Chest Cyst Squeeze

Nice little sebaceous of the chest of patient being squeezed out. The doc sure does squeeze the **ZIT**ins out of it :).  Good to the last drop LOL!!  I hope you enjoy!!

YT Commentary:  

This is a 34 year old male having sebaceous cyst on his chest wall near shoulder below clavicle, you can see the punctum of the sebaceous cyst.
We are going to drain it by giving blunt incision on top most point, before that give field block by giving 2% lignocaine with adrenaline, now we will decompress it by giving pressure from surroundings and you will see some keratin like material oozing out when the sebaceous cyst is infected keratin in mixed with pus and blood.
The word sebaceous cyst is actually a misnomer as inside it lies keratin not the se**ZIT**. So we will decompress the whole of keratin out of it. If sebaceous cyst is quite big, inflamed we need to break all loculi which we can do with the help of finger or scoop. With scoop we do s**ZIT**ing of infected wall so that its co-occurrence can be prevented.
After doing so clean the cavity with hydrogen peroxide and betadiene and put a gauze piece mixed with betadiene inside cavity for 24 hours till the granulation tissue is formed. After that remove the gauze piece and do alternate dressing.
So a sebaceous cyst can be completely excised as we showed in our previous videos, incised and drained as you can see here.

TITLE: ‘Sebaceous Cyst Chest Drainage’
YT INFO: published on Jun 8, 2012 by shaziajafrey8

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  • I like how this doctor is so well-mannered. His explanations are so polite and proper and he always, always says “Thank you” at the end, and in this video, “Thank you for giving your valuable time,” when it’s actually us who owe him that vote of gra**ZIT**ude.

  • It seemed like this doctor wasn’t getting underneath the cyst very well, just the top. Which makes me think there may be a lot more cream cheese inside there.

  • Wow, when I clicked on the link on the homepage I thought that this thing was m**ZIT**ive but it’s anything but. I mean, that thing could have been taken care of with little to no effort at home with little to no pain.

    I’m by no-means recommending forgoing medical treatment, especially if you have a m**ZIT**ive/infected cyst. HOWEVER….I totally could have gotten rid of that thing in a few minutes and done a much better job squeezing then the Doc did in this video. It was almost like he was applying downward pressure directly on top of the incision. He should of used his index finger and thumb from both hands and really squeezed on it from the bottom up.

    I think I’m going to set up a little Lemonade Stand next to a Dermatologist’s office so I can steal patients.I’ll put up a sign calling myself Discount Cyst Removal Express, then a catch phrase saying you bring the cheese and I’ll bring the grip. Then, under that it would say “Oh, and I’m totally a Doctor too.” with fine print under that saying “Not really a doctor, though.”

    • TheRza82, you could do like those old commercials did (Im not really a doctor but I play one on TV)…You can put up Dr and your first name…then under in very fine print say “Im not really a Doctor, put I play one at this lemonade stand…hehehehe.

    • I am with you, TheRza82. I think this was small enough for a DIY job but then we would not have had the pleasure of seeing it. When the doctor took the needle and poked it around in the opening, it reminded me of one of those desk sized zen gardens with sand and a little rake! He built a little fence around the small shoulder boulder!

  • Yep, in spite of the doc’s inability to squeeze properly, the vid was a good one. Any cyst vid with a payload is a good one!
    Again, Winnie, you are getting really good at this! There are a lot of us who sure appreciate your “mining” talents! T’anks again!

    • Don’t know how I missed this one-thanks Winnie! Reading some of the comments above, isn’t it amazing how peoples admiration levels for the relatively unknown Dr Yadav skyrocketed from zero to “I’m not worthy!” in a short 7 months. You picked up on his brilliance early plush. And Winnie, you’re a legend-fantastic post 🙂

  • I am the booger man and I approve of this post. Therefore, every comment has received a thumbs up from me. Waiting for my sidekick to do their thing.

    • Booger Man-My nose started itching so I can confirm I received your signal to report to work. My pink leotard covered in ruffles and Swarovski crystals was at the cleaners but I am wearing a disguise: I am dressed as a middle aged woman in her jammies. I did find my tiara in time to put it on while I respond to your message so all is well!

      My thumbs up is disabled for this page for some reason. I should call the commissioner and ask for help. Never fear; I will check back and try again! -Miss CleanX

      • Hil-feaking-larious
        Who’s next to join our merry band of anti-thumbs-down-ologists?

      • “Will you join in our crusade
        Who will be strong and stand with me?
        Somewhere beyond the giant cyst
        There is some pus we long to see.
        Do you hear the poppers scream
        Say do you hear the distant hum
        It is the pleasure that it brings when the seepage comes!”

  • OOOOOPPPSS!!!!!!!!!!! please ignore the vid reporet Emil! I was bouncing screens and my compy got cute. *sighs* I am very happy to finally be ablet to see the vids again and this one is a beaut

  • This is just the kind I like to watch in the evening-thx Winnie. It’s a nice slow extraction. I’m not rushing off anywhere so it’s the perfect speed for me. I wonder if the less-filled cysts require even more meds because there’s more pain centers closer to the surface. Help me out, poppers. I don’t mean to sound so ignorant!!

  • Ahhhh… My favorite flavor of POP! A nice round cyst perched perkily atop the skin, dotted with a saucy little punctum just ripe for the plucking. Fairly hard yet mobile keratin that exudes out like dough from a PlayDoh Silly Factory extruder toy. A nice little slit and some expert squeezing techniques, and all one needs is soda, popcorn and a forefinger poised to hit the replay **ZIT**on 756 times. With entertainment like this, who needs a mate or a date?!

  • Dr. Y. & Dr. J are 2 of the few docs who create barriers around the cyst/boil/etc with lidocaine and epinephrine. This is especially important with pilonidal cysts and boils.
    The excellent barriers they create keep the infection from making new sinus paths filled with infection and slowing down healing, In fact with pilonidals the manual squeezing can push infection deeper into current cavities or create new sinuses, causing it to become a recurring & worsening problem. A problem that will eventually lead to 2nd and 3rd surgeries that simply increase in severity.
    The possibility of fistulas and duration of healing is increased without vessel blockage.. This is also the case with underarm boils, which, like pilonidals tend to return and create painful sinus cavities and fistulas.
    All dermatologists , GP’s, and ER workers should have to learn this barrier treatment instead of simply giving 3 or 4 shots near the infection site. Iv’e also noticed our 2 fave docs 2 docs rarely insert needle directly into the site of infection.
    I didn’t see this in a forum topic, but I can’t be only one who noticed it.
    and is irritated as **ZIT** about the inep**ZIT**ude of some of the U.S. docs.

    Please excuse the rant. It happens sometimes. I try to reign it in. Today the diatribe won. :+}

  • While I loved this vid, I DO have an observation. I wonder why he used all that Lidocaine for a mere pop & squeeze? When I was starting arterial lines I used a large amount around the puncture site,both for local anesthesia and stabilization of the artery. With all the Lidocaine used, the doc could have excised the sac at the same time with no pain to the patient. Just sayin’…

  • Dr Vik sure loves his job! I think he’s a true popologist and just loves squeezin the **ZIT** out of ’em, not doing it the correct way like xsvwolfgang observes…but this is way more fun to watch, eh? hahahahaha

  • Smooth skin with this one protruberence – wonder about the origin. The gloved medic rings the zit with lidocaine. The the medic slices the zit with a razor blade. and squeezes and is rewarded with pasty pus with a tinge of blood in it. Then the pus runs white. The medic probes the wound disrupting the cyst formation and squeezes more goo out. He has an almost flat surface now but keeps going only getting watery output. He is after a piece of the sac but the video abruptly ends.

  • Did anyone else notice the ripe blackheads (I think they were blackheads, could be moles I suppose) on the poppee’s neck??? I half expected Dr Y to pop them after he’d finished the cyst, lol…

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