Dr. Vikram Yadav’s “The BEST Blackhead Videos EVER… Part 4!”

Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav – PTZ honors your work and thanks you for your continued efforts to bring us the type of videos we love to see.
Popologists! Dig In!

YT Commentary:

“Here we have extracted black & white heads from different parts of body like chest, forehead, ears and along with we have shown bursting of sebaceous cyst and you can see the keratin getting splashed on lens of camera…Here we used the same comedone extractor, some times squeezed between thumb and index finger.”

RUNTIME: 4min 47sec

TITLE: “Black & White Heads On Nose Part 4”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 26, 2012 by shaziajafrey8

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      • The extractor provides more exact pressure on the desired area and causes less tissue damage and bruising. That was a freaking awesome video! He get’s paid to do this!

    • Thanks should really go to Dr. Yadav and the whole PTZ Community for making him feel like he truly has a wonderful and LARGE group of devoted fans. But thank you Beth, and all.

      Thank you most of all to Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav! And I will be very happy when I can learn your ultimate preference in how you would like to be addresses, although I will never say “Hey, you – Blackhead Doc Man!” lol

      Enjoy, Everyone! You ALL deserve this!

      POP ON!
      ~ H.S.

      • Absolutely fantastic! I have a question: is there a medical/psychological term for people like us who LOVE to watch this stuff? I know I go as far back as a young child when my gramma would squeeze my grampas back-I’d want a front row seat! Anyhoo, Dr J never disappoints me, this was awesome!

      • Traci – he is a board certified Zitologist .
        Some of those with wide flow were not blackheads. I don’t know how these survive to this β€œripeness”. I inspect my face critically daily. For something like these to exist on me, it would have to hide.

      • I wanna know how ppl walk around with these things on their face and don’t have the desire to squish the things out……..I’d be dying to watch em come out plus not havin them on my face. Some of these have been there so long than they’re golden brown all the way down. AWESOME VIDEO

    • Excellent work in bringing relief to these patients Dr. Yadav! The hi-res photography is ground breaking in this **ZIT**e and many, including myself are learning how to use the comedome extractor much more effectively.

      Good work… and thank you.

    • Me too! Amazing video, as always with Dr Yadav! Many, many thanks for sharing your videos with us! I know that I can speak for everyone here when I say you are brilliant and an amazing man and you’re so very much appreciated here at PTZ! Thank you!!

  • masher is patting hands together, dancing in circles, and has a way goofy grin on her face! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again Dr. Yadav! That’s more fun than I’ve had for a very long time! In fact…I’m going back to have some more fun.

  • What an incredible series of videos. The good doctor has set the bar high on what we, the blackhead popping public will now demand. What I wouldn’t give to have someone with blackheads like those sitting in front of me. I REALLY hope the Doctor continues to upload his Technicolored, blackhead videos for us to see and long for!

  • Sweet baby Jesus! That was sooooooo satisfying. Dr Y, you are a prince among men! H.S. thank you for putting this up! I was anxiously awaiting this clip all morning…


  • I must have quite specific likes :)…. I found myself skipping past the cysts to get to the blackheads. Unfortunately, at 1:52 the Doctor’s index finger is quite dirty (it looks like a mixture of oil and dirt).

      • The thing is, EVERYONE is in**ZIT**iled to their own opinion. This IS still the land of the free, freedom of speach and all, right?

      • I don’t think anyone is denying anyone’s right to their own opinion. However, the original comment included not only an opinion:

        “I must have quite specific likes …. I found myself skipping past the cysts to get to the blackheads”

        but also an unnecessary and rude remark about Dr. Y himself.

        The internet has given us all a cloak of anonymity to hide behind and this has led to the exponential decay of manners and couth in our society. Would Fedka have made that same comment directly to Dr. Y’s face? I would certainly hope not. And while it is far from the ugliest of comments that we have seen here at PTZ, it was directed at a person that has become part of our extended “family.” All of the thumbs down probably represent the equivalent of a big brother stepping in and saying, ‘Hey, you don’t talk like that to him unless you want a piece of me, too!”

  • An Open Letter to Doctor Yadav,

    Thank you for taking the time to produce this video. I would like to commend you on how well you speak English; you are very easy to understand. I wonder how many languages you must speak in order to communicate with all of your patients? I can’t imagine knowing medical terms in several languages! Do you use translators or do most of your patients speak the same language? Was your medical training given in English?

    Thank you for all of the videos you make where you offer advice and instruction on basic things such as checking the purity of honey to advanced medical topics such as explaining a burst abdomen. You seem to have a p**ZIT**ion for educating all of the peoples of the world. You and your videos help alter or change American at**ZIT**udes and stereotypes of people from India for the better. Your patients are always very clean, tidy and well dressed and so are you. You are a very intelligent man and your use of your talents and time are truly a gift to the world.

    I hope you can see how the members of Pop That Zit strive to be better than most of the people who write comments to you on YouTube. You have our greatest respect as a doctor, a humanitarian and a human being. I would like to apologize for some of the harsh and unkind comments made towards you and your patients on YouTube. I would like to think that most of them are made by young people who don’t really understand the meaning of their cruel words. You never reply in an unkind manner in fact you have a most glorious sense of humor! It is a delight to read your responses.

    Oddly enough, my favorite video you posted is the one where you wash the feet of your parents.


    I admire how your culture teaches you to respect your parents. Washing someone’s feet means you must humble yourself. Although the procedure is often mentioned in the Bible, I never had the opportunity to actually watch the process until I saw your video. This humble act is so foreign to American culture. It is a beautiful example of kindness, honor, respect and love. Thank you for posting it.

    If you have the time, I would enjoy seeing a video of where you work and teach. Please continue to post videos of where you live and the things you see. Please continue to show us that India is a complex country where although there are many hardships, there are also many happy and productive people.

    I wish you and your family good health and happiness. May **ZIT** continue to bless you in your medical practice.

    “Sock Monkey”

    • I thoroughly agree with Sock Monkey’s letter. You, sir, are a blessing to your patients and a source of information and wonder to those who choose to watch your videos. Your comp**ZIT**ion and knowledge shine through in your work, and I commend you for taking on things that others would ignore or fob off on someone else. I wish you the greatest Blessings on you, your loved ones, and your medical practice.
      With kind regards,
      JustHoldStill, aka CootiePatootie, aka C**ZIT**ie

    • Dearest Sock Monkey: Thank you for your cl**ZIT**y and educational letter. I do think you represent our community well. If you had not posted that link of the good doctor honoring his parents so many of us would have missed out on a ancient tradition that is still being practiced today. **ZIT** bless and keep you and all whom you love.

    • In the Catholic Church as part of Holy Week, the priest will wash the feet of selected attendees in that M**ZIT** as Christ did for His Apostles. The good doctor is showing the world the meaning of love. Thank you Dr. Y for your example. The world needs more examples like you <3

      • Pokat70 commented on her own not on Sock Monkeys. But, sock monkey could not have said it better IMO! I agree with every word! And, as far as The video goes, phenomenal, simply phenomenal!

      • I understand to whom pokat70 addressed her comment. But because of hers coming right after the Sock Monkey’s comment, I just wanted with my question to little humorously show how much I like his good comment.

        If I put a smiley it would be even harder to understand and would seem as though I make fun of pokat70, what wasn’t even crossed my mind.

  • great video DR Vikram, I am a blackhead man myself, can’t get enough but I love a good cheesey cyst or whitehead thrown in also.

    Thanks again, don’t stop now that you have us hooked.

  • My special hero has done it again! Dr. Yadav is wonderful. May he continue to feel loved by his PTZ followers. Now to watch it again and again and again…

  • Thank you Dr. Y., for your wonderful comedone videos. I especially enjoyed the cyst that shot some se**ZIT** onto the camera lens, quite funny! We appreciate the time that you take to make them, and that you share them with us.

  • Awesome and very satisfying; but I would love to see you not use the extractor just once time and squeeze a triple header with four fingers!! I believe you will get it all in once shot and it would be incredible to see!!! Please keep them coming!!! And I see that you are still struggling with manipulating the video; I would help you if I were there. FOR FREE TOO!!! πŸ™‚


  • Dear Dr. Yadav,

    This video was heavenly. It was the fastest 5 minutes of my life. At the end I screamed NO, as I did not want it to end.

    The blackheads you remove are the biggest, meanest, most desirable I have ever seen. I am afraid if I was introduced to one of your patients, I may not be able to restrain myself.

    I will be coming to India hopefully – with the PTZ group. Please please will it be possible to spend time removing blackheads ourselves? I would be willing to pay the patient for the privilege of removing his or her blackheads.

    I am looking for a **ZIT**anium/steel extractor – professional grade – to bring with me in case I get lucky.

    As always, you do a fantastic job with your patients and with us!

    Thank you,
    Cheese Dip

      • Gabriele, that is actually a great idea. Any travel agents within the membership? I’ll bet there are plenty of people who would love to take the Comedone and Cyst Tour of India. Includes 5 days in 5 star hotel, visit with the great Dr. Yadav complete with one hour long demonstration of cyst and blackhead removal, one entire day of extractions on a local volunteer, all meals and materials included.

      • Oh yeah…I bet there would be many-a-volunteer if we provide a small fee to them. We’d be enjoying the best vacation EVER AND employing ppl as well. πŸ™‚

        Screw Royal Carribean. Long Live INDIA!!!

  • and the good Dr is a celebrity! and he certainly has more talent than most of the celebrities currently. Excellent execution and thoughtful editing! I was panicked the first time I watched this b/c I knew it was going to end and I wanted it to go on longer.

    Doctor, could you do another video of just one person and we can see you extract all of the ones on their face. I love seeing you eradicate them and am interested in seeing the process but also in the difference it would make on their overall skin complexion.
    Thanks Doc for your excellent videos! You’re the greatest!

  • This was beyond excellent, Dr. Y! I think for many people, this video is just as effective for depression as the happy pills (no, I am NOT endorsing that you throw out your meds, just add this video to your regime). Am wondering if the good Doc does the “happy dance” himself in his mind when someone with a nice harvest walks into the exam room? I know I would be!

  • Dr Yadav

    Thank you very much for this series of videos. Each one is better than the last. It feels like I am right there watching you….I appreciate all that you do not only for your patients (who have to love you) but also for your fans. The PTZ family is different from the community you will find elsewhere, we really do actually care about the patients as well and always hope and pray for their well-being.

    Your videos should set the bar for all other blackhead, comedone and cyst videos in the future. You always take the time to ensure not only the videos are clear and in focus, but adding commentary and explaining your procedures you are not only entertaining a vast audience you are educating them as well.

    Thank you for all that you do….you are truly appreciated. If I ever make it to India, may I look you up? I would love to buy you dinner and thank you personally for the joyous education you are giving to me.

    Thank you again, as always prayers for you, your family and patients. India is lucky to have you.


  • What a superb collection of blackheads, zits and pimples. My only (small) gripe is regarding the use of the extractor tool. It may be just me but the tool makes a very good start to the extraction but I am constantly left with the feeling that the zit has not been fully excised.
    I would love to see one of those wonderful noses given a light steaming followed by a thorough squeezing the old-fashioned, ie manual, way.
    No doubt I will get the traditional pariah vote but believe me I love this vid.
    Be honest, would you not like to see one of the doctor’s lovely patients given a nasal “top to toe”?

  • Dr Y,
    Do your Patients know that you are putting thier puss on here? I would give them cards with the web site so they can check it out.

    Cant wait for your next one (even though I watch these over and over)
    Love your work!!!

      • I really should take a cam up and down the streets and with a comedone asking strangers if I can get thier zits for them and film their reactions…. that would be some funny suff.
        And whowever trolled me… No CANDY FOR YOU!!! πŸ˜‰

  • I didn’t see any of the aforementioned dirty fingernails; then again, I wasn’t searching for something to criticize. Some folks wouldn’t be happy if’n they wuz hung with a new rope [as we used to say in Texas]

  • Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better they did! This videos are so good that they are going to cl**ZIT**ified as an illegal controlled substance. Dr. V is the supplier, Halph Staph is the dealer, and we are the addicts.

    Honestly, I would love to see a functional neuroimaging (Aka live brain scan) of our brains when watching these videos. I bet it causes our pleasure centers to light up and for dopamine to be released, which is the same thing that happens to addicts who take their drug of choice or even see videos/images of their drug of choice being used.

  • A little water, a little food, my laptop, and this video would be all I need to survive on a desert island. This takes PTZ offerings to a whole new level. Dr. Vikram-Yadavs, you have brought much happiness to a lot of people. Thank you!!

  • Dr. Y – where does one begin among the many, many, many different goodies? A facial cyst (a first I’ve ever seen), forehead black heads that the comedone extractor is removing one after the other; the nose blackheads with tops extremely large keratin discs spewing forth streamer length pus! WOW!!!! Thank you, thank you, than you!!!! Thanks to your patients who agree to share black heads and white heads with us!!!!!! They couldn’t be in better hands for treatment!!! Each video ever higher greatness!!!

  • Dr. Yadav,
    I would like to express my gra**ZIT**ude to you in regards to the videos that you post. I do have a great interest in the medical field , and like to see all different kinds of procedures and operations done. I must say that I’m very curious how the body works, and just what is inside. You have satisfied a lot of my questions and I enjoy listening to you speak when you are taping some of the videos. I really just want to thank you again for taking your time and effort to do these videos that I and a whole lot of other people love to see

  • Dear Dr. Yadav
    There is no discussion about whether your videos are absolutely the best. But I think it might be a little better.

    When people are asked for a longer video, they almost have not thought about putting more extractions in one video, but a longer shot of each extraction.
    It is enough to be one long extraction in the whole video, or complete cleaning the group of comedones in one small area. However, please just put the complete extraction, not only part. Or, as someone already mentioned: “one patient – one video”.
    (don’t worry because always some enthusiast later will make a compilation πŸ˜‰ )

    I many cases we don’t see what happens with the rest of the pus in the body. For example, if the comedone-extractor did not squeeze everything out. Do you complete the extraction differently in that case, with the fingers or somehow else?

    Once again I will say that your videos are the best, but this way it seems a little that we are some kind of “pus-lovers”, and your video as a “high quality pus-compilation”. But I’m sure that we are not, because we like to watch and learn how to completely extract the dirt from the human body.

    With full respect of your loyal fan,
    Harada Balic

  • Wow, this Dr. deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Great videos with no blurriness and perfect lighting. I really loved how he did a pause in the popping to show the hanging piece of zit cheese that was dangling from the camera lenz. How the anti**ZIT**tion re-builds up just before a nuclear explosion and a of mushroom cloud of puss just brought tears to my eyes. What a treasure you have produced and I cannot wait for more, more, more.
    I missed my calling in life and now want to become a Dermatologist so that I can truly enjoy my work! Popping zits for a living. The perfect job!

    • Its a good idea but a GOLDEN ZIT on PTZ wall of fame would be perfect,dont you think? πŸ™‚ (i was just your kidding btw,you’re idea was amazing Iszitso!)

      Dear Dr.Yadav,
      I just want to thank you.
      Thank you for your amazing work.
      Thank you for being such a kind man.

      Many thing have been said,so I wont repeat them.But I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your work and your kindness.
      Tnx for everything and until the next video,take care of you and your patients.

      • YEsssssssssssssss We HAVE to have an annual Golden Zit trophy (not to be confused with an **ZIT** Golden Zit trophy) given to the best video and/or best consistent stream of postings!

        Great idea PLUSH!

  • Oh yeah, the good Doc delivers yet another masterpiece. I was actually hoping he would continue on the same nose as in the previous video, since he was only hafway into that battlefield. Oh well, there were some INSANE blackheads in here too. I don’t mean to criticise an expert but sometimes I did get the impression he should have applied more pressure, as some blackheads looked unfinished.
    Nevertheless…this was veeeery satisfying to watch! Thanks a lot!

  • Can’t say anything that hasn’t been already said from the (seemingly) MILLIONS of posts here, but I can ask something. I wonder, about as hard as I CAN wonder, if any of these patients that the VERY GOOD Doctor has showcased in his videos have EVER, and I MEAN EVER, used what we would call normal bath soap?? I’ve GOT to imagine the answer to that is a HUGE “no” due to the beyond horrible conditions of their skin. The endless universes of nuclear-powered black heads & sebaceous cysts in this videos are all VERY mature, and I cannot believe that these guys have EVER washed with real soap. Anyone agree??

    • Mature skin is drier and less elastic. It makes sense that older people can have issues like this. I was wondering if they could wash with a gentle exfoliant to keep them from recurring.

      • Oh, I just read about solar comedones on dermnet- they do tend to happen in areas that have gotten lots of sun exposure over the years, where the skin is dry and leathery.

  • I’ve watched this (and all of Dr. Y.’s fantastic videos) about 20 times. Every time I feel like I’m going to p**ZIT** out on the ceiling! Thanks so much. I’m so happy!

    • No foolin’ huh? Some of those suckers were, if not big as bot-fly larva, at least Mango worms! The best part, is when the fat little suckers seem to have a head on them, like a caterpillar!
      Thanks ever so much for yet another great pus-filled video, dear doctor. We are all very much in your debt.

      • The cheek blackheads were so round!!! Did you notice that he had to knock one in half because he couldn’t bring it all up at once? One had blackhead on the top and bottom of the se**ZIT** pushed out.

  • I hate to bite the hand that feeds me but I do have one small complaint about the recent videos. I feel like a lot of these comedones, white heads, and cysts are not being fully expressed. Comedone extractors are fantastic tools but sometimes you just gotta go old school and use the most versatile instrument to ever be created, the human hand.

    For instance, that little cyst on that hairy dude’s chest. Obviously that cyst was ripe and ready to go. That thing could have been emptied out in one squeeze by either using the thumb and index finger or using the knuckles of both index fingers. With cysts, especially ones on chests or backs, you need to almost get behind them to get everything emptied out. Where as, just pushing down on it with the comedone extractor leaves a lot left behind.

    The blackheads are a different story, though. The comedone extract is far more useful. Plus, with blackheads everything always comes out at once versus white heads or cysts.

    Anyways, that is all….Keep up the great work Dr. V! You will seriously be worshiped as a cult hero in this website for the rest of time/until humans kill ourselves/destroy the planet.

  • I hope this will turn into an on-going series. Like Marcus Welby M.D., Maybe ‘ The Continuing Adventures of PTZ ‘ ? Something similar to that ilk. Pop on Dr. Yadav. POP ON !! Many thumbs up.

  • Absolutely Awesome!!! Just doesn’t last long enough, I could watch him extract cyst, pimples, or blackheads for hours & still, I believe, I’d be left wanting more. I do agree with Haradax, blackhead bomber, fakegagh8r, & chrissy46, I would LOVE to see Dr. Yadav take one patient, like our lovely nose man, & from beginning until the end, see the entire process. Was the last man on this video our nose man? If so, right after the eyebrow blackhead, Dr. Yadav goes after a huge blackhead. To the left of it is an award winning blackhead, he sort of pokes it, then moves on. I want so badly to see him grab hold of that puppy & squeeze. Just thinking about it makes my heart rate speed up. Dr. Yadav, even if the film lasted a long, long, time, & you charged an admission fee to watch it, I’d be running to get in line! I am not, however, complaining as your videos are my favorites. I just can’t help but daydream a little after watching one of your awesome videos! Thank you so much and PLEASE keep them coming.

  • Haha…just noticed how doc shows the camera with that long yellow sketti hangin’ off…what a shot that was…LOL..this gets better and better…5 stars all day!!

  • I love the extractions but why does the doc have to leave the pus hanging over the others juicy blackheads. It kills the whole affect. Although awesome, it would be much more awesome to watch them be popped from beginning to end until there is no more in the whole!! yay. Please don’t just go along popping the heads and leaving the rest. Finish it up!!!! lol

    • I would like to see a patient video from beginning to end too. As big and deep as some of the huge blackheads look, I would venture a guess that doing a nose could take an hour – oh but WHAT an hour to watch!!!

  • Incredible. Is it my imagination or does this whole series involve more than one patient? I’m referring to the blackheads and comedones. The cysts obvious come from someone else. I’d love to see an after picture of that nose. Removing all that material must result in a much smaller nose. Probably takes a while to shrink down as the pores slowly contract. The Oscars need a new category.

  • I just wish that he would stop skipping around and finish one of those babies from beginning to end. Not for nothing Doc, I would also like to see how this is cared for after all the zits get popped. I mean, is the face washed with an antiseptic of some sort??? How does the patient leave your office??? I hope he doesn’t get on the subway with all that pus hanging out of his face??? hahahah ?

  • I don’t know if it’s been said, if so, I AGREE!! There, got that part out of the way. πŸ˜‰ Here is what I agree with, please please please get behind the ears!!! That has got to be an awesome treasure trove!

  • Amazing vids. Just a few things on my part. This one was better for me than the previous ones because after each extraction the nose was cleaned so you could focus on each individual BH. When a whole bunch came out at once it was a noodle-y mess and for me detracted from the experience. Also, it appeared that the pores were seldom emptied completely. I am one of those people who wants to see it down to the last bit. Lol

    Still, amazing and fun vids.

  • Those huge comedones that were the width of the pore and oozed out slowly.
    *shudder* That is what brings me back time and time again. I can deal without the cysts, if it would have meant more of those big honking comedones. They were little bundles of awesomeness.

  • Dr. Yadav is the best! If I were a med student I would want to go there and intern with him! lol LOVE HIM! Please popthatzit keep paying him for popping and maybe send him a few extra bucks because he just might go and get his website!

    • Lol – he already has his own website – and he provides these videos for the pure love of the pop!! πŸ˜€ so, no worries! There will be more. πŸ˜‰

      ~ H.S.

  • As much as I enjoy the videos, I keep wondering if the patient has ever heard of soap & water….

    Maybe if he washed his face once in a blue moon, he wouldn’t be such a mess..

    • If you’ve been here any length of time you would know that soap and water are absolutely not the primary cause of these blackheads. Solar comedones develop from age, sun exposure, etc.

      Please keep in mind that not all of the good doctors patients have constant access to the things you and I take for granted. They often wait as long as possible before going to a doctor.

      Dr. Y is a member of the PTZ community. I can’t imagine it pleases him when someone comes along insulting his patients.

      Please, hang around, do some reading, ask questions. Just make sure you know what you’re talking about, and leave the insulting comments for youtube. This site requires a modi**ZIT** of decency.

  • I just watched it for I think the 100th time. I really would love to take that little old man home with me for a few hours and when Im done with him; no one will recognize him. He woudl be 10 lbs. lighter from all the extractions and his face would be as clean as a babys **ZIT**. :O) hahahahaha this is awesome!

  • We really ought to chip in and get the good doctor a nice video camera with a longer time allowance on it with a tripod. If only he would press a bit more on those comedome extractors at the tip that he is popping the zits at! And use the side with the larger circle and push down until he can’t push anymore…………..Yeah!

  • Top of my favourite list… #1… A+++++… I could watch blackheads for HOURS (hint hint, lol)… I especially like seeing you use the comedone extractor Dr Yadev, it doesn’t make a red mess of the skin and you can guarantee that the target will pop, plus several others around it usually go too πŸ˜‰ I eagerly await your next video, you made my day with this one!! Thank you!!

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