Six Part Neck Nob

***** VOLUME WARNING! *****
Just a tad bit loud in some of these videos.
***** END WARNING! *****

What a beautiful neck abscess, it does look painful however I feel sorry for the poor doctor……I believe this patient has a very low tolerance to pain and it is making it extremely difficult for the doctor to drain the abscess. You will see this at the very first injection of lidocaine. I felt that the doctor injected more than enough numbing meds but the patient was still very uncomfortable. I think the hemostats were used too much and not enough finger action expressing the liquid gold that was hidden inside this **ZIT**. During one of the videos I heard the wife say “I told you he was baby….but he can cut his hand off….glue it back on and go back to work.” There is one very nice chuck that is floated out with the **ZIT**istance of saline but there is tons of infected left inside this beauty….he could barely get the packing in the wound. This one could have been glorious but it is a little bit of a disappointment. Parts 1 and 6 are just short clips of before and after. I hope you enjoy!! number one. (Runtime: 0min 10sec) number two. (Runtime: 2min 50sec) number three. (Runtime: 3min 14sec) number four. (Runtime: 0min 40sec) number five. (Runtime: 3min 35sec) number six. (Runtime: 0min 2sec)

Pimple pop part 1, Pimple pop part 2, Pimple pop part 3, Pimple pop part 4, Pimple pop part 5, Pimple pop part 6 Originally posted on YouTube by hischick96 on June 17, 2012

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  • Oh Wow !! I saw this last night it was after midnight actually. I thought surely its been posted on PTZ and I just missed it…I could have had my first submission. Ive never really thought I would ever be lucky enough to catch one. You guys are so good at catching the videos very fast and posting them. Now for the patient…I have to agree with his wife…he does seem to be a baby…but as my favorite guote reads..” Thou jest at scrars that never felt the wound” So I really dont know what this guy was feeling. His body may not process lidocaine like others. Everyone’s body is different. It may not have taken effect. It could have been great…cuz I do think there was a whole lot of puss “n” chunks left in there. We may never know…thanks for posting Winnie.

    • Yah I thought he was kind of a wuss,you could see the skin turning white,so it was def taking effect,but I think your right about leaving a-lot behind. The Dr was prob like”let the next guy worry about it”

      • Can you blame the Doc? This BIG Baby was moving around so much, doc had a hard time keeping the needle in. (Just my Opinion)

      • @ ear-cyster – I agree – just a little too much and over the top. Fascinating way the Dr removed the cyst contents by forcing water into the incision loosening the larger se**ZIT** and pus contents forcing it out of the wound. The Dr didn’t disrupt the sac so he’ll be in again to have it removed. I would IV sedate him if he came back in probably be the best for him – won’t feel the pain or remember most of the procedure.

      • @Nmgapaoh I totally agree about the IV sedation! I was thinking that the whole time during this procedure. They should’ve started out that way, or just told him, hey, you are going to have to endure this or were going to knock you out completely! I predict that he had a lot of problems after this was done! It just was not cleaned out properly! That’s to bad 🙁

      • Ouch, the local anesthesia hurts big time so him expressing pain with that jabbing needle does not make him a wuss. Then it looks like the doc got on him with jigsaw moves then started scissor cutting none too gently. I never saw a doc use the equivalent of a water pic for wound irrigation like that – strong enough to dislodge a big ole dried up pus pocket. So I do not think this guy is a big baby. If he was expressing pain it was because he hurt.

    • I’m not sure what was going on in this one, I kept waiting for the doctor to squeeze that puss out, but he never did, and it also looked like he left a lot in there , so I really don’t know, maybe because this guy was screaming and in so much pain he couldn’t do what he wanted.

    • YES…YES…YES… You said it..

      Drama Queen he is…..

      If he was in that much pain, do you think instead of declining the numbing meds he would have taken the doc up when he offered more Lidocaine? I know I would… Just saying…….

    • yes Peta. I had Osteomyelitis that literally “ate” my entire right hip joint out of the socket – its GONE and was creating abcesses into the inner thigh muscles and it had started eating the femur bone. The WORST pain ever. I also had MRSA break out into abcesses all up and down my arms, huge abscess on my stomach and I NEVER acted like that. Women do take pain better though (child birth…) In addition, he kept making “p**ZIT**ive agressive” comments…I hate that. If you have something to say, just say it bluntly. He said “I just want to make sure he’s actually doing something”. and then he said **ZIT**, he squirted that stuff in fast…when I’m at work I take my time but you just smashed it right in there”. Complain…complain…yes, he was in pain but he was also rude and a big baby. Also…I think it was a sebaceous cyst gone to infection, thus an abcess with a giant hard white chunk w/ other little chunks. ALL of that needed to come out..but that poor doc-He tried everything. Also, I hadn’t considered this but it is possible that he continued to fuss even after the lidocaine b/c he wanted IV narcotic drugs. I dated a dr who told me that. Unfortunately doctors are aware and now won’t give anything to anyone…even in real pain that’s why it took 2 months for them to diagnose me and when I went into kidney failure from infection, they finally did take me seriously and tested me on MRI and found my two bones were just hanging there on the muscle w/0 a joint and 2 abcesses were in the muscle – I had a drain ran through my abdomen down my inner thigh and I didn’t scream like him. I was in pain 2 months b/c one dr **ZIT**umed I was lying to get drugs and I was put on some system so every doctor I went to refused to treat me. I now also have blood pressure probs from being in severe pain for an extended time. Was sueing them but I”m just gonna write an article – a law suit will take me through it all over again. I want to move on. Damn, I didn’t realize I was gonna tell my whole life story lol. I guess it makes me mad when I endured so so so much incomprehensible (there are no words for that kind of pain) and this guy is getting treated, diagnosed and the doctor is actually kind to him.
      when I cried in pain, they just said “Look, stop crying…its gonna get done one way or the other-( (b4 they realized what was wrong with me) b/c the doctor was putting an IV in my chest b/c the kidney failure made me swell up and I had no veins…they FLIPPED the gurney with my feet in the air which caused tremendous pressure on the infected leg/hip bones…and told me to shut up. So I’m telling this guy Shut UP! lol

      • I feel for you Fakegagh8r(like the nameLOL) That sounds horrific,hang in there girl. I can’t stand a wussy.

      • WOW what a terrifying experience!!! Thank you for sharing. It will definitively change view medical treatments.

      • They put you on a don’t prescribe pain meds list? Don’t they have to have more proof than just oh I think this is what’s happening? That is so awful for you to have to go through. It makes me so upset that people like you or others in pain have to suffer because doctors are so afraid of prescribing pain meds to anyone. I understand their side of things and all it just sucks all the way around. Hope you feel better.

      • I totally agree with you Fakegagh8r, I too have a condition that causes excruciating pain. I’ve dealt with my share of doctors that look at you like your a junkie. It’s not until you’re showing “measurable evidence” proving your pain. Yet, by then your pain is out of control like a 5 alarm fire. People who abuse the system, for their own “fixes or highes” aka junkies. Make the world a lot tougher for people like us, who are just trying to live a pain free life! Take care and may **ZIT** bless!

  • Man…I’ve seen tons of abscess,but I’ve never seen one being SO hurtful.
    That man was in so much pain,it was unbelievable.

    I know that they’re hard to numb,but even the “numbing” part looked painful as **ZIT**.The Doc wasnt even able to squeeze it (because of the pain,I suppose!) and he used quite a nice technique (water pressure).

    I’m not sure I understand everything I’ve seen (like why it was so painful) but it was very very interesting thats for sure.

    Tnx for that good find Winnie 😉

      • I agree, My man was in so much pain, but he took it like a trooper. Much better than I would have. I’m sorry, I would have **ZIT**ed all over myself, the table, the Doc, the whole **ZIT** room! I’m sorry, I’m a Nancy Boy. And another good one Wennie.

  • I hate to judge, but he was way overreactive to pain. It was a **ZIT**erfly needle, you can hardly even feel those going in! I could accept that kind of moaning and groaning and jumping and crying if the lump was inhis groin, maybe, but this was crazy.

    • I’ve had 3 nodes removed in the groin area, I can tell you, it doesn’t hurt at all, even the numbing part when they’re pushing the lidocaine in wasn’t the least bit painful, they had to go down almost 2 inches each time and cut and remove said nodule, all you really feel is a little pressure nothing more.. I just think this guy was being a little whiney b**** to get attention and try to get some sympathy.. I know several people that are the same way, if you’re downstairs minding your own business you won’t hear a peep out of them, but as soon as you go upstairs they start moaning and groaning to get attention, you go back downstairs and it’s suddenly all quiet again.. It drives me insane.

  • What the???????????????????????

    He sure received enough lidocaine., 2 minutes straight, then another squirt after awhile.
    Why did the Doctor not squeeze that sucker?? One good 4 finger squeeze would of emptied it right out.
    Winnie is 100% right ” there is tons of infected left inside this beauty”

    He packed with most of the pus left in. I guess the Doctor figured, let it drain on it’s own. Patient was a bit on the wussy side??
    Doc probably did not want to keep hearing him moan!!!!

    My grandson would take it better than this fellow, he’s 6.

    Nice video though!!!!

  • Sometimes the lidocaine doesn’t work. It has happened to me. Also, I think this area of the neck is just icky for some people, again, it is for me. I had an IV that kept coming out a year or so ago, when I was in hospital. They wanted to put it in my juggler, in that neck area. I tried, **ZIT** knows I tried to let this surgeon do this. The numbing almost killed me, just knowing that a needle was going into my juggler, then I couldn’t shake the thought of a catheder going in there. Needless to say, the surgeon was very angry with me, but I didn’t give a hoot. That chit was hurting so bad, the threading of that thing, I could feel it, doc keeps saying, it’s just pressure, all I could think about was Linda Blain in the Exorcist when they put that catheder in her neck and blood started squirting everywhere. I don’t think he was a wuss, I think the numbing didn’t work AND he was freaking out about the location…He probably would have done better if the cyst was in his groin…

    • I agree with you. It was so infected, the numbing medicine wasn’t working! I’m sure that had to hurt like a **ZIT**! It’s a very tender spot and not everyone has the same degree of infection. All we can see is the surface of the cyst! Without knowing how deep it goes under the skin, we shouldn’t sit and judge him! There’s no question in my mind that his pain was legitimate! Thanks for another great find Winnipoo!!

    • Most docs would try a nerve block before they would attemp to insert a catheter into the jugular. You must have had some odd doctors.
      If the lidocain wasn’t working, he would have been able to feel when the doctor did the sensation test before he cut. I really think this guy was either a drama king or looking for narcotics.

  • Imagine this guy in labor. My husband is like this with boils. I tell him “Man up and we’ll be dome in 1.5 minutes or puss out and jrk and whine and we can make this pain last 15 minutes.”
    I hate to question anyone’s pain, but sometimes you need to shut up and embrace the suck!


      • That Dr. Handled that wussy great.I wouldve lost it on this guy, unlless the guy was doing it for pain meds ie. oxys,percs,or vicodin???

      • Peta, we think so much alike . Above I responded to your comment and said the same exact thing (and added my own hospital nightmare novella as well). Also drug addicts have low pain tolerance b/c they’ve blown out their own opiate receptors.

  • well i didnt quite know what to think… he really complained alot either the numbing stuff didnt work or his pain tolorence is very low./// i was waiting for a good squeeze…

  • Speaking as a card-carrying member of the “I’m a wuss-just knock me the zit unconscious” club, let me just say I was cringing thru all these videos by proxy. Why didn’t the doctor squeeze the ever-livin’ daylights outta this beast to get it over with once and for all? Good for the poppee and good for the popper. Thanks, Winnie for another super find!

  • I didn’t act like this when I had an infection lanced and mine was alot bigger than his and red and on fire. The only noise I made was a gasp when the doc cut where it wasn’t deadened and I apologized for that. I didn’t make that much noise when I had an abcessed tooth pulled that wasn’t deadened. I don’t want to sound like super woman tho..I cry like a baby when I get the stomach flu.

  • Was it pain or was he freezing from the water torture? That was the cleanest bit of chunk I ever saw.
    Seriously doc, if you don’t know what you are doing, stand aside and let someone show you. Quit the poke poke poke wash wash wash!


  • Is it just me, or did the guy seem to be slightly upside down so that all the mess could run onto his face?

    Why was the “operator” trying to pick it out with what looked like a pair of cuticle scissors instead of giving it the old 4 finger squeeze? Sure it was hurting, but how much faster and better would that have been?

    Great **ZIT**p, bad surgery, IMHO.

  • I think this big boy’s problem was anxiety and fear more than horrendous pain after the numbing. We all know HOT infections are notoriously hard to properly anesthetize.

    The doc should have given this guy a Valium or a Demerol/Versed **ZIT**tail, done a proper circular “Dr. J” field block that was far enough out in cir**ZIT**ference to include the surrounding tissue, and he would have not had to **ZIT**foot around with the entire ordeal.

    Pain is bad enough, but fear and anxiety add an entirely newdimention to things.

    Speaking of anxiety, I suffer from both chronic pain and Anxiety Disorder. I am pretty tough about pain but my nervous system is FUBAR’d!

    I was happily digging a metal sliver thinner than half a human hair out of my husbands foot when all of a sudden he let out a bloodcurdling yell and jerked his foot away. My brain responded with a heinous fight or flight instinct and I, in turn, jumped like a jackrabbit. It took 60 minutes and 15mg of Serax to get my heart to stop pounding.

    We both laughed about it, but I warned him to cuss, complain, call me names or vocalize in any way as long as he never shrieked like the damed and jerked his foot away like that again.

    The next week he did it again while I was t**ZIT** his cuticle on his toe.

    • Anxiety – this is exactly what I was going to point out! I think sometimes the experience of pain is worse when the patient is (1) worried, (2) used to controlling what happens around him and (3) does not have trust for the doctor. The way he kept moving his head around (and would you do that with a pointed object held to your oh-so-painful neck?) makes me think that he wanted more than anything just to get up and walk out.

      All this anxiety intensifies the experience of pain. Think about it – ot many pregnant women would lie down and give birth without drugs if they were not feeling a trust in their body and a trust in the people helping them. That was an long-brewing wound, and he’d not looked after it promptly in the first place, and I will bet he was not keen to relinquish control to a doctor quite possibly half his age.

      That said, I DID flinch when the doc injected so much pain meds that it blew the lid off the infection!!! Haha – for a pressure-sensitive abcess, that must have put the patient on full-on alert!

      Sorry there was no squeeze, but this was still pretty entertaining and unique! Therefore, a great find!

  • First, it seemed like the “field” of anesthesia should have been a bit larger, and, then, that little bitty needle never went very deep, and then he comes in digging ‘way down in that **ZIT** hole….I don’t blame the fella for squinching! That Doc knows as well as we that it doesn’t do any good to squirt lidocaine into a pus pocket! WTF is THAT supposed to numb?
    And, there is an incredible amount of nerves in that area, going everywhere–I’d have been freaked out, big time
    It bothered me to see the Doc poke that puss-y hemostat back down in that nice clean washed-out hole. (It WAS the cleanest chunk of cheese laying there I ever saw, too)
    I never did get any of them to play here–hadda go over to U tube. But, here I am back “home” to put in my 5 cents worth of opinion.
    Hats off to you Winnie, once again!

  • Nice, but VERY frustrating find, Winnie. Who was needed here was the female Army SGT who squeezed almost EVERY BIT of the pus out of the leg of the male SGT who had the cyst in the recent video. I mean, really, the pus was practically oozing out just from the initial pain injections given!! I also have a VERY low tolerance of/to pain, but I was in the Army when I had my baby in 1984, and they ended up giving me NOTHING for my labor pains!!! So, all I have to say to the guy in this video is, ”Buck up, buddy, if you have to have this done again!!” lol (kind of)

    • I’m sure she would have told him to embrace the suck. I have to get pudendal nerve shots on a regular basis. I am awake, the needles are about 10 inches long and 14 gauge. I’d like to take him with me on one of those torture sessions. I am a pansy about pain but know ot must be done. I suck air through my teeth, grip the sheets and know at some point it will be over. If I wallowed around, cried and begged to make the pain end, It would take 2 hours to finish up instead of 20 minutes.
      For all you wondering what a pudendal nerve shot ii, well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Shots in varying degrees of the cooter. The are used for a variety o things.For instance they use them on pregnant women who are to far along to get an epidural.
      AND no the 1st shot of lidocaine and steroids don’t numb you for further shots because they are placed too far from each other.

      SO, let him get a gander at me sacking up for 8 cooter shots and then have a tantrum over a pimple pop. In fact, I kept waiting for him to see if they could go to Chucky Cheese after hospital trip.

      So I am empathetic towards people who have incredibly infectected sores, bites, cysts etc. I have none for a grown man who refuses to let a medical doctor do his job properly “cause it hurts.’ This was an ADULT who couldn’t wrap his head around idea that sometimes necessary med procedures hurt.

      I know I seem overly harsh towards someone who let us post video. But is I were him I’d be so ashamed, I’d burn the tape.

      Sack Up Next Time

      • OMG thank you for saying what needed to be said, As a Surgical Nurse whose seen horrendous things and suffering and also a Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor of over 7yrs I found that this grown man really made it unbearably difficult for the Doctor to do what needed to be done. Which only makes it take soooo much longer to properly treat the problem., The Doc knew that there was so much more gunk in there ,,but I can fully understand why he didn’t pursue it, ,My 6year old daughter has more tolerance to pain than this man, or at least she sucks it up and covers it up really well lol..she takes after me hehe

  • Good golly, whatta wuss! Just a little abscess! Not saying people don’t have different pain levels, but he made a terrible fit over such a small thing. When I gave birth to my son, I didn’t use any pain meds, 96 hrs of labor and forceps ( I refused to have a C-section) yet, *NEVER* made a sound. (BTW, it hurt like the 6 shades of Hell) My point is that you can handle anything you put your mind 2.

    • Your labor sounds like mine. I was supposed to have a home birth, but my water broke sunday evening, and after 10 hours labor stalled. Midwife told me to drink a bottle of castor oil, which brought on contractions, but I wasn’t dialating. Went to hospital Tues night and got pitocin. She was born Weds, after 6 hours pushing with vacuum **ZIT**ist. In 2008 I went to Mexico to get a tubal ligation reversal because the TL had messed my body up big time- I’m allergic to **ZIT**anium, and they used **ZIT**anium clips.
      I was awake for the surgery, they did an epidural and it was a full open-abdomen surgery. 8 inches across. Midway through the surgery the epi stopped working. I told the doc, but he told my husband (who was allowed in) that I was just feeling pressure and pulling. I said “I can feel the suturing and the nap of the cloth you’re using to wipe the area.” He was suturing the second fallopian tube when that happened, and it was too late to do much about it. They asked if I wanted to be put to sleep, but we were just so close. I held husband’s hand and let them finish and close the incision without pain meds. I didn’t freak out like this guy did. Like WCJ said, you just have to embrace the suck. If the doc had ignored the patient and just grabbed it and did the 4 finger death squeeze, the patient could have reported him to the medical board. Docs are bound by patient consent.

      • @zi**ZIT**cher, I’m glad I wasn’t the only PTZ member to let my thoughts about the guy in this vid be known. I DID make plenty of sounds when I was in labor, etc., though!!
        I’m pretty sure I would have p**ZIT**ed out if I’d gone through what you did, spicy crispy.!! What a woman!!!

      • I’m nothing special. Just stubborn. I wasn’t a screamer, because I knew that would take energy out of the pushing. Trust me, by that time I just wanted her OUT.

        I’m actually really impressed by the doc here. There are far too many docs who force procedures on you or do things you did not consent to. My OB gave me an episiotomy without my consent. For our second child, I made my husband swear that if the doc grabbed those scissors he would stop him immediately. Doc did what the patient allowed, and no more, because patients have rights. Good on him for keeping that in mind.

      • I REALLY don’t know how to answer your msg., spicycrispy, I’ll keep trying, but, yes, I’m from LV, so we ARE fellow Nevadans!!

  • Leave the poor guy be. Right now I have multiple ovarian cysts pushing on my sicatic nerve and oral meds just dull the pain of the “rat” chewing and pushing on my hip bone.
    I imagine there are a lot of sensitive and inflamed nerves being pushed on due to the infection. It’s got to be infected because the cyst wall was badly deteriorated when parts of it were pulled out trying to open up the cyst .
    If they care relieve the pressure the nerves will calm down. I bet his blood pressure went up too.There were talking about in #6 hitting it with the shower. Good hot water will soak that mess out. If he had done that before going to the ER it probably would easier to numb.
    I GUARANTEE if they poke something into a sore open place – i.e. pack a dry socket after oral surgery – it HUTRS like a **ZIT** 🙁
    You have my deepest sympathies for toughing it out so we can derive a little pleasure from your immense pain <3

  • I have no idea why some of these new videos will not load or play for me, yet, others do just fine. It’s really frustrating! Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening or is this happening to anybody else?

  • This Dr. is a quack, he did not remove the sac and he could have done a better job freezing it for this poor guy, and what about igving it a squeeze. Fail

  • Well, I am not sure how my fellow “PTZers” will take this but I have to speak what I feel…
    I understand that some people have a lower tolerance to pain…. BUT. I have seen 100’s of this type of abcess drained, many in the same location, I know a little about pain I have had shrapnel removed from my leg that was missed and caused infection….
    I had a hard time watching this video because how this grown man with local lidocain act like a child, im sorry some may not agree but this guy did not handle himself well I was embarr**ZIT**ed for him,

    • Agreed. I also keep seeing the people ragging on the doc- his hands were tied! He could only legally do what the patient allowed. He even got creative with the saline wash, and the guy still complained. I get the feeling a lot of folks here don’t realize how little power a doctor has during a procedure. He offered more meds multiple times. Most docs would have just turfed him off to dermatology, but he stayed and tried to help. This is not the docs fault.

  • I feel I must speak my true mind on this. Blast me if ye must, but here goes:

    I have suffered from chronic pain for over 10 years. My medical problems, to name a few, are Diabetes, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Myofacial Pain Syndrome, Chronic Anemia, Anxiety Disorder, Mennhoragia, Pica ( from Anemia), Asthma, Tremor, loss of vision in right eye, Reynaud’s Syndrome, blah blah blah. The list goes on….

    I have had both of my elbow tendons rebuilt because they ruptured from heavy work. In Oct 2006 I had surgery on my left ankle to repair a torn Longus tendon. 2 weeks later I got a DVT and Pulmonary Embolism. I spent 2007 in bed on blood thinners.

    18 months later a gopher tunnel at my barn collapsed under the same ankle, blowing out all of the previous work and exploding my Brevis Tendon in half. 5 more hours of surgery, 20 more weeks in a cast and 6 months on agonizing Lovenox ( blood thinner shots) 2x per day in my belly and I was bedridden another year.

    Last year another surgery to try to stem the Mennhoragia, remove a uterine polyp, and a biopsy to check for Cancer.

    In the past 3 years I have lost my uncle in Dec 08, my Daddy in March 09, our beautiful daughter Nicole in April 2010, and my brother and only sibling just this past Easter morning, dead at only 51 from a heart attack.

    After Nicole died I fell into a ditch and fractured my spine, tore my rotator cuff and injured my neck so badly that I can barely ride in the car anymore, and get blinding migraines that make me vomit for days at a time.

    I have studied pain and it’s mechanisms extensively. I have studied drugs, their uses, addiction, dependency, tolerance ( all different conditions!) and how our brains process pain.

    I have contributed articles to magazines and websites, given extensively to charitable causes that ease the suffering of others, and done what I could to still be an **ZIT**et instead of a liability to my family and our society.

    Am I special? No. Does my suffering earn me any extra sympathy or attention or do I want any? No. Are millions of others like me? YES!

    I can no longer do the things I love. I can’t hike, ride my mare Avalon, scuba dive, take walks, or even really swim anymore. Sad that… I am a Cancer and water is truly my element by birth sign.

    If there is nothing else I will ever take away from this life when my journey comes to an end, I will have learned perhaps the most important lesson we humans come here to learn:


    I try to live each day by what my husband and I call The Way:

    Wish only kindness and comp**ZIT**ion for all living things;
    Always give the most when you can afford it the least;
    Yesterday has p**ZIT**ed; we must look now to the future.

    If a lifetime of suffering was the cost to learn these things then I think in the end I still got the better deal.

    Sorry no spellcheck…I’m tired.


  • I guess its a good thing men cant have babies cuz the Doc would have probably left the baby in this guy and made someone else deal with it! I mean honestly give us a break! Dude had a lot of numbing meds on board he was just acting a fool! Im 5’3 and had a 9lb 3oz baby and I only weighed 130lbs when I had her….3hrs labor 12 mins delivery and I had her au natural!! I have had several procedures on my back due to a car accident and I never have a driver so no sedation! My pain clinic Dr. actually wants me to do a seminar to prove to others you HAVE to have sedation! So buck up fella(s) LMAO!!

  • This guy was so annoying! I wanted to smack him! I kept saying just squeeeeeeeeeeeezze!!! It was so frustrating not see that big lump squeezed and all the nasty cheese that would shoot out of there. I bet the doctor was frustrated too. I would have given the guy some better drugs if it meant he would shut up and I could go to town on that sucker!

  • That looked really angry. I know that sometimes there can be so much infection that it dilutes the numbing medication but usually once the infection starts to drain out the medicine will kick in. Was he being overly dramatic? I don’t know but, I think that when offered more medicine, I would have opted for it. I’m just sayin!

  • Sorry to say that was little more than a dress rehearsal for the real lancing they’re going to have to do in 6mos-1yr from now. Hindsight is 20-20 of course, but I wonder whether there was too little lidocaine used, both in volume and area treated. Obviously the area directly over the lesion was numbed, but clearly not the area where at the perimeter of the wound and beyond, where all the very hard squeezing would have to be done. Of course doctors must be given the benefit of their education, training and experience, as well as being on the scene, but I have to wonder if doctors might not have reacted the very same way if their neck abscess had not been numbed at the edges. I tend to think so.

    Next, was the abandonment of squeezing for lavage. Seems to me I’ve read/heard physicians discussing misgivings about flushing an infected area without first fully having used blunt dissection and manual manipulation (just squeezing the heck out of it). The concerns are it could 1) spread the infectious material, and 2) not completely irrigate the lesion and leave infectious material in the wound. I think it could have happened here.

    Finally, the use of packing in a wound where infectious material remains is actually moire dangerous than using nothing.

    Anyway, there was still a load of infected m**ZIT** in the wound. The cyst will return, probably the abscess as well. Next time maybe a different doctor will fully numb the area so he can completely express the poison in the wound. Sorry, patient: it wasn’t anything you did.

  • okay…first, i agree with most posters….the guy was whiny. but, in his defense i will say the following. the doc did give what seemed an adequate amount of lido (if that is what it was) but he really didn’t give much time to let it ‘soak’ into the tissue. since his partner stated he was a baby to begin with then if he felt anything at all that just got magnified in his mind. i don’tt hink he felt everything but rather felt pressure that he interpreted as pain. i know that feeling very well as i used to be a baby about these things. i say used to because i now have a condition where i am always getting cut on and in the beginning i would anti**ZIT**te pain when there wasn’t any real feeling, just the fear of pain. i knew i had it licked when i had some internal bleeding behind my liver and the doc had to drain an outrageous amount via a 10 inch needle through the abdomen, through the liver and into the blood, all while telling me not to move. all i got then was something to relax me and a topical because there are little nerve endings once you get past the skin. did i feel pain? i thought i did inthe beginning until i started to take deep relaxing breaths and realized it was just pressure. but, yes, he was a baby and if i was his partner i would have told him to grow a set and deal with it. my ex was the same way. had an abscess on his finger and you would have thought they were amputating the **ZIT** thing instead of draining. wanted all sorts of sympathy. however, when i had one on my ankle following surgery that was the size of a soft ball….no lie…and oozing all sorts of technocolor goodness, he said it was just a big blister. kind of why he is an ex…..

  • I do agree with most of you. This fellow may have been a real wuss, BUT, everybody has a different pain threshold. First of all, the doc did not seem to know quite what he was doing. He didn’t freeze a large enough margin around the abscess and he certainly didn’t empty the wound adequately before packing it. The patient’s wife, partner, better half or whatever she was, didn’t help the situation any with her laughter and telling the doc that he is a big baby. This cyst was very large, very infected and in an extremely sensitive area. Once the doctor saw that the pain control was inadequate, it would have taken just a few extra minutes to stick a **ZIT**erfly in the patient’s arm and give him some Versed. At least the doc would then have been able to finish the job properly ( if he was capable of that) and the patient would have been a much happier camper. Many of us have our own pain horror stories to relate and none of us want anyone else to have to go through this. Even if this fellow’s procedure was miniscule in comparison to what others have had, it was still his procedure and a big deal to him. No two people are alike and we all cope differently. Cut this guy some slack – he may have been a baby but with a doctor who was a jerk and unsympathetic wife, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

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