Ear Cyster Squisher

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*** 🙂 ATTENTION!!!! 🙂 ***

Ear Cyster.
Pus Popper.
No Gloves?
Pus Shove!…

A little free forming verse for a Friday evening video viewing. Weekend now begins, ENJOY!

YT Commentary:

“Six months old.”

RUNTIME: 7min 58sec

TITLE: “Ear Zit”
YT INFO: Published on Sep 23, 2012 by Dockerclan

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  • Man…That hurt to watch – can’t believe that spear they used left that **ZIT**y little hole! You know who would have mastered that ear?

    Doctor “Y” that’s who…

    • Ditto for me, Un-A-Cysted. That had to hurt.

      I wanted to stab the screen with a needle or razor blade to make the hole bigger. It had so much potential!!!

      Nice find popintime!!!

      • Yes it was a punishment to all PTZ fans to watch this Perfect Seb Cyst Going to TOTAL FRIGGING WASTE!!!There was SOOOOO MUCH Potential for that Baby.PTZ Should go front of a Judge or Justice Of Peace and get a Restraining Order from any Future Cyst Against This Guy!!!What a Shame!!!RIP you Lovely,Abuse,Mistreated Formally Juicy and Handsome Ear Cyst! RIP!

    • Absolutely!!!! When a pimple is squeezed where the roof is totally white, I think a pus panacea is eminent! A little bigger whole and they would have been combing pus chunks out of her hair. Then again, I am an inpatient person 🙁

      • Failure to lance at the punctum site. Failure to create an incision large enough to accommodate proper excision and drainage.

        Just a flat-out failure.

  • I think the tool he used to make the hole was better suited to knitting or roasting hot dogs, he needed something sharper to make a good hole through the cyst wall, then he could have used something larger and less sharp to insert in the sack and loosen contents from sack walls.

    • We have Shish-kebab skewers that look just like that! And, I KNOW they’re not very sharp–sometimes they’ll hardly go through the pieces of meat!
      You could tell he could feel the loculations in there, he just had no idea how to get them out. Too bad he’s never been to PTZ “school” !
      All in all, I guess he did a good job, but it’ll be back, that’s for sure!

      • Totally agree!

        And a “Pop That Zit” School… hmmm… internet learning… cl**ZIT**es taiught by real Popologists and maybe even (*gasp*!) adoc or two?

        Ooo! ooo! It’s an “IBB”!!! An “I’ll Be Back!” or do we just call it an “Ahh-nold”

        And it is a kabob skewer… at first I thought hatpin, dur. maybe someone said it already, but just in case.

        Loved it. Love ear zits, blackheads, pimples, abscesses, in on, behind, in front… ahhhhh. a liitle joy.

        Thanks poppins’!

        ~ H.S

      • I was thinking the same thing, shish kebab skewers or tools To get the turkey ready for the oven! I was kind of hoping that it would let loose at the very end and squirt him in the eye or something for all The turmoil and torture he put that poor cyst through! The one good thing is, he irritated it just enough for it to come back with a vengeance!! Lol Great post, thank you so much for sharing this one!!

  • I have seen some strange objects used as scalpels on these videos, but in this case they used a pin from a turkey trussing kit. You get 6 or 8 of these things in a set with some string and use the whole thing to prevent the dressing from falling out of the turkey while it is roasting. They certainly don’t appear to be sharp enough to puncture human skin – they are hard enough to push through turkey skin. In any event, they did manage to clean most of that ear lobe out, but no sac in sight, so we shall probably see the second installment. And now they are one pin short for trussing their bird next month.

  • Nice find poppintime!

    Was that a kabob skewer he used to open up the cyst?
    I agree with several comments about how that should have been lanced and drained.
    That poor lady’s ear I’m sure was bruised for days.

    Never did hear from a 3rd person, so I wonder how the video was filmed. I wonder if he had it on like a miner’s flashlight. LOL LOL

    • I agree about the kabob skewer, that’s exactly what it looked like to me. He needed a needle. And I agree about the miner’s light, or an old-fashioned doctor’s light on a headband!

  • That cyst had a lot of unrealized potential. It’s hard to believe that big a diameter needle couldn’t make a hole big enough to get the cheese through. The squeezing was at best,tentative. I like ’em best when the squeezing is hard enough to launch the cheese across the room. I was hoping for a couple of good explosions. A nice find, Poppintime!! I’m sure you have critiqued it extensively already.

  • That looked like a carpet or yarn needle – but I gotta say, these folks had the best behavior! No screeching, retching, hollers of “OH MY GAAWWWDD I’M GOING TO PUKE!” or tweaking because some bodily fluid got on them. For professional decorum, I think they deserve a 5 star rating…

  • I kept yelling “ya need a bigger hole!” That poor girl had to endure all that and now she’ll have to go through it all again cuz that was not done by any stretch of the imagination!! It will fill up a little bit and get hard as a rock again! I just hope they tape it again…..maybe ask for some advice before trying again, I hope! Thanks Poppintime! Another great find from my favorite Cyster! xoxo

  • I think he should have at least upgraded to a pitch fork for a hole poking device. Hell, my wife would have slapped me nekid for using a kabob skewer on her ear. I skrunched my toes up so tight my combat boots probably won’t come off now. Regardless, it’s a great find poppintime. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the hard work.

  • I agree that this cyst had great unrealized potential. I do believe part of the problem was that he did not center on the cyst to make the puncture. Looks like he went a little high. That instrument should have made quite a hole but instead almost missed the mark.

    Anyhoo, I hate to monday-morning-quarterback and do thank them for trying. Anyone willing to bite down on a napkin to keep from screaming in pain just so I can watch is OK in my book.

  • It was deff Aussies and they were watching big brother the night that George the millionaire was evicted. Tradgically one of our house mates decided to leave the show after his parents informed him of his older brothers death due to a possible heart attack.

    Any way that was one of the best sounding vids. It sure did look like a skewer to me. Could have used something sharper. Looks like a part 2 when it regrows

  • Mmm. A nice late Sunday afternoon in the English countryside. Man notices a lump on the woman’s earlobe, not previously detected. With gentle hands he softly manipulates the lobe before shoving a kabob skewer into the sucker. Whew. I’m letting my imagination get the best of me. The vid did have it’s moments though. Muchos Gratis poppintime.
    Caio— Prunesquallor

  • i often wonder why people don’t just press a pencil eraser against the opposite side of the ear and press for extra leverage while they squeeze. just sort of wrap the earlobe around the pencil eraser with one hand, while applying pressure, and squeeze with the other. i think this may work, but sadly have no ears to experiment with 🙁

  • The patient was just sitting there taking it while watching TV. I would have been watching the pop in a mirror or doing it myself. The popper clearly tortured the poppee unneedling. I bet she had a bruise too. Make the hole bigger!

  • Just watched this video for the first time today.
    **this is my jaw hitting the floor**
    He used a turkey stuffing needle? Is it Thanksgiving?
    Seemed like it took forever for the needle to push through.
    aaawww the agony

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