Nice Nose Pimple Squirt!

***** VOLUME WARNING! *****
We get some screaming! So make sure your volume isn’t too loud!
***** END WARNING! *****

WEEEEEEEE!!!! Gotta love the pus squirters! This boy has a heck of a pimple on his nose and much to his surprise (he thought it wasn’t going to POP LOL) it was like a bomb kaboom hehehehehe!

RUNTIME: 2min 56sec

Popping Huge Pimple!!! Originally posted on YouTube by MegaGomez007 on July 17, 2012

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  • A solid squeeze that must have hurt. He did well. After that, just turn it off. The cameraman can’t pick a target after that, and there isn’t anything worthwhile after the first big release.

      • He mentioned that the other pop site was from “little ones” near his eyebrows. I think the young man should install a webcam so we can watch his zit popping. I think we’re missing some pus spurting action 🙂

    • Clean Cut, There were 2 super pops in the video! The second one being better than the first! You must have missed that! So, keep watching folks so you get to see both pops! This kids voice is squeeky squirly! I thought it was cute!

  • Great! A good, old fashioned mirror squirting pimple! I loved it! And buddy playing video games was so impressed that he had to ‘adjust himself’ too! What more could you ask for?

    • “Adjust himself!” I thought the video was going to morph into an entirely different form of online entertainment there at the end!

      Awesome mirror bombing!

      • roflmao Agreed, I too thought there was going to be another type of entertainment there at the end! lol Excellent video otherwise with two awesome mirror pops. They had to hurt – side of nose like that … ow! Well done lads 🙂 and wasn’t that squeeky voice so cute! lol Reminded me of my stepson when he was about 12 or 13 lol Ahhh **ZIT**rty lol

  • When I was a wee booger-man I used to have blackheads galore on my face and nose. Then I discovered that a safety pin would open those suckers up perfectly for squeezing. Then I’d see the occasional monster on either the side of my nose or my chin. A pair of tweezers with the non-business end would do a great job on them.

    I really enjoyed this video and

    I am the Boogerman and I approve of this video

  • So that’s what adjusting looks like…I thought he just had a really big itch… It must be the youth of today seeing who can shoot their zits the farthest, and more points if it lands on the mirror. 😉 😆

  • The kid done good. I’ve gotten my share of nose zits and they can be super-shooters. And yeah, I noticed the junk adjustment at the end but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

  • WooHoo!! That was amazing! The pimple was loaded and ready!! I was not expecting the second shot! Oh, and the squeal, that just made my day! Lol Thanks Poppintime!!

    • If only soap and water could prevent these monsters, most dermatologists would be out of work and the entire skin care industry would collapse!

      Also, Pop That Zit members don’t encourage people to do preventative measures to lessen the chances of growing big, beautiful, bombs**ZIT** zits; they are what give us pleasure. We recommend putting lard on your nose and shoulders and NEVER using Q-tips in your ears! The golden rule is “No popping without a proper camera and a steady-handed cameraman; all videos should be posted directly to PTZ for research purposes.”

    • I’d bet it had another squeezes before it was healed completely. Wasn’t the first mirror squirter he had because his friend asked if it was pus from a previous squeeze.

      • With time and patience, there’s more than one in there, but with all of them running around all freaked out, I’m sure patience was gone. I bet the moved on to peroxide. The bubbles and fizz would provide enough action to do a live shot on that laptop web cam.

    • I think he’s young enough that there is an “OMG Mom look at what happened!” (terrified needing re**ZIT**urance that he’s not dying) versus a “What Mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her” age. It’s coming though.
      I’m not sure kids this age would know how to clean up blood, pus, and ook off a mirror without smearing it and leaving smudges behind.

      • Even with the video evidence, the kid will probably deny it was his guts on the mirror! 🙂 I agree with Genacyst that there is some pride to this splat so he would want Mom to see it.

  • This was fun on so many levels. Great mirror splats, the total surprise of the popper when the pus shot out, boys gagging like they’d never seen a pimple before, and the crotch scratch at the end.

  • Well, that’s more footage of a young person scratching themselves than I’ll probably ever need to see…

    Good squeezing, though (the zit, I mean). I once had what just felt like a firm spot in my cheek. No redness or **ZIT**p or anything. Just a firm spot. I pinched it as I was examining it, and it squirted out blood and pus just like that.

  • The two brother’s in the bathroom, the older talking his younger brother through popping what probably was his first m**ZIT**ive zit. Too funny, I loved the younger brother’s reaction when the pu**ZIT** the mirror. He was so proud of it, he lost all fear of any pain & went for the big squeezes, he wanted another squirt on the mirror & by golly, he got it! I could have done without the oldest brother being filmed while scratching his dangley bits but as the mother of 2 now grown sons, it wasn’t the first time I’ve ever seen a young man scratching where the sun don’t shine. At least his hand was on the outside.

  • Hey tamara, no way he cleaned the mirror before his mom saw it. Had he been a girl, absolutely, no way is a girl going to leave evidence like that for anybody to see. But the guys, you’d better believe it! Not only leave it but show it to every buddy they have that comes over while begging their mom to please not clean it off, not quite yet. I guess the evidence makes the story of the zit squeeze better when their showing it off.

  • I’m giving this one five stars because it captures that special moment when you are freaked out and terrified by your own body, but not so much that you don’t share the wonders of it with your peers. The poor thing can’t even scream when he needs to. Bigger things are coming for this young man.
    At my age, I just wish my pores were tight enough to get off a shot like this, much less two. Enjoy your squirting pimples young people, for you may loose them when you are older and you will only have PTZ to relive the moments that were once your own.

    • Good point, G–I can’t count the hours I usta spend scouring all my secret places where those “things” show up all the time–and the excitement when a favorite filled back up again! I knew nothing of removing the sac….if I had, I wouldn’t have wanted to!
      But now, these many years later, my eyesight is none to good anymore, and I just don’t seem to be around many mirrors anymore (can’t say I care to look at myself that much anymore)
      But, as you said, I have PTZ. Thanks to all who make that possible.

  • Sorry, I hope I didn’t offend anyone, but some of the comments just struck my funny bone and I could not help myself … I had to stop about half way through or I was going to pmsl and that’s just so not good for the keyboard! All I’ve had to drink is coffee and water! I wonder if Tim Horton’s spiked my coffee?? lol Nah, I’m likely just sleep deprived or something … lol Hope y’all have a good night and don’t mind me … I am spending too much time with just the cat, no wonder my sense of humour’s gone off the deep end! 😉 lol The washer and dryer are just not keeping up their end of the conversation these days! :-/ lol

  • Wait….. he cried when he popped his nose nodule? the end with the camera man filming the dude rubbing his junk sort of left me scratching my head on the edit…. But please. If you are a **ZIT**-pirate you are gonna have a lot more to cry about if a little zit hole made you cry. buddy you are gonna scream like a pig in the future….. just get laid… less stress I hope. You need some manning up.

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