The Return of The Two Angle Leg Volcano!

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains A Graphic and Self-Performed Abscess I&D
…DIY Procedures Are Not Recommended By This Site…
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

It’s Back!!!! The Biggest, Most Explosive, DIY Leg Abscess Drain Ever!

Oh yes, it is BACK! Since I stumbled over a pleasant surprise today that I actually had a back-up of the 2nd Angle, which has been lost to the nefarious “Bottomless Tubed Pit O’ Doom” for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the search party is still out looking diligently for the second pop set… yes, for those of you who are new, there is… somewhere, out there in the ether, another round of volcanic caramel colored pudding like pus exiting this leg abscess as if the leg was truly hollow. Maybe this is what our parents warned us about as children, meaning “Do you *know* what will happen to you if you try and eat all your Halloween candy in one night?!? Do You?!?”… I think I need to call my Mommy…

Original Finder’s Mul**ZIT**udinous Cheers goes to … well, we aren’t sure, because somehow – it *really* went POOF-Dah! But we do know it was **ZIT**led “Multi Angle Abscess Cyst Pop”

Yay! Enjoy – and props – TO ALL PTZ POSTERS!

RUNTIME: 13min 01sec

TITLE: “Volcanic Cyst Angle 1”
YT INFO: Uploaded by phillips91682 on May 29, 2011

RUNTIME: 8min 38sec (Split into two pieces – 4:01 and 4:37)



TITLE: “Volcanic Cyst Angle 2” (For uploading, forced to split into two parts)
YT INFO: Uploaded by phillips91682, Removed by YouTube

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  • Yuck! I cannot figure out people who tackle such huge infections on their own. While this may be all very entertaining for many of us, we are talking about a serious infection here. The amount of pus that came out indicates that there is a huge pocket inside that more than likely needs to be packed. This wound possibly even needs IV antibiotics, judging from the shade of the pus. If it is the video they are after, in this day and age, most docs will allow the I & D to be filmed (although, there is even the off chance that this patient may have been taken to the OR for this procedure), a person’s health and safety come before a video.

    • Good comment pusareus ,as always!

      Well he had to go to the hospital after this DIY…cuz all he did was relieving the pressure but the infection was still there,right?
      We got this vid a long time ago…so maybe the gentlemen will read this and tell us how is he doing!!!

      It was really entertaining tho…

    • I agree. What I don’t understand is what would make this cyst form right there on the top of his leg? Guess one can form anywhere, just saying it isn’t a very common hot spot for these things…And the amount of stuff that keeps coming, the combination of cheesy, chunky stuff and then wet, thick and green stuff, just weird weird weird..Almost like it is 3 infections in one area that have morphed together…

  • Hahaha…So good!
    The “pus” material was sooo nasty…lol

    But what happened HS? They removed the original post?
    That was a real PTZers pleaser!!!
    Tnx for the good post Halphie πŸ˜‰

  • I’malways grateful for the people who have the foresight to have a ready camera or cell phone when an abcess, zit,carbuncle, blackhead or piple needs popping. I’m also grateful to the folks who spend the time and energy to post thee videos for us to enjoy. I have only two quetions for the parti**ZIT**nts in this piece of cl**ZIT**ic film:

    1. What did you thing was going to happen when the “incisor” and the “sqeezer” began their work, that nothing was going to issue forth from the incision?

    2. How many times can one say, “Oh, my **ZIT**” on a thirteen minute film clip? Okay, okay..a third question:

    3. How many tissues do you need to accomplish the draining of the abcess?

  • DEAR LORD!!!! Between the shakey camera work and the excessive wiping…..I need a Valium and a double shot of Crown!!! These videos left me wanting to shake both the squeezer and the camera man and say “what the **ZIT** is goin on here”!!!! Good amount of pus though….hope they see a doc real soon coz this is gonna be real bad….staph is on the way to this poor man!!!

  • Just got done watching this with 3 of the kids, comments from them were
    ” Mom, click full screen…it’s better that way”~12 yo
    “At least one of them wore gloves”~7 yo
    “I think he needs a bigger hole, it’s all plugged up, can I cut him open?”~7yo
    “Ewwww…gross, I love this sh*t”~9yo…

    Yes, my children are little poppers in the making..

  • OH, Haphie!! I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me! This is one of my all-time favorites, and I grieved like I lost a friend when it disappeared down the YouTube drain. So happy it’s back- and straight back to the faves it goes! You can’t see me, but I’m doing a very low curtsy in your direction…so so glad you accidentally **ZIT**d goodies like this in the back of your hard drive.

  • I began speaking in tongues before this was half through The Holy Ghost of Pus moved right through me.

    Anyway THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK, HS and what could only be a gift from the Baby Jesus.

    4 Things I Thought Watching This:
    1. THAT GUY ROCKS BALLS (If we can still say **ZIT**, they not being as offensive as **ZIT**s) He really takes care of business, no ninny girlfriend trying unsucessfully to drain the beast.
    2. The towel was the same color as most surgical drapes. Awesome.
    3. Forget the new laptop. THAT is was I want for Xmess. Right were he had his, so as I can do it myself.
    4. THAT is officially “Zit Porn.”

    I love **ZIT** holes.

  • Do these people really not know that cutting a hole in an old towel or circling it with paper towels is NOT EQUAL TO prepping and draping in normal sterile fashion?
    I’ve always been curious how exactly this gent managed to acquire such an infection in just that area. Was it an accidental sporking?

    • Yuck, it looked like that zit took a dump lol. Never saw a zit with a **ZIT** in it. If I was the medic and/or it was my house, I would toss the loud-mouth girl out on her **ZIT**. Again, I do not understand the philosophy of getting either a paper or cloth rag and tearing a hole in it to frame the zit. What purpose does that serve? LOL spicycrispy – I am an old man and you made me launch urban dictionary to see what β€œsporking” is LOL

  • There was an epic load of pus coming from this guy’s thigh. And the double angle film gave us two unique perspectives. I was concerned, however, at the number of ‘F’ bombs being thrown around by the popper and one or two of the spectators. There were also a number of young children to be heard in the back ground. As one youngster was telling someone that he/she caught a ladybug, the popper let go with a couple of said “F” bombs. Common people. If you can’t be civil around children, there is not much hope your child will be civil to others and even you. Take care what you say and do. Little pictures have big ears. A saying my mother used when my father’s language got a bit too colourful. That now off my chest, thanks HS for bringing the good oldies back once in a while. After all, we still listen to Beethoven and Mozart, to name but a few cl**ZIT**ics. Pop on people.
    Caio prunesquallor

    • prunesquallor

      I would consider someone with your particular predilection for pus **ZIT** to be a “common person.”
      Asshat would be more appropriate; however, I don’t want you labeling me “common.”

      Who hates hypocrites

    • As I was perusing the comments, I saw that I too had made a comment, and it had six negative replies to boot. Upon further investigation and reading, I see an error on my part. I see I wrote ‘common people’ as a sentence. What I meant to say was ‘come on people’, in reference to the f-bombers. I apologize for any offence to WCJ. I never meant too imply you or these folk where ‘common people’. Anything but. I don’t know of too many common people posting zit vids. I still stand by what I said in the rest of my reply. I have no problem with a ‘cuss word’ or two. That was half my Fathers vocabulary. He never used the f-bomb though. I saw an example in a grocery store one time. A Mother was trying to move her children down the candy and chip isle, and this 4 or 5 year old boy told his Mother to f-off. Come to your own conclusions. Language is learned. And home is the primary place children learn before school. O.K., enough said on this topic. And, I hope this clears up a few things. Pop on people

  • I just wanted to scream “STOP WIPING AND JUST SQUEEZE THE DAMN THING!!!!” Have these people never heard of Bounty paper towels??? They must have used $20 -30 worth of 4×4’s, and for what?? Just turn the leg a little sideways and squeeze for all your worth. Let the pus drain onto the floor or on some newspapers.
    A bigger hole was needed and someone needs to grow a pair and get the sac out instead of trying to wipe it away.

    • You are SO SO right!!! He started to do that with the squeeze that went sideways and flowing down his leg πŸ™‚ I would like to see if he could make it squirt in the air again – that was cool!

  • I liked this one the first time it was posted some time ago and liked the extra part too. But from the first I’ve wondered why they didn’t incise the middle of the cyst instead off to the side at the bottom of the swelling. Maybe the middle was a bit tender? Thanks for the search and posting Halph. As always, you’re the bomb!!

  • All the peeps out there who **ZIT** and moan about doc viits for these infections, need to remember not everyone has insurance.

    Whose Cobra runs out in 6 weeks

  • Hesitator/Hyperwiper
    I think I understand why people regularly. I hung in there with this vid way longer than I thought I would. I knew the right play and I was waiting for it. Did anyone else call “hemostats!” or “at least get a tweezer, that’s not going to work!”
    I did. V.Nice quality **ZIT**p. I would have done it differently, but I guess I’m more of an expert on approach than the gang.

  • That was great! I preferred the second video as the video quality seemed to be a little better but, I wish it would have run long enough to catch the chunk that came out towards the end in the 1st vid.

    I wanted to get in there myself an squeeze for him!

  • That.Was.Awesome! Just what I needed after a long night at work. It does start off a bit slow, but the payload is well worth it- I have a soft spot for squirters, and there was some impressive distance on that squirt! The camera work on the second angle left a bit to be desired, but overall it was a good entry.

  • I think I have commented before on this video. What I don’t understand is why this group of people wouldn’t regroup and get gloves, more tissue or gauze, BLEACH..when they saw how much green infected runny pus was oozing out of this volcano! It is an awesome video and the payload is unbeleivable, probably one of the most memorable vids that I have seen, just wish they would have better hygiene. In regards to cussing around the kids, I find that a bit offensive and the parents will be in shock when Junior comes home with a bad boy note from the teacher stating that he is throwing the F bomb around in cl**ZIT**. Just my 2 cents on the matter…

    Oh, Halphy…GREAT POST and thanks for Reposting the Bermuda Triangle videos!!! LOL

  • Oh yeah still in the top 5 – only 2 things could make it perfect – put the slice on the punctum and make the slice bigger. But that may have resulted in such a volcano it probably would have scared the **ZIT** out of them…LOVE this one no matter what…

  • Just a few comments:

    1. If this guy is in the US, he probably didn’t have the insurance or cash to go to a doctor to get this I&D’ed. Sad fact of life in the US, which is why we engage in so much home surgery.

    2. Gloves, people, gloves. That stuff is infectious and you can get a nasty little infection in your nail beds.

    3. Why the fake drape? If you aren’t going to let it catch the **ZIT**, why bother with it?

    4. As far as “sterile field” goes, that’s pretty useless when draining an abscess like this (not a cyst, no sac). The infected material isn’t sterile, the inside of the abscess isn’t sterile, no need to get all Standards & Practices on home surgery.

    All in all, a great pop, a great drain, but I wish the camera guy/gal had focused more on where the focal point was. It was NOT the gentleman’s crotchular area.

    • hey I filmed angle two sorry about the bad camera work, but I had my shirt over my face look in the other direction when I was filming that with my phone….lol

  • **ZIT**o everyone. I know these comments are quite old, I just was bored and look up this video. I’m the one who originally uploaded these videos to friend in the video has been getting cysts like this since he was very young for no rhyme or reason. the one on his leg was irritated from his tool belt at work.originally he did go to the emergency room, but was turned away. He decided to have my wife Lancet with a razor bladeand then squeezed it out himself. He never went back to the hospital to get antibiotics or any things like that. his leg held up fine and he’s doing well.

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