Dr. J.: Fungal Sinusitis

BigTull Presents: Dr. Janakiram’s “Fungal Sinusitis”

*** WARNING! ***
ENT Sinus Surgery
May Be Difficult to Watch for Sensitive Individuals
Viewer Discretion Advised.
*** WARNING!***

It may not be the fungus you want in your cheese. It may not be the kind you want as part of your salad, or mixed in with a fully loaded steak bomb foot long –

But it is the kind of fungus ya gotta love seeing the esteemed Dr. J. remove from someone’s sinuses!! Of course, the other kind of fungus we love is the stuff he gets outta people’s ears!

So don’t worry fellow PTZ Popologists and all, we will always hail Dr. Janakiram as King of ENT! ENJOY!

YT Commentary:

“Surgery for a patient with AFRS. The fungus doing a Draf 3 !!!”

RUNTIME: 6min 22sec

YT INFO: Published on Aug 15, 2012 by ENTENCYCLOPEDIA

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    • I love all of his stuff! It’s so interesting and educational! I don’t understand how these guys can’t fall over in disbelief sometimes! I sure would!

  • I’ve been missing Dr J lately! It’s nice to see another great video performance from the master himself! It was amazing as always! I love watching his because I feel like I’m actually learning something. Just like Dr Yadav’s videos, they both explain things very clearly as they go along. It’s gotten to a point that you know what you’re looking at when you view their material. Thank you BigTull, for another fantastic post!

  • Thanks, BT, that was a great surgery. (Of course it was; it’s Dr. J!)

    Does anyone know how one would contract a fungal infection in the sinuses? If Dr. J covered how that happens, I missed that part of the video. Thanks.

  • BigTull, another brilliant Dr. J video to teach us how fortunate we are not have such serious nasal conditions. But if we did, at least we know we could get the condition repaired by brilliant doctors such as Dr. J.

  • He’s never gonna smell again
    Debrided nostrils got no sensation
    Though it’s easy to pretend
    The patient’s not a fool
    Should have known better
    Than to let fungus in
    Waste the health that he’d been given
    So he’s never gonna smell again
    The way that he used to, oh, oh,…

    • How should a patient know not to let fungal spores into the sinus, they are microscopic?

      I had to have this surgery because of a cronic recurrent infection, contracted during a contaminated water dive for my fire dept.

      There was no way to tell the water was contaminated since the local water treatment plant did not divulge that they were dumping raw sewage at the time.

      The pain I suffered due to the sinus congestion was intense, and at times felt as if my teeth would explode.

      At times, I needed m**ZIT**ive doses of pain meds just to keep from screaming and still remained in tears.

      This stuff is no joke, and it is not contained to third world coumtries!

  • I love Dr. J videos. No pus is safe when he’s around. I’m always amazed at the amount of pus he gets out of some patients.
    Great find, thanks for posting Big Tull, I like the way you think!

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