on people…very strange, because I have become desensitzed to most of this stuff, but sometimes, one like this will come along and derail the train. LMAO>>>>>Pun intended

        The ear constipation vids have been testing my gag reflex lately,,,then here comes one of those huge **ZIT** el cu-ka racha!! OMG…even dead on a screen I get hives. Seriously…

  • Great post, Winnie! This one had everything but the sac. Maybe the sac (at this point) would have been a bit much to ask. Thanks for the 5 star post. Now I’m gonna watch it again.

    • I agree, that would be too much to ask.. this time only,… blech… i didnt think this would upset my stomach! haha it didn’t but still … i think if i did smell peanuts, then i would gag.!!

      • LMAO!! OMG…I did gag when you mentioned peanuts..

        SMELL – O – VISION???

        Great find Winnie…now quit that!!! I am trying to cook fajitas..LOL

  • All righty then…. let’s just keep the line moving…nothing to see here folks…. that was utterly disgusting and absolutely fabulous. Where else but on PTZ can one be enthralled and nauseated at the same time by the exact same video. Work of Art!

    • You know, I’ve seen alot of stuff on PTZ, but I have to say that this one is the most disgusting thing EVER. Sick in many ways. You are so right about getting it all in the same vid.
      Thanks W

  • Videos don’t usually effect me at all. I like to think I have a pretty strong tolerance for this sort of thing but, I gotta say, this had my stomach doing the flippy thing!! That was just flat out nasty! You did it again Winnie, straight up awesomeness!! Thanks for posting!!

    • That’s what I was thinking… I was like, “Is he popping that thing on a park bench, in his UNDERWEAR!?” I’m thinking this might have been a homeless guy. And based on the skin around the abscess (this was SO far beyond a cyst), it looked almost calloused, like it had been rubbing against the other leg for a long time. It kind of looked like a cross between a nipple and a belly**ZIT**on to me!

      • Makes a mental reminder to carry some Lysol in my purse, next time we go to the park. πŸ˜‰

      • Those thighs definitely touch when he walks. You’ve got to practice proper hygiene to avoid little blackheads and such that can turn into this sort of thing. Must be a major relief, though, to empty that out.

      • And I just bought a purse sized hand sanitizer yesterday at CVS..had a nice little cover too, almost like a sweater that you would buy for Lisa Vanderpumps baby boy, Giggy!

        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • I went straight to park bench as well! And then found myself wondering about the thought process this guy went through before deciding to plunk himself down in a public place, straddling the heck out of the bench, and then slice into his body in full view of … whoever happened to walk by? Loved the dog!!

      • He probably was out for a stroll and couldn’t handle the chafing anymore. This would make it a **ZIT** of a lot easier to get around.

    • Oh, I hope not!!!! The gr**ZIT** looked like fake putting green. Did you notice that the puppy dog hid under the bench through it all? πŸ™

      The lava goop – It was a mix between **ZIT**erscotch and peanut **ZIT**er left in the heat when it turns to liquid. Wonder if it will be back as I didn’t see cyst sac being removed – maybe another posting?

      That is definitely one that the first viewing is “just I did see what I thought I saw”, about the 10th view then I knew what I saw was real!!!

      My youngest sister had a cyst in the EXACT same location but when it burst open it was literally like cottage cheese. It never came back.

    • Wouldn’t that be something to walk up on, while you are taking your dog for a walk. What would you do? Do ya stand there and enjoy the seen, or do ya run away screaming? I would probably hand him a doggie doo baggy to clean it up with! LoL

      • Pus Junkie-I would hope you would whip out your cell phone and record the whole thing for your friends at PTZ!! πŸ™‚

  • Of all the comments, NOBODY noticed the vid was SHOT IN HD!!!!
    This guy has enough blackheads on this leg to hold our attention for a YEAR!!!
    And that load of pus! Part of it looked like a squished frog!!!
    My only complaint is that we didn’t get to see the beginning when he cut it open
    This is going on the Favs list!!!
    Cl**ZIT**ic find Winnie!!!

    • Speaking of the dog, and I know this makes the whole idea REALLY sickening, but I didn’t see abundant (if any) clean up rags, and you know how dogs lick almost anything up!! I’m SORRY, if the thought is too gross, don’t post this. I just hope I’m completely off base because I’m sure that would have been one sick puppy!! To get back on track, all I have left to say is OMG!!!! Very good find, though, Winnie!!

      • I thought to myself as well about the dog… ” I hope he doesn’t lick that” I got a flashback of that clip last year where the ladies sitting on a porch sliced a huge cyst on a black lab…and the poor thing lapped up the drainage. Gross! Poor dog!

      • LOL! That is exactly what I thought. I didn’t even see a dog I’m going to have to watch again. When I read the comments and learned there was a dog I felt sick seeing it licking it up.

  • Similar to the “impacted insect in ear” Dr. J vid, I have so many mixed emotions!! I was enthralled, I was disgusted, I had to look away, I was begging for more…so confusing!! LOL

    I’m sure I saw the shape of a reclining man in the pus pile, nearer to the end….is there a patron saint of pus?? Maybe that’s who it was?

    Definitely a memorable video I’ll never forget!

  • At one point it was like some sort of sick Rorshach (sp?) test. What do you see in the pus? I thought first it was a demon but it morphed into a dolphin. LOL. I hope to god he/she wasn’t out in public in those shorts!

      • Too bad about the typo–looks like when you came back in to correct it, you got misunderstood by several others….ratings system not the best on here.
        I’ll give you a thumbs-up, even tho it won’t put it back.

    • I was thinking the same thing Bown! I already got thumbed down for my *hurl* comment, so I didn’t go there. I’m really glad someone else thought the same! haha


  • O M G …….. Best video I’ve seen in the last few days…….
    This pus had been cooking for a few days……..

    Wonder who’s going to clean this fabulous stuff off the bench???
    Clean Up On Aisle 10 In The Garden Center………..

    Winnie, keep up the great work….

  • Who else thought that it was a more “private” part of his anatomy being squeezed than his thigh? Seriously – until he took his hand away, I thought that the mouse had come out of its house, so to say! The incredibly close proximity to the edge of what can only be described as shorty shorts along with the wrinkled look of the skin had me thinking this guy was handling his junk in ways that nature never intended them to be handled!!

    That pile o’ pus was truly a thing of beauty!

  • On YouTube, the man who posted this video was asked if he would make a video of him popping his blackheads. He asked if anyone would watch it. I think we owe it to the PTZ community to implore this nice chap to pop those blackheads and record it in HD for our viewing pleasure!

    Amazing find, Winnie the Great!

  • Ok i ove videos when there is los of puss and **ZIT**…but i have to say…first time ever i gag..LOL…so for that i will give u 2 thums up…LOL…great

  • I can relate. I get upper thigh cysts once or twice a year. I don’t have the guts to slice them, I just put a hot compress & neosporin (mine aren’t nearly as big either — yet). They’re also hereditary, on both sides of my familty. My mom gets them the same place I do, and my dad gets he boils (technically what they are) anywhere. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer June of 2011, and had his prostate removed in Sept. 2011 — well, he ended up with a staph infection, and had dozens of these all over his **ZIT**s!!! =( and his urlogist actually sent him to an infectious disease doctor — before you ask – NO I DID NOT TAKE PICS OF MY DADDY’S TESTES. lol
    On a good note, he’s had no more issues with staph & when he went back in Jan of 2012, his cancer was gone & did not spread to any other part of his body =) So, we’re on our way to 5 years so we can say he’s in remission…..
    ….but anyway, I give this man credit, because mine aren’t even that big & are so painful & miserable!
    Once again Winnie, my (if I had one on! lol) hat off to you!!!!

  • omg omg omg this is prob the best or one of the top 3 videos of all time i mean the close ups the squirting the puss the perfect camera work the everything about this video its just perfect EXCEPT!! LOL the color of the puss or discharge really has me kinda freaked out it really looks like peanut **ZIT**er lol great great great find thanx so much!!!!!!!!

  • I get something like that when I clean a fish!

    Incredible vid Winnie!

    Great focus on the give.

    I could envision myself with a long pointer, telling him..squeeze there, and there….and there! so many in the making!

  • I refuse to admit that I was grossed out. But of all the crazy things I’ve seen this one was………special. It reminded me of squirrel guts. We were country enough to eat squirrel a time or two. Being great hunters of course we didn’t shoot what we didn’t eat. We’d skin em and take the guts out and they looked just like this stuff. Mom said the squirrel looked like a dead cat while it was simmering. She would take the meat off the bone add some egg, onion, green peppers, diced tomatoes and put it in a pie crust till the egg set up. A little salt n pepper and it was good. This guy may have ruined my appe**ZIT**e for squirrel forever. BRAVO

    • Why…………….why did I have to watch it again. It’s just sooo nasty. This is an award winner. Really. I never turned my volume on..I was afraid. I still am. Why did I watch it again? I may have squirrel gut dreams now.

  • This goes in as one of the top three favorites of all time. 1- It had a great payload 2- It was in HD with great camera work 3- Ther was no screaming or gagging, just pleasant music to let us enjoy the video.
    GREAT FIND!!! Standing Ovation!

  • Looked like runny almond color caulking or dried spray foam insulation. I’ll never look at a round patio table as a place to touch, lean , or anything else. Great vid though!

  • Wow!!! Wy to go Winnie. Normally these videos don’t bother me but, this one made me sick to my stomach. The High Def is what did it to me. You could see everything so clear and precise. I just knew that dog was going to enjoy himself on the pus but, thank god he didn’t. It would have really sent me over the edge. I wish all of our videos were in HD. I could handle others. This one had to many elements that were just wrong. But, it was still great.

  • That’s the thing about thunder thighs. All the rubbing leads to acne and ingrown hairs and….this mess. I haven’t gotten the guts to ask anyone for help with mine yet. πŸ™

    P.S.: Someone get that poor doggy a poncho!

      • Oh sock, you just really don’t have any idea what the situation is with “thunder thighs”….they rub and chafe with every step, without some layers of materal in between. Before panty hose were invented, (yes, I’m THAT old) we used to hafta wear over-the-knee nylons with garters to hold them up, and that was exactly the area that had no protection from chafing (between the upper thighs)
        Walking a mile and a half home from school was agony! Oh yeah, had my share of boils “down there” but nothing ever got so far developed as this unfortunate gentlemans’ did.

      • Miss Sunbeam: I am also in the age category where we wore stockings and garter belts every day to school. When you were a chunky chick like I was, the top of the stockings dug right into your thigh and then there was a bit of an overhang. By the end of the day, the chafing and pain were pretty bad. Eventually we switched to long leg panty hose, which were very recent inventions at the time. Not only did we look a little thinner (or so we thought) but it eliminated the overhang and chafing situation. Then of course, were the poor young ladies who were allergic to nickel and the metal in the garters gave you a rash. Of course, in those days **ZIT**ody knew what type of base metals were used in garters and docs would never have known about metal allergies. Steroid creams were almost non existant and I think we were expected to suffer in silence – and not scratch or someone would think there was something else wrong with you. It was a dramatic leap in feminine comfort when plastic garters came out. I was just thinking about my first pair of panty hose – towards about 1970. At the time, I never dreamed that they would just about completely take over the hosiery field. At least by the time I graduated from ankle socks to stockings, seams had been replaced with seamless hose. I feel fortunate to have been a teen in a far more modern era.

      • I should have proof read my post a little more carefully and then it may have made more sense. I didn’t switch from garter belts to long leg panty hose BUT to long leg panty girdles. Now, I hope it makes sense.

  • As others mentioned… it made my tummy flip flop and gaggy. I had to move the video along while it was showing that ick in glorious HD.

    However…. FREAKING AMAZING VIDEO! Well done, hats off and barf buckets up to you! Thanks for sharing. I must have closed my eyes because I never saw a dog.

    Going in for the second viewing. I hope I sleep after this…

  • i have a seriously strong stomach – can quite easily eat lunch while picking maggots out of a rabbits **ZIT** but this was hurltastic BLEURGGGGGGGG………………………………………..

  • I am sitting here in shock and awe!! I do need a cig after that one!
    Going to pick up my jaw off the table, and watch this a few more times!!
    Thanks for posting this one!

  • This video I didn’t have a problem with, the color of the contents were a bit um, “EWWW” but location, I completely understand. THe one I had the problem with was the huge infection in knee and thigh area a few days ago. As someone who needs to have both my knees and my left hip replaced, I just can’t watch any sort of digging around or monkey business in that body area. But all said, WELL DONE! ON this video. A family fun video

  • I….I…I…I…got nuthin. Speechless!

    Happy Birthday to me I guess.

    Not to be cr**ZIT** but was I the only one to think it was a **ZIT** in the first shot?


  • It also looked like that there was a small one growing near it plus I think there were either blackheads or ingrown hairs. There are definitely going to be more cysts like that one.

  • I’m not sure what was more disgusting; the person sitting there or the **ZIT** that came out of that pig. Is it just me or did someone else notice a cat running away? Maybe he/she wanted a bite of that ”stuff”….

    • Most of us on PTZ try to rise about the level of conversation on YouTube and that is why we watch our videos on PTZ. I hope you will not call people pigs anymore on this site. The man was clean and had clean clothes. I did not see a curly pink tail either. πŸ˜‰

      • well said socks….yes, we play and giggle but calling another human a pig is not suitable. Works well on YT

      • Socks & Mom…..

        Way to go……
        I agree with you both 110%…!!!!

        That was crossing the line……..

      • Thank you Sock Monkey!! I agree with you whole-heartedly. We are not hear to make fun of or call folks from the videos names!! Thank you again.

  • The guy looks clean, his clothes (or underclothes) are in good repair. There’s a dog lying under the bench. My bet is that this is his backyard, because he didn’t want to make a mess like that in the house.
    He’s also on the larger side, so the blackheads and ingrowns are likely a product of the tops of his thighs rubbing together and against his pants.
    I didn’t find this any worse than any of the other vids here. My biggest problem with ALL the videos here are the commentors who consistently feel the need to compare exudate to food.

  • The Mozart score was a nice touch.That thing looked a lot like a prolapsed **ZIT** near the end. I must admit that I didn’t notice the poor dog until the second viewing.

  • Wow.. I can’t imagine how painful that must have been. I have never seen such a payload, and how nice, no screaming, swearing or general annoying noises!

  • There are some things in life that just should not be witnessed. For me, this is one of them. It looked like a big bird with serious stomach problems visited that bench.

    • Mozits please show respect when submitting a comment. Calling someone a pig is a childish antic that would occur on YT. The members of this site have worked hard at making this site different, more mature if you will. We appreciate that the video was recorded for us to enjoy and do not post hurtful things about anyone in the videos…..name calling is a no-no. I can remember my first grade teacher stating…..”If you can’t think of something nice to say, then don’t say anything.” Please take a moment to think about what you are going to post before posting it, if it would hurt your feelings or if you wouldn’t want it said about you or a loved one…then please don’t post it. Thank you.

      • I’ve shown all the respect due someone who sprays pus all over a public bench. The person in the video needs a lesson in respect, not me. Please activate a few brain cells before replying to one of my comments. Read your reply and if it is as wildly inappropriate as is here then don’t post it .

        As far as your first grade teacher stating…..”If you can’t think of something nice to say, then don’t say anything.” In which grade were you introduced to the concept of irony?

    • So, you **ZIT**ume he was in a park. Hmmmm I cannot **ZIT**ume he was in a park,,,,,perhaps he was in his back yard or if he lives across the pond perhaps he was in his garden or the camera operators yard or garden. I do not make **ZIT**umptions on any of our videos. Perhaps he was in a park but…maybe the park was his home. We just do not have enough information to make a judgement. As for which comments are appropriate….should I ask Halph Staph or Emil to come as moderators to see which comment(s) they find offensive?

      As I said before name calling is juvenile and what I expect to find on YT. This is not YT……not even close and we all work hard at keeping it nice and friendly. You are rather new here please take the time to read comments from different posts, you will find that we celebrate the videos that are posted by finding the good in them….even when a video is not liked by a member……we do not call the individuals in the videos names. I do not think you would like to be called a vile pig or that you would like you would like your mother, father, siblings, husband, wife or children called vile pigs.

      As I said before, please use some restraint and think about what you are going to post before posting. If you would not like it said about you or a loved one then don’t post it……. Thank you.

      • BRAVO Winnie! All the commenter did was make **ZIT**umptions and a veiled attack at the gentleman’s weight – a form of discrimination. The commenter seemed bent on being nasty and mean – NOT wanted nor needed on this site!!!

    • There is no proof this man was on a park bench or was he in the public eye..Someone commented on YT was he on a park bench, then everyone ran with it.

      He was in short shorts…Many ppl still wear them… as do they wear strings and patches…If the physical form is perfect, no one thinks a thing..

      With that said..it is inappropriate to call a human being a pig. I for one appreciate the cyst, and hope he’ll submit future vids.

      Being referred to as a swine….I doubt it..

  • Awesome post Winnie as usual. Most amazing payload ever!! I can just imagine the relief he must have felt! That had to be supremely painful and must have been so large that it couldn’t help but rub every motion he made. By the time it was all out, he had a giant crater like hole in the skin. I wonder does the body readjust again or does it just stay like that? It must eventually heal up and smooth out mustn’t it? I’ve never had one that big or even close to that size so I honestly can’t imagine… I know the cystic acne on my face left huge scars, I would imagine that would do the same … I just couldn’t believe my eyes on the amount of pus he got out of it!! Amazing and gross and disgusting and wow I am rarely grossed out but that came close! lol good one, into fav’s it goes!! πŸ™‚ thanks again Winnie

    • BRAVO! The cyst would have made a dent in the skin just like the video where a young man has a cyst the doctor described as being a large as a baseball underneath the skin. The doctor said there would be a very large indentation where the cyst had been. I don’t see any difference other than the location of the cysts.

  • I know it’s all been said, when I get to a post late that is this popular I don’t read the other comments until after I post mine.
    I have never in all my POP THAT ZIT Career seen pus and blood in such high def and so **ZIT** clear, I will never be the same that is clear to me, I will never be able to use thousand island dressing again.
    and dude that was not your thigh, and I mean no disrespect but that is a part of the body only people that have reached a certain weight have.
    did you all see the empty sack that was left after the carnage, it looked just like an empty scrode….am I right or am I right?

  • I don’t think I have ever posted 3 times on one thread but ……Yes that dude is not wearing any pants, I hope he is in his back yard for a couple of reasons, first no one wants to be in the park with there kids and see some guy on a bench in his underwear popping punundim cysts and second somebody would have to clean that mess up could you imagine sitting down next to that.

    • And we are most grateful to have it here as part of our large Archived collection! It quickly became a Top Favorite, and hasn’t moved very fat from the top since it first arrived. Wonderfully filmed… if you ever decide or have occasion to film another “session”, drop me a note here on the site or you can reach me through the contact form. We might be interested in making arrangements to offer a small amount in exchange for an Exclusive video. πŸ˜‰

      And please, stick around! We have a fantastic community here – and after seeing that video, you are most **ZIT**uredly a true Popologist!!!

      Thanks again! And Pop On!!
      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin Staff
      Video Archives

    • Welcome to our eccentric but loveable band of weirdos Rodolfo. Your video was magnificent and has already become a cl**ZIT**ic on PTZ. Judging from the clarity of the vid, you must have one **ZIT** of a camera. I hope you stick around.

    • Hello Rodolfo! Welcome to PTZ and thank you for the post! Sorry that a few folks have been down right rude and childish, and I’m glad most of their negative comments have been hidden. You’ll find us a lively batch of folks at PTZ, but for the most part we are a happy zit/puss/ickie watching group that doesn’t say negative demeaning stuff.

      I don’t know if you are the film maker or the lucky one on a bench (that’s not a park bench!), but that was one heck of a blow out!! Thanks for filming it and lettings u**ZIT** rewind.

      Hope you’ll stick around to enjoy the show and hopefully add to it again! Cheers, Tickled!

    • Hey Rodolfo, I had a question for you, while you were..uh hum….embarking on your video career at PTZ…were you laughing? It appears to me that someone was making you laugh or you were just so happy that you were..well happy happy ! πŸ™‚ Which is a good thing. I have seen the popper laugh, cry, scream, cuss, well you get the picture, and sometimes I see the poppee laugh especially if they can actually see the payload…So please, enquiring minds need to know..(well my mind does anyway)…Were you laughing really hard while this was being filmed??

      Take your time hun! lol

      • actually it was my cousin in the video, and i filmed it. he was laughing because of how disgusted i was while filming it. i nearly gagged, and ran away a couple of times while filming. if you noticed the long pauses lol

  • Wow that was awesomely gross.. Disgusting to the core and utterly fabulous to watch!! Impressive high quality filming,, It really captures every little detail,, As nauseating as it was to watch, I watched it till the end lol with eyes wide open staring in awe at its grossness.. It was so icky and yucky and just Eeeewwww GROSS that it was great!! All the ingredients for PTZ greatness LOL .. Thanks for the Post..

    From an appreciative viewer πŸ™‚

  • P.S..
    I must have had my eyes shut at some point as well. I too don’t recall seeing a dog in the vid, I guess I will have to take another look LOL πŸ˜‰

  • That was freakin so gross and awesome all at the same time. I couldnt believe the amount of puss. That was super cool. I’m fairly new to the popologist community, Im a long time closet popper, and finally decided to come out. AWESOMENESS!!!!!

    • Welcome Ms. Lindsey we are very happy to have you in our little community of popologists. I am absolutely positive you will find hours of enjoyment. You should check out the forums as well….lots of good stuff there. I think you will like it here…everyone is very nice. Again, welcome and enjoy!!!

  • This video was a mind-**ZIT**. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about it since while it was awesome, it was also utterly disgusting. It looked like warm peanut **ZIT**er and jelly or something, being popped by a guy in a pair of Wayne’s World shorts on a park bench. I hope that guy used some rubbing alcohol or iodine after all to sterilize and is taking some anti-biotics since that cyst was clearly infected.

    I had a pimple on the inner-thigh by my junk once and it definitely festered a bit. I found it a day before I actually popped it while I was in the shower. The thing was really, really sore and no matter how hard I squeezed it would not burst. I even got a safety-pin and poked a pole but it was almost too hard. Finally, the next day I squeezed it and it popped with this white-pus liquid that was different then any other I had ever seen. It was sticky, not smelly at all either. I got two nice little squeezes out of it before it clogged up. I noticed a white-eye clogging up the exit so after a steamy shower, I went at it again and a nice white-core popped out and instantly relieved must of the pressure. It came back about two months later, albeit much less eventful.

    I wanted to film it but it was too hard to since it I really needed both hands plus it was like right next to my junk and no one needs to see that on camera.

    • It wasn’t a park bench Rza….Thanks for the description! Next time maybe a spouse of good friend could help you out, while covering the “junk”

    • Hehe..you got a safety pin and poked a pole??? LOL

      I am having way too much fun with this video…This is hysterical! I think the first comment was a few weeks back and honestly, I was in shock. I started off reading the comments first today, which piqued (sp?) my interest and here we are, I can’t shut up about it.

      Sock Monkey and mother erruption…Halpie and Emil will be proud of your comment about YT banning this vid. You both speak like true “certified popologists”!! πŸ™‚

      I am probably irritating someone, but this vid has me going on the old hammster wheel…just can’t quit commenting!

      Maxmax and merricat also make very good points, which added to the mystery. The questions and fascination…has us all intrigued…

      LOL..now I feel good again!!

      like Halphie would say…POP ON!! πŸ™‚

  • just thought I’d share…I made bacon for breakfast this morning then did some major housecleaning and let my dishes sit until dinner time….when i was cleaning the frying pan the bacon grease reminded me of this video.EEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!! LOL

  • This video left me with so many questions. I found it to be fascinating. I would have been totally grossed out if I hadn’t been laughing at so much of it. Where was this shot? What’s up with that outfit? Who’s dog is that under the bench? What kind of zoom did that camera have because it was amazing? Who decided to use that particular music?

    • I agree, and it’s those unanswered questioned that help make this vid so memorable and unique! The dog, the music…there was a lot more to this video than just the pus. Although the pus was obviously the star of the show!

    • Sorry to hear that Rodolfo especially considering the garbage that IS allowed on YT! We are glad your video made to us and you gave us a great show! If it comes back, please film it again!

    • just post any other videos of that monster zit straight to us, buddy, they won’t get banned HERE!

      I can tell you are a zit lover with your camera doing the slow scan of the expansive drainage in such an admiring way…

  • I am both horrified and ecstatic, but mostly disgusted that he did this in a public place where, without a doubt, children play. Cyst was exemplary; man was a disgrace. (Normally, I don’t bash the people in the video because they were both nice enough and brave enough to show us something which is usually a private thing, but this man just crossed the line on this one.) JMHO

    • On the contrary, you have crossed the line. you should stick to not bashing the people in the video. firstly this was not filmed in a park, it was in a backyard , as states by the gentleman who is in the video..please read above comments. Secondly, how is he a disgrace? Actually don’t answer that. I don’t want Rodolfo to have to read your opinion anyway . Rodolfo, I’m sorry if you have read the above post bit take it for what it is..the opinion of someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

      • In defense of popitlikeitshot, maybe he/she could have reworded what they said, but the end result is like most of us already thought was that he was at a park doing this, I just found out he wasn’t based on your comment. Aussie I do understand your side too, because the popper didn’t have to share it with us, but really, even some of the seasoned people on here are pretty shocked. I know I was, the more I watch it, the less shocking it is. Popits concern was this being done in a public place and/or with children present. I really would be horrified if I saw this happening, I don’t care where he was. I am very glad to know that all that icky peanut caramel slime glaze wasn’t left on a public park bench..

        OMG>>>>>>The stomach just flipped again…

  • wow, oh my god.
    that is just totally completely sick.
    the placement, the quan**ZIT**y, the consistency and the kind of flap that was left over after the ‘procedure’.
    the camera appeared to be on a stand, great shooting.
    lots of repeat vids available on his legs.
    great show.

  • I read 172 comments, then watched the movie. I want to say kudos to the poppee/popper/photographer Rodolfo/Winnie (hope I didn’t leave anyone out!) I was amazed how many people were disgusted by the display of contents…are these the same folks who complain when hyper-wiper poppers obscure the contents with their hands or cover everything with gauze? I am thrilled you chose us as the recipient of your efforts, and I hope you know we are a mostly comp**ZIT**ionate and empathetic group.

  • I just loved, loved this video!!!!! I hate to admit it, but I would have loved to be able to pop it for him. LOL. It is a great find and went to my fav’s. The only thing that i was disappointed in was not getting to see the first “POP” and seeing it squirt all over the place, that thing must have distance!!!!! I really wish I could have seen it.

    But really, that was kinda wierd that he had picked such a public place. I wonder if there were other people around, and if so, did they start running at the first break……

    Excellent camera work and hope to see another if he did not get the sac. But next time, try a more private place, not a park bench please.

  • YES! I was literally JUST thinking of this video and didn’t know what to search for. I clicked this because it was on recently viewed and it was this!!! WIN!!!

  • There are very few times in life when I see an explosion like that and DON’T think to myself, “Boy would I like to get a hold of that!” Like they say about real estate; location, location, location.

  • OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I have never seen anything like this before. There must have been a litre of goo inside that thigh. Was the patient able to wear anything but short shorts? I can’t imagine the agony of having to wear a pair of trousers. Jeans would have been torture. I hope that our hapless patient saw a doctor at some point to receive some antibiotics. I do thank him and his faithful sidekick and photographer, Rudolfo, for thinking of us. We certainly do appreciate it and hope that he is back to optimum health.

    • Who in the world would “thumbs down” this post? Some people!!! If ya don’t like the site….they need to just leave. Why were they here in the first place I wonder. Anyway…..thumbs up from me!

  • I have been watching and appreciating these videos for years. As I try to bring family and friends into the fold they argue that I’m sick and just don’t understand the emotional release. Anyways, I wander… Of all the videos over all the years that I’ve seen, for some unknown reason this one is my favorite. Good stuff!

    • Why is it that we’re considered strange by others??? What I’m finding though is that some of the family that says OMG You’re gross or You’re nuts……………..sit and watch with me. I think they’re embarr**ZIT**ed to admit it…..my experience anyway! It’s always fascinated me.

  • Pretty sure it’s an abscess rather than a cyst simply due to the consistency of the goo, the area and the look of the affected area….did u see all the surrounding blackheads? My mom and I get these **ZIT** things more often than I care to think about and has always been considered an abscess but ……. I’ve never had one that did all that! WOW……BEAUTIFUL……all the good stuff wrapped in one…long streams of thick creamy goo…..pus plug….more chunks….blood…..SIGHS. Bet it reaked too! thanks for sharing!

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