Dr. J: MMA Mycetoma

*** WARNING ***
ENT Surgical Procedure!
~ Fungal Debris Removed from Sinus Cavities ~
Viewer Discretion Is Advised
*** WARNING ***

BigTull Presents: Dr. Janakiram’s “MMA Mycetoma”

If you, like myself, like immense and intense amounts of chunky, nasty, not-the-fungus-for-your-pizza fungus – well fellow Popologist… this is the Dr. J video for you!!! Yummy yummy nose of fungi! ENJOY!



RUNTIME: 13min 44sec

YT INFO: Published on Sep 11, 2012 by ENTENCYCLOPEDIA

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  • Wow, that was a lot of fungus growing in there! This could possibly be my new #1 favorite of Dr J videos! The procedure was offered to all of us from the beginning until the end! And we all know that’s a rarity around here! Thanks BT, for bringing us one of Dr J’s best ever, IMO! 🙂

    • This was super interesting!!! And educational too! I couldn’t believe all that stuff was taken out of there!!! Wow! Only wish he’d show all the material he got at the end 🙁

  • OMG!!!
    Thats the most interesting Dr J surgery I’ve seen (that I can remember of…).
    It wasnt edited too much (IMO),and it was good to finally see DIEGO at work once more 😉

    And that “fungal-chunky-noodle -like” material was awesome and the amount of it was incredible…on BOTH side!!!
    If one of you got the name of it…I’d love to know it.Dr J said what it was but I wasnt able to understand what he said…

    What a relieve it must have been for the patient!!! I have SO many question abt this video…thats how good it was.
    Dr J did a great job and Big Tull,big boi…thank you for this amazing post.
    5 stars and into the fave 🙂

  • My gracious, BigTull!! This is an amazing video. I love how patiently Dr. J explains his procedures. Although I sometimes miss the technical words he uses, I know it’s because I have no skills! I am constantly amazed at the variety of conditions highlighted by this wonderful Doctor.

  • Some of it reminded me of grandma’s ole apple chunky pickle relish. On the serious side, he kept repeating that “all fugal material had to be removed”. I kept seeing small amounts of it in hidden **ZIT**es. I mean I. Would imagine he did a full flushing before bringing in the degradable gauze. It just seemed that both sides had bits left behind…either way, it was a great video…thanks..

    • I have to go with Diego BT….(but IMO,Diego is better for soft tissu…so…Idk!)

      Hey BT,I have one for you ;
      Do you think that some of Dr J surgeries can be done by microdebrider alone?
      I think most of the times he have use both!Am I right?

      • Dr J seems to use Diego sparingly, plush. Dr. Micheal Hawke uses Diego with regularity.(Dr. Hawke hasn’t made a new vid in a long time.) But I notice that both of he good doctors try not to use Diego on bone if they can keep from it because it makes too many pieces for them to pick up with forceps. That said and to answer your first question, not really because as I stated previously Diego doesn’t play well with facial bones and makes a mess when it encounters bone. What Diego is best at is saving time with soft tissue.

  • I simply cannot imagine the amount of pain and discomfort this patient was experiencing when he/she first presented!!! The infection alone is mind boggling!! His/Her first clear breath of fresh air must have seemed like Heaveen!!!

    Thank **ZIT** for Dr. Jan!! The man knows his sinus cavities…that is for DANG sure!! No telling how many poor people this man has treated and cured from a lifetime of misery, over the years!!!

    Dr. Len

    • I always have the same thought about pain when we get these Dr. J videos. I think, how much pain are you in by the time one’s sinuses take on that amount of fungus, or any kind of infection. I am a **ZIT** and would have been in hospital long before there was a fully packed cavity on each side of my sinus.
      I have a question, perhaps you can answer. Also, this may seem quite ignorant. I know the cartilage won’t regrow, but on the vids where Dr. J also removes pieces of tissue to reach maxillary sinus. Does any of that tissue regrow?

      WhiteChocolateJesus aka Angela

  • Not sure why but this video reminded me of that man that had a pea plant growing in his lung. They thought it was cancer, did a biopsy and whoopsy…….it’s a pea that was aspirated into is lung and implanted in some of the tissue and yep…..grew.

      • I remember seeing something about that.
        There’s a recent one, of some kind of plant growing in guys cavity in his mouth.
        It’s on YT, there’s pictures of the tooth, pulled out with the tiny plant growing out of it

        The person in this video had to feel ten pounds lighter after getting all that **ZIT** out of his head.

        Something that always amazes me is, how did they do this kind of work, before they had camera’s small enough to look in there.

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