Mango(worms) are in Season!

***** WARNING!! *****
Animal Parasitic Infestation: Mangoworms!
Very Graphic, Not for Sensitive Individuals.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
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***** WARNING! *****

Another poor pup with a case of creepy crawlies. The owners went on vacation, and came home to their dog like this.

YT Commentary:

“Didn’t count, but looks like some hundreds of Mangoworms!”

(NOTE: For those who are curious, I am still in contact with this veterinary clinic, and we may still do a fundraiser of some sort as has been requested by members in the past. They do a lot of work with stray and village dogs, at their own expense. So keep your eyes open in the near future! Thanks for the find, spicycrispypuppy!)

RUNTIME: 2min 30sec

TITLE: “Zuri, Mangoworms”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 17, 2012 by VetClinicGambia

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  • My heart is just breaking. This poor little puppy dog. I love animals soooooo much that I just cant stand to see them in any kind of pain. I sure hope she makes a full recovery and they give her some Trifectis (spelling?) or ast least the drops that go on the back so she wont get them again. I agree with zittylover completely, If you choose to own a pet, you should treat it like you would your child and give it all the medical care it requires. If you can afford to do that, then you cant afford to have a pet,. Just saying.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, matter of fact, if I could from a financial perspective, I would dedicate all my time and money to helping animals that are in a situation with an owner that can’t or won’t treat them well.

      In this case, from what I can understand, the owners have given the dog meds before or an injection, from what I can gather. Most people don’t take 3 weeks off on vacation, my concern is that the animal was left at home in the back yard and someone came over to give her food/water. That is unacceptable to me. For a weekend, yeah, but never a week or longer. Just my opinion though. I do hope she recovers, but moreso I pray that the mango worm never makes its way into the USA.

  • I think the owners are doing all that they can. The dog was fine when they left on vacation and they sought medical care for her as soon as they came home and found her infested. Unfortunately, it looks like 3 wks is long enough for the worms to get a good hold in a dog that size. The poor thing, she is covered in them! I have to ask, if anyone knows, does it hurt the dog, or itch? I honestly have no idea as I’ve not really watched many of the worm videos before. Does the dog try to get them out on her own? I hope she recovers fully and soon! Thanks spicypuppy, good find!

  • I am thrilled to have my second vid up.
    I can’t say for certain, but I believe the nasty worms hurt- probably sting like any open sore. The pinching to get them out usually elicits a whine or yelp, so I believe they hurt.
    FTR, I hate parasites. Irrationally. I read about people injesting intestinal worms as a diet plan. I would be catatonic. I feel for Lucky’s owners, because you expect your dog to be in the same condition when you return as when you left.

    • Flagging this video as I did with the others. This is clearly animal cruelty through neglect and laziness. The worms are preventable and not like they cant afford it, because if you can afford an ipad, you can afford medicine for your animal to easily prevent something like this.

  • This vet seems to have to deal with a lot of manga worm infestations…..not like a bot fly where a pet may have 4 or 5…there could be well over 200 manga worms on a dog. if you have a pet in that part of the world you need to be responsible for injections to keep them away.

    At least the Manga worm dosen’t hold on with tiny spines.

  • That poor animal… many of the worms, you hardly know where to start and she was just standing there so patient, not barking or nipping or anything. She had to be miserable. I know the owners were away for several weeks, but wasn’t someone watching her? It wasn’t just the worm infestation, she looked really thin as well. You could see her ribs and hipbones. IDK, I’m kinda inclined to think there was a little neglect as well. I realize these worms are common there, but still…

  • So how does it feel to be a seasoned professional, spicycrispypuppy? A very patient woof. I think she kept saying, “stop complaining and get on with it…I got places to go and things to dig in…” Here’s hoping she makes a speedy recovery.

  • Holy cow! That poor pooch! Breakin my heart! I sure hope she heals quickly and without problems! I wonder, are wild animals at risk for this?
    Thanks for sharing SCP, great work!

  • I wonder who they left their dog in the care of? How can anyone not notice such an infestation? Poor dog looked like the worms may be getting more nutrition than their host, the dog.
    I can only hope that in a normal situation they would not have let it go that long. Having to give them the benefit of the doubt, I hope they will keep a close eye on the poor thing and make sure no secondary infections set into those open wounds.

  • Poor doggie! Those **ZIT** things-a fundraiser is a fantastic idea! Is there an address that donations can be sent to directly? **ZIT** bless these angels and the animals they help (:

  • For those who are shocked about the neglect of animals, this is Gambia. An extremely poor country. Per capita spending on human health care is $41 a year. Taking an animal to a vet may cost a family the equivalent of their food budget for a week even with low vet costs. I’ve worked in Third World countries where families take turns eating each day. I have also seen what happens to dogs. Spaying and neutering is rare. I had some friends who ran a free clinic to spay and neuter dogs in Guatemala. How did most towns handle strays? They would periodically round them up and kill them. There is such a great need if animal lovers in this country would help. Look it up. Lots of organizations around the world. For the price of a can of dog food a week you can do amazing things. Hope the mods don’t pull this for making a plug.

    On a happier???? side. Can you imagine a video by Dr. Y removing mango worms from a dog like this?

  • @Halph-Staph agreed to fix my error- I posted this when I found it, not realizing it had 4 parts. So I did ANOTHER post with all 4- the whole story- and though I binned this one. But she said yesterday that she will replace this with the better one.
    I TOLD you guys I was going to bung this up somehow!

    • yes! appalling. and if they could afford plane tickets from gambia to germany, they could have afforded to have their dog boarded! the only one willing to remove the worms was the one operating the camera. everyone else refused to do a darned thing: “will you help remove the worms?” no. “will you film for me while i do it?” no. let’s all sit on our hands then, and talk about what sad shape the dog is in. come on people. it is YOUR DOG! are you going to let it suffer, or just euthanize…or shoot it…and get another dog? aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!

  • I felt sick to my stomach seeing this poor dog like this, The person who was left in charge of taking care of that dog needs to be charged with animal neglect. There is NO FRIGGIN way that that could have gone un-noticed. I too would sell my last pint of blood to take care of my dog no matter what. Frankly I would burn my Mercedes in the police dept. parking lot to save him if anything happened. Animals depend on US. Apparently this is from points unknown but my god, what did that dog do to deserve being treated like that while the owners were on a nice German holiday… Should have spent more time finding a CREDIBLE boarder…. This sickens me…

  • Oh the poor baby. I **ZIT**ume they left their dog with friends and the dog must have spent a lot of time (if not it’s full time) out in the yard. It’s been several months since the video was posted here. I hope by now she is mango worm free.
    When ever I go on a trip I put my babies in a great kennel. She treats the babies like they are on vacation too. LOL

  • I am good with a fundraiser. There are all kinds of stuff we throw away at the hospital where I work. Instruments and stuff that I am sure this clinic could use. In fact I usually take the stuff to my vet but this clinic could use them more. I am sure my vet could afford to buy her own stuff. sincerely peggy

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