Spider Bite Day Classic: Spider Bite…..

One of the most well-known and favorited pus videos on the entire Internet! “Norithy’s Big Spider Bite” – and when we say big, that is exactly what it is!!!!

Don’t worry, he is just fine now – this video made its appearance online back in 2007!!!

So enjoy! Having “Spider Bite Day 2012” was a perfect excuse to update this oldie but goodie!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Oh – if you are new to PTZ, and by chance have not viewed this video before… it is highly suggested you get out your floor pillow, because your jaw will drop! hehehe And don’t forget to catch the counterpart to this video, “Darci’s Spider Bite”!

RUNTIME: 5min 32sec

TITLE: “norithy’s big spider bite”
YT INFO: Uploaded on Jul 30, 2007 by alohadarci

Original PTZ Posting Date: Aug 2, 2007 @ 08:54

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    • The original posting explains this guy had to resort to using WebMD because he had no medical insurance and could not afford to see a doctor to treat it.

      • Maybe I am misinformed, if so, I apologize in advance. It is my understanding that if you have a life threatening illness/injury and go to an ER you can/will be treated. Take a gang banger for instance, I am quite sure that none of them have Blue Cross/Blue Sheild, but if they do a drive by shooting and someone returns fire striking one of then (even the shooter) an ambulance will come pick them up and take them to a hospital…correct? I say all that to say this, this young man could have gotten medical treatment in America. He may have been sent a bill for$3000 but he would have received treatment..correct me if I am wrong. If there was an infection that close to my jugular vein and/or brain, nothing or NO ONE would stop me from getting to an ER and being seen by a doctor….

      • I don’t know about most other countries, but you’re right about going to most hospitals in the USA, you will be treated. It may take some time, but you’re going to be seen. That said, things may change for the worse in the USA any day now………..

  • That was AWESOME. The camera work coulda been a little better, but face — the gal working the camera had to spew. Who can blame her. Did it stink? Might have been a spider bite but could also be MRSA or a boil. There was tons left in there when the vid ended. Please show more. Yes, go to the doctor but for crying out loud — get the procedure on tape. This one ROCKS!!!!!!!! Thank you to whoever posted it. This is what I live for!

    • EXACTLY – his face was SOOOO swollen! WHAT was that thing he pulled out at the end – a pus plug? I’d be terrified if my face was that red and swollen – you’re right – get to a Dr, preferably one in the nearest hospital to your home.

      • The original description explains he could not seek treatment from a doctor because he had no medical insurance. He referenced WebMD on how to treat it.

  • it’s often mistakin for a spider bite because it starts off as a red, swollen itchy lump. but it can quicly progress to this. if it was a spider bite, then it would have been bad enoug that he had chills, muscle contractions, feaver, vomiting, and so on, he would be too sick to even stand. this is highly contagious, and it’s becomming one of th highest skin related problems in the er’s. he most definatly needs a doctor. this is not treatable by antibiotics, but the infection can be controled with roper care

      • they both may have STARTED as spider bites, but no doubt about it, that is a MRSA infection. the MRSA bacterium was likely already on their skin (it is on most people’s skin) and then it settled into the bug/spider bites, got cozy, and started this m**ZIT**ive infection.

        I have had several MRSA infections are they are exactly like this. Horribly painful, hugely swollen, and full of tons of gunk. Including the “worms” or “plugs”. it is basically just a long chunk of really congealed pus. i had to pull mine out too and it looked like a big long worm. the relief and the amount of **ZIT** that comes out once that thing is gone is insane. Pinching it with toilet paper is more effective than tweezers though. the dryness of the paper helps stick to the pus more easily so it is easier to get a “grib” to pull it out.

      • maybe not, MRSA is contagious. Vancomycin is the ANTIBIOTIC used to treat MRSA along with surgically removing the infection with I&D and packing the hole…

      • New here, so please pardon my late remarks; but I truly believe this to be a hobo spider bite. I do have some medical training but certainly not emergency toxicology or animal bites. I just have seen some bites in the USA and overseas. This looks for all the world like most of the hobo spider bites I have seen.

  • But i’m a nurse….and this is no spider bite. I messaged him and i posted here. MRSA is nothing to ignore, and my post is to help warn others. It’s highly contagious any any other infections can cause harm to others.

  • Man. What is going on with that? What the **ZIT** were those snot like things he was pulling out?

    I think I’m really sick and twisted, but the guy is actually really really hot! I’ll admit I wasn’t looking at the gross sh*t coming out of his face.

  • bootsie bung, I don’t know if ur still around here this is quite old. In case you R wouldn’t the first thing to do is check the Dr. order for a culture? It does look like mrsa also a spdr. bite, could be staph. Can you really be sure without a culture of the wound? It looks like alot of things.

    • @mothereruption The original description explains he could not seek treatment from a doctor because he had no medical insurance. He referenced WebMD on how to treat it.

    • Correct. The procedure would have been to culture the thing while deciding how best to drain and possibly pack it. Most MRSA I have seen is more diffused, more erethema (redness) and spreading, not this localized swelling. There would in this case been no order to express the wound without opening it wider. You risk susceptecemia or pushing MRSA into the bloodstream. I am a PA and combat medic,not an MD Just guessing what an MD may or may not do, and being new here. I dont want to come off as being a smart **ZIT**

  • LMAO Gooch Rash, makes me wonder how big he was gonna let that get before doing something about it? I usually notice when something the size of a tennis ball is sticking out of my face LOL

  • I’m sure by now that thing is long gone, but without sounding to gay that guy is obviously good looking, he works out, and he’s into taking care of his body, you would think having that giant thing on the side of his face would be something he’d get taken care of long before it got to the size it is.

  • As much as I enjoy a good pus river, that looked incredibly nasty and being on the neck, I’d recommend a Doc asap. If as the nurse said, its not treatable by antibiotics, they can still do a better job of cleaning out the infection and so on or he’s going to have one **ZIT** of a scar err hole in his neck. If the infection were to spread, I think it could be quite harmful given where it is …close to brain, heart, lungs etc. Just makes sense to get it looked at when it starts to have its own eye ya know?

  • I’ve watched this one a number of times and always come to the same conclusion. the last thing he pulls out with the tweezers looks like a WORM!! eeeeeew! πŸ™‚

  • Best spider bite pus drainage video ever! I wonder why he let it get so unbelieveably big before draining it. This would have been awesome to see it drained by a doctor who would have lanced it open too. I hope he went and let a doctor finish the job.

  • I never get tired of watching this one. Those pus plugs are the best!!! No doubt, he should have been at the doc’s office but I’m grateful they got some of it on video.

  • Please someone do a biography of this guy…. What is he doing today? Did he ever really pop that whole golf ball inside his cheek ever? Been waiting for updates on this one for YEARS!!

  • At around 4:58 he pulls something out that looks like a botfly larvae. Of course I know it’s not, but can anyone say definitively what it is?

    • the contents are made of pus from bacteria, if it’s MRSA then it’s likely dead tissue. i wonder if it was an ingrown hair gone wrong. perhaps a cyst that became infected. it could have even just been a run of the mill boil. either way it was drained and i’m sure it healed up and can’t tell it was ever there.

  • This is my favourite in my favourites list!How did he not p**ZIT** out while doing that? I would be dizzy looking at it if that thing was in my face. 10 on 10!

  • I wonder what this fella and his girlfriend (reference next vid) are doing now?

    Do you think that becoming instant online su-pus-heroes cemented thier relationship? Or perhaps being such stars in the world of pus appreciation was too much pressure on their love?

    Anyone know?

  • This guy could have gone to sleep and woken up with this amount of swelling and pressure, especially on the jaw line where there’s not a lot of loose skin. My first ever staph infection (due to immunosuppressant medication) was on on my jawline and they are no joke. I know this guy survived and yes he was pretty good looking. I’m just not sure I could be with a guy who was better at applying eyeliner than I was. Just saying’

    “I don’t always obsess about popping zits, but when I do, I go to pop that zit”. Said by the Most Interesting Man in the World!

  • hen I first saw this vid circa 2008 I was my jaw dropped open. My reaction is the same today. At first I thought this was a spider bite, but there’s not enough necrosis of the surrounding tissue; so I think this is just a very bad boil, seen at the peak of “ripeness”.

    This is the single-greatest vid extant of expressing purulent material. Not even “Charlie Manson’s Backyard Mashed Potato Explosion”, the bi-lingual “We’ve Got A Winner” with it’s endless supply of brown back-toothpaste, or “The Best Back Cyst” of Seamus’s eruptive pustulence come close to this one for m**ZIT**ive amounts of semi-solid putrescence or the sheer physical trauma of the lesion and the pain involved in expelling the rot.

  • I remember thinking the first time around this was the best video of stuff like this coming out – and I still think it’s in the top 5 – I always wonder however, when I see these gigantic lumps on people’s faces – why did they wait to long to do something about these? I couldn’t let something get a tenth of that size before I was seeing a dr. This kid needs to see a dr, get on some strong antibiotics and keep that area clean. I don’t know if it was a spider bite but whatever caused it made a pretty cool video for the rest of us! πŸ™‚

  • I too love this video. I’ve watched it endlessly for a couple years. Of course, I am embellishing…
    Perhaps, if there is a “next time”, Norithy could go to a free clinic.
    But still film it for all of us!
    5 stars and on the favorites list, easy!

  • I don’t care if you have insurance or not!!! If you develope a huge **ZIT** like this bad boy get yourself to a clinic or the nearest ER! This needed to be cultured so antibiotics could be started. There are antibiotics options for MRSA; just not Methacillin. It is a sad sad world that we live in when people have to tolerate pain and suffering just because of no insurance! πŸ™ I hope this young man recovered from this nasty infection.

    • I agree! I just don’t understand why people let it get that bad. They have to know that it’s not gonna go away by it self. No matter what they do to it. I know that some people don’t have insurance but it gets to the point where you HAVE to go.

  • “It doesn’t end, ever.” No, no it doesn’t. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    I remember when this first hit Youtube and we argued in the comments about whether it was a spider bite, plain staph, or MRSA. Good times.

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