Bloody, Bloody, Massive Head Cyst **GRAPHIC**

****** WARNING! WARNING! ******
This Video Contain A Very Graphic Head Cyst Excision In African Rural Conditions.
Sensitive Viewers, Please Proceed With Caution.
Watch By Choice & Comments With Respect, Thanks!
****** WARNING! WARNING! ******

This is very, very gorey and not for anyone that cannot handle loads of blood. Please don’t tell my mother I posted this! She would disown me!! -Sock Monkey

YouTube Commentary:

“Removal of a m**ZIT**ive cyst located on the head of a villager from Obo, Central African Republic.”

Video ONE

Video TWO

TITLE: “Removal of M**ZIT**ive Cyst in Central Africa” & “Removal of M**ZIT**ive Cyst in Central Africa Continued”
YT INFO: Published on Jun 14, 2012 by JayMill3r

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    • great post, amazing vid!

      Head wounds are so **ZIT**. It’s amazing what people are able to do in limited conditions, and the health care workers did a great job.

      Very interesting, nice and different!

      • Just read the info on the volunteer organization – **ZIT** Bless them. It is invaluable experience for the med students as well as helping people in need, so it is a win-win.

      • That was literally, no exaggeration, the size of 2 soft**ZIT** on top of that guy’s head!!! All of that gunk on the table came from inside the cyst! I had to ‘snopes’ it to make sure it wasn’t photo shopped! That is quite literally THE LARGEST cyst that has EVER EVER EVER been shown on this site! I do wish we could have seen the whole thing. The connective tissue was so strong it had to be cut with a scapal! IN-FREAKIN’-CREDIBLE!!!

    • Mazal Tov Sock Monkey! This is a fabulous post all around, and simply amazing for a first. It gives me hope for my future on PTZ. BTW, don’t pay any attention to the thumbs downer, you are a true popologist and should be justifiably proud of yourself!

  • This was removed by a group from Here is how they describe their organization:

    “Mission to Heal was organized and purposed by the vision of Dr. Glenn Geelhoed, who for over 40 years has been treating people who otherwise have no access to medical care. Following Dr. Geelhoedโ€™s example, Mission to Heal sends health care prac**ZIT**ioners and senior year medical students to the poorest parts of the globe to treat patients and train local health care workers. This initiative has a sustaining effect by enhancing the medical capabilities of small developing world clinics.”

    I believe the surgeons were even a bit overwhelmed by this growth and they proceeded slowly and with caution.

    • A great organization!!! The scalp has a great blood supply then a patient with an extremely deep cyst – what a challenge for all involved. I hope the patient recovered quickly and his head didn’t pound for months. That was a lot of blood even for a daughter of a nurse of 30+ years – WOW!!

      • I agree, NMGAPAOH, it is so nasty even the doctors were shocked! I am glad it isn’t too graphic for the site because it is unique.

  • OMG this one is un-freaking-believable. It took me several minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor. I love it!! I wonder if they were going to try to remove that intact when they first started. I think they could have done this one a little differently….I have to agree with one of the YT comments….they could have cut it off….s**ZIT**ed the bed of the cyst off and closed…if there wasn’t enough skin…they could do a skin graft…..there is no possible way that this gentleman is going to get away without one heck of a scar. Also, it may have been a lot easier on the patient, and the medical staff for that matter LOL…they looked like they were really struggling at times. However, they way they went about the removal….makes for a much better PTZ video!! Sock Monkey…..your first is ONE HELL OF A POST!! and I bet a contender for 2012 video of the year. Thank you for sharing such a great find!! 5 STARS!!!

  • They also have a Facebook page and they show a video of the surgery room. It is pretty primitive. Their team of six people had 300 patients show up in one day! These physicians are truly warriors and very brave!

  • OK! Someone help me out! This is going to sound TOTALLY lame, but I did posted these 2 videos like a week ago, also another one about a poor pet rat with a MASSIVE bot fly in it’s cheek! So all of a sudden they aren’t any longer on my post page, and then Sock Monky finds the same videos! Can someone explain how that happens? It was only my 2nd and 3rd video (respectively) so IF any of you can tell me what I did wrong – to make the 2 videos dissapear from my account I would appreciate it! I would have LOVED to see the end result with that poor guy walking around with a m**ZIT**ive hole in his head!

    • Not sure about where your posts went however, I think the rat was one that I submitted a while back….HS thought it was too much for the home page….which it was really graphic…the hole and all…..she did place it on the forum….…..I’m not sure if it is the same one you posted or not… may also want to send a private message to HS regarding your posts disappearing.

    • I think you should probably check with the administrators directly instead of posting in the comments here. There are a few things about how posts are moved around you might have missed. GL to you, I’m hoping for my 1st post too.

      • Sorry! What I wanted to say about that cyst, is that the matter coming out was grey! Do any of you think it might have been brain material or just old infection? It wasn’t like your typical puss and cystic matter, so I was worried! Also when they asked him if he was OK, it firghtened me that it took him awhile to answer!

      • Luvpus, great eye….I too saw the color of the se**ZIT** and noticed it was gray…..the color of this cyst is direcly related to the pigment of the patients skin. It doesn’t happen every time (I think it depends on the type of cyst) bit it is not uncommon. I hope this helps!!

      • Luvpus – that was sebaceous material thank **ZIT**. I understand the stuff that gives skin its color can color sebaceous material. I think if it was pus that person would be in Heaven being chased around by the PTZ angels ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Luvpus- You have a great question that is easily answered. I was only the second or third person who viewed this set of videos on YT and I posted them to PTZ before you. I don’t know if this link will take you directly to the page, but this is where you can see the “trashed” videos and usually HS will explain why your video wasn’t posted. Once it is trashed and/or posted, it leaves your video queue. As Winnie also kindly explained, sometimes the content of the video is not what is wanted. I posted a few “teaser” videos where not much happened and they were trashed because there are so many good quality videos in line.

      Halph Staph recommends you check to see if someone else already has the video in the queue before posting it so that saves you and her some work. To find this page, go to dashboard-new posts-all posts. From here you can see what is in line and what is trashed.

      Please don’t give up!! I tried posting several videos before I finally had one make it to the big time. The best advice is if a YT video has more than a couple hundred hits, it is probably already in line for PTZ. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I sent it in too, but in an e-mail. I’ve never posted before but if I see something good, I’ll send it to H.S. we all work well as a team to make sure that nothing good is missed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, BIG RUBBER DUCK came to my mind when I saw that basketball size cyst!!! They should have made an incision top to bottom on one side of the cyst, the ran the knife underneath the cyst, cleaned up the bottom, cut off the excess skin and sewed it up. It seemed like an inefficient and **ZIT** way to take it off.

  • DAYUM!!!!! I really feel bad for the poppee for 2 reasons; He’s got this unbelievable sebac right on the top of his head, and he has 2 rookies fresh outta med school that ain’t got no clue on how to take care of this without being sickened by the cyst. Why didn’t they just slice and squeeze to start with then dig out the sac! This poor man is gonna have to spend some extra time there just to heal!!!
    Cl**ZIT**ic find Sock Monkey!!! And Congratulations on your first post!!!

  • Just the first frame alone would have been worth the price of admission. Great find Sock Monkey and I think the doc may have been a bit overwelmed cause it sure looked like there was a little overkill breaking it up with the foreceps. that thing must have been growing for years, maybe decades.

  • I’m sorry, but i laughed so hard, my eyes are still burning.
    I’ll tell you why: the cyst on his head made remember of those old Disney cartoons or from Tom & Jerry.
    A hit the head and a mountain raised on that place.

    But i can imagion all the insults he got from other people.
    And then he gets the 2 new recruits of the hospital to remove that thing.
    And what a thing it is! Made me feel like grapping the cyst and squeeze……

    Please, do not feel bad about the the first part of my comment.
    I don’t wrote this to offend or disrespect. I have a lot of respect for the man.
    It was just like that thing on his head looked just like a **ZIT**p on the head after a hit with a hammer or something familiar.
    If you do feel offended: my apologies for that.

  • Oh my **ZIT**…unbelievable find and unbelievably huge cyst!

    I’m sure the person was glad to have that out. It does look like the medical staff tried to remove it intact and were a bit overwhelmed by that. Maybe an I&D followed by sac removal would have been better…and for **ZIT**’s sake why weren’t they holding the skin with a forceps and using the scalpel to cut the adhesions in the first place? Oh well, they are doing good work in poor conditions for people who have no other means of medical care, so more power to them.

  • Hey Sock monkey great 1st post! Ok so I can understand being in the poorest of the poor region of Africa, but take some SHARP instruments with you!!! At one point it they were sawing tissue with the hemostats and got no where…I wouldn’t want those interns to clip my fingernails let alone go at a cyst on my head! 300 patients waiting that day? if they were able to see them do these procedures while waiting. I think that number would have dwindled very quick…
    Efteling, I agree with the “Tom & Jerry” cartoon image…LOL

  • YAY Sox! Or should I call you SM since you’re a poster now.

    If I had only looked at vid 2, I don’t think I would have thought this is real. It’s almost too strange to be real.

    I give mad props to the medical staff, especially the person from Vid 1 who had the courage to walk away when needed. I imagine these folks have a lot of mysteries come through their door.

    “A giant sebaceous cyst” might not have been their first thoughts, so I straight up I&D might not have seemed a reasonable solution. I can understand their hesitation.

    I have so many questions for the patient pre-op: Was it painful? Was it hard? What made you decide to come get it checked out after all of this time? Did it have a nickname? Did you get a nickname because of it? Is there anything else you’d like to discuss during this visit?

    I had a cyst the size of a pea in the middle of my chest my entire freshman year. When it was gone, I was constantly touching the scar where it was. What is a day without this on his head going to be like?

    • I like the way you think, Genacyst! I am wondering what the other members of this man’s community thought of the growth. Were the supers**ZIT**ious and thought it was a bad sign? Had he had it since birth? I also wonder if the newbie doctors needed therapy after this surgery! ๐Ÿ™‚

      On their Facebook page video taken during this medical mission trip, they mentioned they were running out of supplies especially gloves. They had to bring their own sterilizing equipment because there was none available onsite.

      I really appreciate your sensitive comments because it would be so easy for us to mock these amazing volunteers.

  • “Hey Loรฏc,dont keep the aki sac for yourself…We already know you can do head stand! Loรฏc….”

    That thing was huge ,hahaha. I love it

    Kudos to the “medical org” (a little like “Mรฉdecins Sans Frontiรจres”)Great job!Especially if its for a humanitarian cause only and not in the name of *******.
    And SM,that was an amazing find.Tnx to you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sock Monkey, this is your first post. Is it good? Such that I will first time write the three letters that do not normally like to write: OMG! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s bad they have not started to record earlier and a little better, but regardless, such a cyst is very hard to find. A sizeable ball on top of the head.

  • Me again. THis was just fanfreakingtastic in its own right. Kind of cone-headed, but just, well, interesting. I am a non medical person, but the way gravity works and all, trying to get this to drain as it absessed upward, doesn’t that make healing more difficult? Would the patient need to lie down with feet slightly elevated? Woudl the infection then spread downward?

    Clue me in. I like to learn. and thank you!

  • If you stay on “Pop That Zit” long enough you will see cysts, boils, blackheads just about anywhere on the human, fish, bird, snake, dog, cat, rabbit……………..ect. body, now “K**ZIT** head” here must have been growning that baby for a long-long time.
    I wish the Doctors would have stopped cutting and doing the blunt discection and just grasp the base of the **ZIT** and do the Ole squeeze and tug like milking a cows utter, the pus would have just shot out.!!!
    I mean no disrespect to the patient in the terms I use to discribe what I see

  • An amazing organization, yes. But am I the only one who found it offensive, a professional like a surgeon saying he was ‘going to be sick’ and that he needed to leave the room? Offensive and highly unprofessional?!

    The gentleman on the table may not have been able to understand him verbally, but I’m quite sure he understood the ‘disgust’ when the Dr. had to walk out.

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