Dr. J: Fungal Sinusitis

BigTull Presents: Dr. Janakiram’s “DRAF 111 For Fungal Sinusitis”

***** WARNING! *****
Extensive Sinus Surgery Including Drillout Procedures.
Sensitive Viewers May Find Somewhat Intense, Consider Options Carefully.
Thank You, And Enjoy Another BT’s Dr. J. Special!!!
***** END WARNING! *****

What can you say when the patient presents with horrible headaches on both sides of the front of her head, and has been under the care of four different surgeons who performed four different surgeries. Yikes. Lesson to be learned right from the start – just go straight to Dr. J.! ‘Nuf said, right? Now watch him tackle this nasty crop of fungus from the left and right ethmoid sinuses. ENJOY!
The One, The Only.

RUNTIME: 5min 00sec

YT INFO: Published on Jun 25, 2012 by ENTENCYCLOPEDIA

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  • Great video!!! Lots of colorful gooey stuff. Know wonder this chick had lots of bifrontal headaches. She had enough goo up there its a wonder she didn’t fall forward everytime she stood up. GO Dr. J keep those videos coming.

  • I think I am actually understanding what Dr. J is saying after all the procedures and years of listening to him?

    Man that woman had the most fungal debris or any debris for that matter. That I have ever seen.
    Great Video Big Tull!!!

  • That is crazy! How does one get that much fungal debris in her nose? Although, I don’t understand why he removed her septum and did all of the drilling. I’m sure she’ll breathe better, but he basically m**ZIT**acred the inside of her nose!

  • What a beautiful kaleidoscope presentation and nose goo all rolled into another excellent Dr. J production-go BigTull!! First time I’ve ever seen that drilling tool.

  • As always, a winner big guy!

    Reminds me of Alice going down the “hole” in wonderland…

    Peering at the pink mucosa through Dr. J’s scope will undoubtedly reveal a wonderland of ENT goodies…with BT’s efforts no doubt! Thank you….

  • Dr. J. is THE MAN:)

    If you’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in Southern India, you’d understand why nasal fungus happens. Fascinating place (and i do love it) but, holy cow, it is not the cleanest place on the planet!

  • Recovering from four sinus surgeries? Poor woman – it must have been soooooooooo painful!!! I’m SURE that Dr. J corrected the problem once and for all!

  • Great video BT!! I certainly felt bad for the patient…having four previous surgeries and still having such a severe problem. I certainly am happy that she was finally in the capable hands of Dr. J. The surgery was intense…I had never seen so much fungus in a patient. I am sure she feels much better and will have a much better future now that Dr. J took care of business. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Another fascinating surgery by Dr. J. Iwish I was more informed on the anatomy of the nasel p**ZIT**ages, then I would understand better. For now I’ll just enjoy the pus and petrified boogers lol. Thanx again. Hope to see you in another great video soon, maybe a good ear cleaning, hint hint ☺

  • Holy snot! I’ve had nasal surgery before so I can relate. I remember being in the shower and feeling something large in my nose a week after the surgery. I coughed and gagged for a second and a large roundish chunk that looked about as big and heavy as a hard boiled egg yoke flew out of my mouth and made it made a audible thud hitting the shower floor. It was really thick and I had to stomp it a couple of time before it went through the drain. For about two weeks I kept hacking up spring tree shaped ectoskeletons that looked like the creature made in ‘The Fly’ movie. The Dr. took to much out of my sinuses and now when I have a large discharge from allergies, it just faucets out with absolutely any warning. Da horror!

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