Removing Pimples Under High Magnification “Finding The Weasel”

Here is my fourth video using my USB microscope and new wire type comedone extractor on my nose and face.  This type seems to work much better than the dish type.  The music I used is called Scheming Weasel.  It’s another royalty free piece that I looped through the video.  I hope everyone enjoys.  Peace!!

RUNTIME: 5min 57sec

TITLE: “Removing Pimples Under High Magnification “Finding The Weasel” IMPROVED”
YT INFO: Published on Oct 19, 2012 by RussHamString

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  • Russ that new extractor works great!!!!

    Each video gets better and better!!

    Thanks for the time and effort it takes to make and upload a video.

    Keep em coming!!!

    • Thank you and I agree. The new extractor works great. It does even better than the video shows. I lost the best stuff due to a corrupt file. I expect part 5 to be much better than this. Peace!!

      • Hi, Russ,
        These videos are simply marvelous, and they keep getting better! I’m wondering if you’ve tried steaming your face to really open up those pores before going to work on them. You might be amazed at what comes out!

        Thanks for submitting these gorgeous vids!


    • That was a super long one @ 2:00! And I agree it works amazing! Do you use the magnifier to help guide where you should extract then or do you go by naked eye usually? I bet having the magnifier makes it so much easier and gives you much more re**ZIT**urance that things are clean if you use both at once regularly ! Going into my favs again… This is by far my favorite video of your series so far and I have 4 yet to view I believe!!

    • Thank you. I find that I’m having a hard time finding suitable music for the videos. It took my a few hours to find it. I’ll keep looking for better. Thank you for watching.

    • Greetings!! To tell you the truth my complexion is just fine. You would be surprised. When you look at things under that much magnification things look quit different. I hardly ever get blackheads that I can actually see unless I magnify it.

      From the comments I have seen on different sites, people think I’m a 3rd world dirty ball of grease burn victim with a horrible complexion. Hahaha. That was just everything I remember all in one. I will do a commentary with my image at the beginning of my next video showing how I do it and the tools I use. Now I know you all know the tools here but there are many people whom don’t. Oh **ZIT**!! Sorry. Back to the answer…. I don’t find that this procedure does anything but amuse many people and myself. When my face calms down after a session (about a week). I can do it again just the same. Like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’. Sorry to ramble on. Peace.

    • Wow. When I do it I tone the time down a bit by removing ones that I think aren’t as interesting. I can make them fifteen minutes or more.but I thought it might be too much. What does everyone think? Longer or what? If I make them longer, I would have to find at least 3 sound tracks. One would be too much. I would do it though. What ever the people want. Well… Not what ever…. Thank you for the kind words.

      • If they’re anything like this one, the longer the better!
        These are great videos Russ! I really enjoy them! The music on this one was perfect!!

  • Entertaining video. Thanks.

    However, I was just wondering…. You seemed to be pressing down pretty hard on the tool. How long did it take for the indentations and redness to disappear from your nose and face?

    • Thank you!!

      Yes I press hard but on my face it makes it red with a rough texture. After about a week it is back to normal ready for another filming.

      Thank you again!

  • WOW!!!
    You have outdone yourself this time. Like someone said before as I saw that time was running out I was **ZIT**med out.
    Keep these videos coming.
    I am wondering if it would be possible to see a real size image of the removal site before and after.
    Again, WOW!!!!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words.

      I have no problem making them longer. Hell… I’ll do it. If it’s too long for someone they can just stop watching.

      As to your question: A real sized image would just show my regular **ZIT**y face which doesn’t show anything but I can try it. I’ll mess around with the idean and see how it works.

      Thank you for the kind words.

  • The BEST of all the magnification videos!!! The loop works monumentally better than the other tool! I found myself rooting the tool on – “get that one, yep, that bad boy is coming out” – etc… It was like a Biore Strip in live action 🙂 Thanks for the posts!!

  • Yep–this is the best one so far. I still worry about you hurting yourself to make these videos for us, but I can’t see any sign of permanent scarring, and as long as you enjoy doing it, I say, Go ahead on!
    Surely a most interesting point of view, which I expect takes some real coordination! Thanks ever so, for your efforts on our behalf.
    Can’t help wondering why this, being a new posting, wasn’t the first one featured on Home page. Or aren’t things done that way anymore? I for one sure do miss the little bit of organization it afforded

    • @ Miss Sunbeam Thank you and my skin is just find (for now at least).

      My obsession is not with seeing them come out. Don’t get me wrong. That part is great for me. My problem is that I want these impurities out of my body.

      It’s a little hard to do but worth the effort.

      Thank you again!

  • Thanks Russ for yet another totally fascinating & unique video. As others have mentioned, I hope your skin is ok & not being damaged just for our enjoyment. So if all is well-keep them up, I’m loving every new post from you. Thank you for brightening my days with your unique & engrossing view on black/white heads. You sure know the way to a popologists heart! Cheers!

    • In my excitement, I forgot to agree with Noralynn & everyone that this new extractor definitely appears to works better with your skin type. Love Twinz idea of a ‘before’ & ‘after’ shot & please never go near a Biore strip-you would break our hearts! And thank you for the great soundtracks. Like the posts, the music gets better every time. Cheers again!

    • @Kerryn Thank YOU for watching. My skin is fine. As of now I see no permanent scarring or anything out of the ordinary. Thank you for caring.I’ll keep then coming as long as my skin does what it does or if I find someone better than me. Pimple wise I mean. I really try to find music that is somewhat out of the ordinary but works. It seems to be working for me. Thanks again!

  • Russ Hamstring, thanks for another amazing production!! When you run out of personal sources…you should sign on to film other people’s extractions – you’re that good!

  • THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! By George, I do believe you’ve got it!!!! New tool, cool music, perfect magnification, and while I’m sorry you have to contend with skin issues, like big juicy blackheads, you are very generous to not only go to extreme lengths, but to share the popping with us. You may just be my new hero, Swoon…. Thanks, it was great and I’m gonna go now so I can watch it 4 or 5 more times….

  • Wow! That new tool is much better – lets us see more of the action. Was thinking that if you ever run low on “subjects” to video, a few nights of using mayonaise as a facial cream would keep you supplied.. An intriguing post, Russ.

    • @flmomma Well surprise! I am working on that for you. It’s a pimple dissection video I’m making. I have done one so far with good results (got about 4 curly hairs out of it). Maybe I’ll add them to the end of my next video. Thank you for watching.

  • Each video gets better and better. Also, I did love your choice of music. It seemed to fit this video just perfect. Keep em coming. Thanks for posting. You are doing a great job.

    • I have tried that a couple of times. It’s hard to old the tweezers and the microscope all the whilst trying to keep it steady and in focus. It would be cool as **ZIT** to see some juice or zit come out of that pore while the hair pulls out. I’ll keep trying on that one. Thank you for watching and thank yo for the kind words.

  • Russ, I dunno what it is about your videos, but oh my goodness I adore them! Is it difficult to keep everything (Micrscope, camera etc) steady? These videos are fantastic!

  • Tonight I logged on to watch the new videos, then had to watch this latest video from Russ again as well as the 3rd blackhead video of Dr. Yadav. As I watched, I had the following thought. I would LOVE to see Russ Hamstring using his awesome skills on one of Dr Y’s solar comedone patients. Could anything ever be better than the video that would make? I think not, as that would be the crowning glory of zit popping for all time.

  • I just had to comment on this latest highly magnified blackhead extraction video from Russ Hamstring. Like so many others before me, I watched it, and re-watched it. Highly entertaining to say the least. Russ, you are getting to be quite the magician with your specialized equipment. Again, as others have said before me, You and Dr. Y have a good thing going for yourselves.The good Dr. seems to have an abundance of patients with the largest in size and number. Russ, on the other hand, uses magnification to trick us into thinking these white and blackheads are great in size and number. Either way, we come away winners. Well, not much original to say about this video. As I said before, most has been written before me. Just thought I would add my confirmation. For what it’s worth. Pop on people.

  • I could watch this all day. Would you consider showing us what your skin looks like w/out magnification? Also, if you steamed your skin or applied compresses after cleaning it , would it make it easier for the se**ZIT** to come out? Great videos and the music is cute.

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