Deflate This – The Sequel!

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Surgery of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

I cannot believe they made a part 2 to the ‘Deflate This’ video!! I’m SO EXCITED!! πŸ˜€ If everyone saw the first video, you’ll know that the people in it were definitely partying like rock stars!! Hahaha! πŸ˜€ However, in this sequel, they appear to be quite sober, but still having a good time ‘deflating this’ huge recurring ear abscess/boil/infected cyst! πŸ˜‰ I know everyone appreciates the people that record & share these wonderful pus-filled videos, so please remember to comment with respect! πŸ™‚ HAPPY POPPING!!! πŸ˜€

YT Commentary:

“I had this preauricular lesion beneath my left ear. It grew some sort of partner behind it, a kind of m**ZIT**ive pimple without a head. The first time it happened I went straight to my GP and he said “no way I’m touching that! there’ll be blood and puss everywhere”. It was rather concerning because this was a Friday afternoon, it was very uncomfortable and I couldn’t sleep on it. So, mainly because I wasn’t interested in waiting for hours in an emergency department somewhere, or to wait until a weekday to see another GP. I decided to take control of the situation.

When I finally spoke to the surgeon, he said I did the right thing by draining the fluid out. Being an infection, it needs to be dealt with. One time it happened when I was traveling in India, which was a bit of concern, but turned out fine.

This is the third time it happened. So maybe it should be called Deflate This 3. But whatever.

Checking the previous comments on “Deflate This”, a lot of people seemed concerned about getting some sort of staff infection or some bull**ZIT** but we were sure to use sterile equipment.

There was no post infection. On all three occasions.

The preauricular lesion was finally removed a few weeks ago.. For those who’re interested the medical report read: “A piece of pale tan tissue 26x15x10mm with a patchy attached adipose tissue. The outer surface is marked blue. The cut surface shows a cystic structure containing pale cheesy material.

Biopsy results – Sections show a cyst which is filled with keratin and lined b stratified squamous epithelium, including a granular cell layer. The surrounding dermal fibrous tissue contains a light chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate. There is no evidence of malignancy.”

So what you’re seeing here is some sort of infection forming behind this cyst.

During the same operation they also removed..

“left sub**ZIT**l cyst – Biopsy result – The sections show mucous salivary gland with a well cir**ZIT**scribed, lobulated tumour comprising a population of epithelial cells forming an open glands and tubular formations, set in a collagenous and focally myxoid stroma. Focal squamous metaplasia is seen. There is no necrosis. The lesion appears completely excised. The is no evidence of malignancy.” – “clear of margins.”

The tumour is not visible in this video.”

RUNTIME: 16min 02sec

TITLE: “Deflate This 2”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 11, 2012 by nosTubible
Deflate This 2

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  • I always cringe when I see someone being incised by a utility knife or an X-acto knife blade. As my mother used to say, “You don’t know where it’s been!

  • OH YEAH! Painful isn’t the point! How could they be so blind–not to see the great “body” of the cyst was well below and in FRONT of the ear????? She spent all that time “messing” with that bit in the back of the earlobe, and you could see that blob under the skin flexing and moving around–I was just about peeing myself with instructions shouted at the screen, punctuated with deleted expletives of course! My husband came in to see what the eff was going on!
    Hard to CWR when the popper(s) are more interested in partying than taking care of business.
    I kept thinking I’d just turn it off, if they didn’t quit messing about, but, since there wasn’t much else to save my daily download allowance for, I stayed, hoping they’d hit the Mother Lode….but, no. Sure not going in my faves!

    • Jeez, whatta jaded soul I’ve become, since hanging out with the “big boys” of zit-popping!
      Thanks again Buford, for another interest post! (Pus next time!)

    • Good thing he finally went to see a doc. Having someone that close to the carotid artery poking about with a utility knife rather brazenly is pretty **ZIT** scary. The whole popping enterprise was something of a keystone cop affair. He’s darn lucky she did a good job of washing her hands and fingernails… he could’ve had a real mess on his hands. It’s cool that he posted the pathology. I wish more people did… It’d be cool to see what ended up being inside some of these suckers.

      • I hope you all had an opportunity to see the first video of this?! The comments might be a little different…….

  • That was just disturbing on so many levels. Dude, go to a doctor, enough is enough! That thing is going to take over the left side of your face. Enough with the goof **ZIT** poking safety pins in it without a hint of gloves. No telling how much bacteria she was getting into that pin hole. Take a friend to film a medical professional while he or she drains that thing properly. I think we’d all be happy to see you do the right thing.

  • Thanks for the post, Buford. I know these folks didn’t take an oath to not do any hard, but I don’t understand how they helped him, either, since his face still looked mighty inflamed.The notes above explained how he went to the doctor eventually, which is a blessed relief!

  • Let me see;
    Person with a abcess? Check!
    Sharp knife? Check!
    Towel? Check!
    Paper towels? Check!
    Rubber gloves? Che…… No, we don’t need the gloves. It’s just blood and puss. No worries!

    Will they ever learn?

  • As a licensed nurse, I can tell you that sterile equipment is not sterile when you don’t use sterile gloves or sterile technique. The moment they touched a sterile object with bare fingers automatically makes it a compromised tool.

  • I found this video painful to watch but I am truly glad that it was posted! The first video was full of pus & blood, lots of it!! It was pretty disgusting to say the least! This video, or should I say the written lead in, told us the entire story. That rarely happeneds, if ever. I’m glad to find out he went to the doctor and got it all taken care of. They gave us some pretty complete and thorough information. The one thing that disturbs me is the first doctor saying he wouldn’t touch it! That’s what drives people to do this sort of thing DIY style!! Great post Buford-P! Thanks for sharing!!

    • I agree, 3cysters. I’m very glad to hear that he’s had everything surgically removed and even better, that it’s all benign. But I truly hope this gentleman has found another GP who won’t leave him in pain and discomfort and refuse to treat him simply because the doc doesn’t like a “mess”. Even if his GP didn’t think that draining was the correct treatment, he could have offered the treatment he thought was best. But from the poppee’s post, it sounds like the doctor just dismissed him outright. No good.

      • I totally agree Dr Spencer & 3cc’s. It was irresponsible & unprofessional of the poppee’s GP to refuse to treat him on the basis of ‘causing a mess’. Unfortunately there are many large medical clinics in Australian cities where patients don’t have to pay cash for the visit but the ‘get them in & out’ as quick as possible is not an uncommon problem. Quicker turnover leads to higher cash returns to the clinic from the government. Not all clinics are like this of cause but the days of the traditional family doctor who has known you since childhood are a quickly dying breed. Also there is usually a long wait to be seen at Emergency Departments & young men of this age are not know for their patience. Thank goodness the poppee had the sense to not allow his friends to touch that pre-auricular growth & eventually had everything taken care of by surgical intervention. It was great to see his pathology results & gain more insight into why these BTE’s where re-occurring. But that original GP should be ashamed of himself, there was no excuse for his lack of care-the results of this DIY could of been disastrous. Thanks for the ‘Deflate This’ posts Dripper & Buford-P but I truly hope we see a mess like this one again!

  • Boooooo HSSssssss
    It looks they were trying to milk all the blood in his head out of the tiny dot on his ear. This is another example of group gone bad…I think I prefer the quieter ones where there is only a few people and whoever takes on the **ZIT**p cranks in there and does the deed. One squeezer, one with sharp thing, and a lot of comments. Booooo

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