Don’t Gimme Any Of Your Lip!!!

Large abscess on the inside of lip being drained.  There is a lot of spitting in the video.  His lip looks like he has been punched a good one right in the kisser!!  Ouch….that has got to hurt!!  I hope you enjoy!!

RUNTIME: 3min 53sec

TITLE: “Abscess”
YT INFO: published on Jun 15, 2012 by 080tom

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    • Yes, you cloud see the scab on the outside of his mouth! I was thinking the exact same thing! Very bad infection though! He needs a doctor ASAP!! Thanks Winniepoo!

      • TKS – the light bulb finally went on. I’ll forward this video to my 17 yr old niece who wants a pierced lip.

  • Omgosh!!!! This was……had to quit watching! Beware of the tongue action. Dude get a washrag or something. First time I’ve gagged since dude with the face cyst tasted it…….

    • Long time lurker, first time commenter. I had to sign up just to say I agree with you 1000%!!! I too had to quit watching once he decided to “play with it!” OMG! Getting nauseated talking about it!!!

  • OUCH!!!!! That was a very swollen lip;

    Hit on the lip? Swollen lip due to infection? I’d put some peroxide on it via a q-tip?

    It must really, really really hurt!

  • That thing looked very bad. Did anyone notice the black sore he had on the outside of his lip. I would definately have that checked out with a doctor or dentist it might be something more serious. Video was pretty good considering he had to hold the camera with one hand and squeeze with the other. Im sure that was hard to squeeze one handed. Im sure it hurt like the **ZIT**ens too. Hope he seeks further help with this one. Thanks for sharing and posting.

  • Squeezing with one hand and filming with the other….Pretty good 😉

    Yep…a lot of pus in that lip,thats for sure! And it wasnt empty…far fr it!

    Liked it!
    Tnx Winnie 😉

  • I hope this guy seeks medical treatment…definitely needs to swish with some sort of peroxide solution. Feel bad for him more than I’m grossed out.

  • Congrats, Winnie on another great find. This one was a bit more difficult to watch; but, really, where was he supposed to put his tongue!!! They get in the way.

    I think he had 2 separate owies to work on rather than 1. Anyone agree?

  • Maybe he lick it unintentionally and reflexively, because it is pretty difficult to keep the tongue away from the something unusual in the mouth.

    OK, It is true that he could fight a little more against those reflexes. 😉

    But nevertheless everything depends mostly on the sensitivity and squeamishness of the observer, because anyway all of that is already happening in the mouth, so that he can not spoil much more than it already is. 8)

  • I’m surprised he didn’t lick it more… it had to hurt when he squeezed it, and it’s common to lick any wounds inside your mouth. At least he spat it out instead of swallowing it!

  • I love this so much. Two days into my first vacation outside of the country, I fell getting road rash all over my face and my teeth went through my bottom lip on the inside and I got an abcess in my lip.
    I was alone in Thailand with a travel manicure kit stabbing and draining that thing every day of my trip. I wish I had taken video.
    I feel much better that I can show this to my friends and say “See! That’s what I had!!!”
    Mine never got so large. I was draining it all the time. The scar inside my lip is almost gone. My teeth will never be the same.
    I really enjoyed watching this. More than camaraderie, I like the content and the pulsing thing that’s going on.
    Nice post.

  • I think it was a lip piercing also. I was hoping that big chunk of puss was going pop out. I have my lips pierced and it’s really hard not to touch them with your tongue when they are first pierced and are healing. When something is sore in your mouth you are constantly rubbing your tongue against it. Anyway it as his puss and blood. So who cares.

  • Someone get this person a kleenex, towel or anything to wipe with! I hate hyper wipers but this guy with the excessive drooling and the fact pus was actually inside of his mouth could have used some wiping. And that white head on the abscess was killing me! I kept waiting for it to blow and he could never quite squeeze it at the right angle. Great video regardless, but for god sake’s get this poor guy something to wipe with!

  • Wow, that thing was loaded! I’m glad he was spitting, every time he stuck his tongue into the mess I got hiney cringes! I see from the scab on the outside that the infection went all the way through his lip.

    • I’m glad he was spitting too, although I can tell that he wasn’t trying to use his tongue, it’s like a reflex. Kind of like when you stub your toe or whack your funny bone, right away your hands fly to the area that you hurt, but when it’s something in your mouth, the first thing that flies to the affected area is the closest thing, your tongue!

  • Hooray for infected lip piercings! At least that’s what it looks like. I now understand why my dad wouldn’t let me pierce anything else but my ears. Ick!

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