GIANT Knee Knob!!

**** WARNING! ****
Surgical Removal of Sebaceous Cyst
May Involve Blood, Necrosis, or Other Disturbing Contents
Also May Contain Loud Noises of Discomfort or Pain
Viewer Discretion Is Advised
~ Watch By Choice, Cooment With Respect ~
~ Thank You! ~
**** WARNING! ****

I swear I thought this thing was fake at first!!! What a GIANT cyst!! I can’t remember ever seeing something protruding like that from a knee before?!?! I just know y’all are gonna love this one!! 🙂 HAPPY POPPING!!! 😀

YT Commentary:

“Huge Cyst On My Leg Getting Cut And Squeezed Out”

RUNTIME: 2min 14sec

TITLE: “Cyst Removal”
YT INFO: Published on Oct 30, 2012 by Chris Lane

ShoutOut joyfully to joe, pussbuster, justsqueezit and all the other PTZ community members excited for this video. Many happy stamps of approval!!! Thanks for getting this one in the line-up, Bu! So Enjoy, Popologists, Lurkers and Friends!!!!!

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    • Beautifully executed! Only thing that bothered me was the poor video quality. Despite that though, still adding to favs. Wish I could find me some pops like that to pop! Lucky!!! ;(

    • Well, well, well….it;s good to be back in the good ol’ U.S. of A.!!! Been doing a month long medical tour in Africa. I saw some stuff that would be AWESOME on our little “cult site” of PTZ! But, I must say…I am illiterate in the way of computers. I have absolutely NO IDEA how to upload a video. I know, I know. How can I be so dumb. Well…we all have our weaknesses, now don’t we? 😉
      My only question about this particular video is…how in the world does one allow a growth to get so large, in such an irritating place? I would REALLY like to hear the back-story on this one.
      Anyway…IT’S SO GOOD TO BE HOME!!! 😉


  • I agree. I’ve never seen a cyst that looks like a termite mound! The payload is simply spectacular. An instant cl**ZIT**ic!!! Joe, BP, and all the rest who pushed this one out of the warehouse and onto the showroom floor, thank you!!!! Happy, happy, happy! 🙂

      • I know what you meant, Pick_That_Puppy & you crack me up all the time! I’m like Un-A-Cysted too-no way I could of left that brewing, it would be like trying to stop The Incredible Hulk from turning green when he’s angry. Keep those witty comments coming PTP, I love them!

    • That’s exactly what I was wondering. Do they cut it off? That was quite a flap going on there. How could someone have that in such an accessible place and not touch it? That would drive me absolutely nuts..They’d have to cut my fingers off to keep me from pickin’ at it!

  • Buford Pus-er, make’em finish the song so we can catch the credits. It stopped so abruptly…thanks to Joe, pussbuster, justsqueezit and everybody else for combining your efforts to get this posted. 😎

  • Well 2 comments come to mind right away, however, the first I will just skip becasue this is a G rated site (Come on, I know Im not the 1st one to think of this), but the 2nd is that it kind of reminds me of a video with a guy from England that had a cyst on his side that was **ZIT**led something like “Milking a teet” he had very long hair and his mother was trying to squeeze it. This one is so much better because the doctor gets right in there and gets it all out right away. And what a payload it was. Makes me wonder how this person was able to walk around and wear long pants. Sooooooooo cheezy !! Thats the way, ahunh, ahunh,I like it, ahunh ahunh !! (Singing to the tune of KC and the Sunshine Band…LOL) Thanks for posting, really enjoyed this one. 5 stars. Oh and I think if the video was just a little longer we may have seen what was done with the excess skin, I think the surgeon cut it off….Maybe, who knows?? Lots of excess skin to deal with.

  • this post is the second best thing ive ever done in my life!!!!! sons birth then finding this!!!!! lol the first time i saw it i was like no way no friggin way watched it again then again and again n again untill my fingers cramped up and im not kidden and i felt just like a little kid seeing a playboy for the first time i had this rush of panic run thru me omg omg omg how do i get it before someone steals it lmao i kid u not i was so affraid someone was gonna steal it or erase it lmao so i did what any idiot that cant post things on PTZ would do email to myself lol!!!! thanx for bending a few rules and putting it up early!!!!! enjoy!!!!!

    • Don’t feel bad, Joe; when I have a submission I have to use the contact us route, since I’m too dumb to do the submit video myself… The main thing is – ya got ‘er done!

    • I know that feeling, exactly Joe!! This was over-the-top spectacular!! This just made my entire week worth every moment!! Thanks to everyone for sharing this A+++ video!! 5/5 And straight to favorites!!

    • And i’ll add that when the doc goes over the top and squeezes from underneath is better than cheering for Skywalker during the final battle with Vader in Jedi. I got out of my chair and started clapping and cheering! 😉

      • The force was strong in that doctor Boomgoesthedynamite! May the force stay with him & we get another awesome video really soon!

  • friggin’ awesome!

    I too looked at it at first and thought,” that looks like a___________”.

    I nominate this to be in the TOP 10 OF 2012- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I knew I wasnt the only one !!! HEHEHEHEHE!!! (evil giggle) Actually Im glad to see that I wasnt really, I was starting to feel a little preverted. My mind does wander in some strange places at times, so Im never quite sure. LOL. When I first saw it, I screamed “Oh no he’s gonna cut there???” I have a terrible problem of watching the video before I read about it first. I just get so excited to see a new video Im like a kid on Christmas morning and just go right into watching B4 I read. I keep telling myself to get better about that, but I never do…and it often gets me in trouble..

  • Pray for me: I have just committed the deadly sin of envy.

    I want to be the doctor on this video!

    I want to be…I want to cut…I want to swab…I want to squeeze…I want to squeeze…And squeeze…And squeeze…I want to be….I want to be…I envy….I envy…I envy….I sin….Seven….Seven….Seven….Seven…

  • great, ripe, semi-dry cheese. a very minor note: it might have been nice to see a display of the full payload at the end, and not have it obscured by the blue sheet, but this is very minor.

  • Now that was amasing… looked like what happens in a cartoon when the person it hit over the head with a frying pan!
    that sucker had some height on it…..I loved it!
    Doc was having a little truble at first with the m**ZIT** of it, he started off
    trying to pop it like it was a little snapper on the end of a nose.
    then he got right down to business and grapped the **ZIT** at the bottom
    and delivered it like the pro that he is.
    Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this to my eyes.
    Oh I may repeat an observation someone else has made but in my excitement I post before reading newer posts…..Cool…
    looking forward to Jan 1st ..Peace

  • What an unbelievable sized cyst, short of being in a coma I still can’t understand how someone can let it get that big. However I am so glad they did because it made a great vid. Thanx a bunch!!

  • That was unfrigginbelieveable! I agree how on earth does anyone let something within reach get to that size and leave it alone? I’d have had it picked at long ago lol ..but ty ty for leaving it alone and going to the doc and taping it for us to see when it was dealt with!! Utterly amazing! Wow … I’m in absolute envy …why did I not go into medicine? oh right I didn’t know I had any brains until it was way too late sigh … ah well the medical profession probably didn’t want me anyway lol I’d have likely chased patients down the hallways saying I just want to pop that … lol
    Excellent post tyvm!! Definitely a keeper! 🙂

  • What a lovely knee **ZIT**! At first I was afraid it was some kind of tumor, because of its remarkable shape, but I was gratified to see all the regular, gunky stuff come out, along with a rather cooperative sac. Thank you, Buford.

  • OK I can die now, I’ve seen the BEST

    The rubberiness of the pus was what got me – like it was half alive or something….

    Good lawdy that was sooooooo awesome…

    back up unclelarry at least for me…

  • I’m gobsmacked. Was this a **ZIT**ery golf ball that had to vacate the premises when manipulated by the doc ?

    And, at the end – does he rip out the sack without instruments or is this just another load of solid gack ?

    Anyway, this is one of the videos that should make it into the PTZ annals.

  • I’ve been watching this on youtube for a week, while waiting for it to show up here. As much fun as watching this is, I’ve been having a blast reading all the member comments! Personally, this one goes down in history for me as I’ve never seen or imagined anything like it. The poor guy made the comment, he kept hitting it on stuff. I bet putting on his pants took time, trying to pull material over that cyst. One comment I read said he could always sew in a zipper & use the left over skin as a change purse. This one is amazing! 5+5 stars!!!!

  • I just read some very intersting news from this patient on YouTube…He mentioned that he does have another cyst on his chest that he plans on having removed in about 2 weeks and he will film it also…Yippy….something to look forward to..Of course he did not say how big it was and I cant imagine that it could be as big as this one….but hey one can dream..LOL

  • At PTZ, it can’t much better than this! Incredible cyst, m**ZIT**ive payload, fantastic popping technique & ripping the sac out with his fingers-wicked!!! Then to read all the happy comments has made my day. 5/5, straight to fav’s. And maloralw says he’s having a chest cyst done in 2 weeks & will film & post-happy dancing with joy now! Thank you Buford Pus-er & all PTZ members involved for this instant cl**ZIT**ic! Also the Chris Lane the owner of deceased cyst & original YT post-you’re the man!

  • That was freakin AWESOME!!!! Definitely a solid 10 out of 10 Thanks a million for posting this one! Some explosions defy words and this qualifies! That Dr. just got ghetto on that thing….. Now the guy has a Kangaroo pouch on his leg from the hole! Just Cool!!!!

  • It is like he is pulling the stuffing OUT of a sausage! I have never seen a big protruding zit like that that is so firm. I bet it stunk to high heaven. Whew! An instant cl**ZIT**ic! And you are right Popamatic – he has got a big ole skin pouch on his leg from the empty sac.

  • I almost hate to admit this but this one actually grossed me out quite a bit. I kind of feel like if the contents were more liquid it wouldn’t have bothered me so much. Something about the doctor pulling those dry clumps of crud out ugh *shivers*

    • Hey Celine, I know we all have our favorites here, but what he pulled out was the best part for me…I just love it when its dry and solid, almost like dry crumbly cheese. LOL But I do understand that we cant all like the same things, what a boring world this would be if we did huh? Happy Thanksgiving.

  • I think I felt more than a rush with this one (ahem! lol) ;P. I have been a part of this site for 3 years and this is my first comment! Anyway, the 3rd time the doc attacks it is the best that is when I totally see the magician pulling the endless scarfs trick, Mr. Tasteless. I have been searching for some of these to pop myself and have a craigslist ad offering money to people to let me pop them. lol

  • Thank you for the post. I wonder if the doctor enjoyed it as much as we did! Thoroughly enjoyable. I immediately gave it 5 stars and added this video to my faves. That cyst sac was enormous!
    This video will remain one of the better ones on this site, for sure.
    Like the previous poster said, I’m glad the patient wasn’t me as I wouldn’t have let the wound get to that stage. It would have been squeezed when it got to 2mm or 3mm long, let alone 2 inches or 3 inches long!


    My eyes! My eyes just popped out of my head!
    That was the best video of 2012 for me. And it’s not a **ZIT**.
    Ooh no! This one is the Mount Everest of all cysts.
    But the place looks very painfull. So let’s say: the size is the Mount Everest but the place of it is the mother-in-law of places.

    Thanks for the video!

  • The name couldn’t be ANY more descriptive. Spot on.
    I can’t imagine what it’s like to walk around with that on my knee, but I said the same thing about the gal with the big **ZIT**p on the top of her head that was a cyst just like this one. It looks as though the popee might be poor and/or have little regular access to healthcare. If it doesn’t hurt, it’s not an emergency, etc.
    Pretty amazing pop. I bed the medical pro was totally satisfied on this one. V.nice.
    p.s. did anyone else find it hilarious that as the contents were coming out, the camera kept trying to white-balance and it turned everything yellow? so funny

  • On this one alone, I just ordered some disposable scalpels **just in case** I mean I’m getting obsessed by this one, this has me panting….what a sick puppy I must be…

  • Great payload! Doc should have widened the incision before swabbing, and his gloves were WAY too big. That said, I liked his aggressive squeezing technique. And I bet he made that incision extra long bc he knew he had plenty of skin to use to sew it up afterward.

  • truly an intense video,to be remembered for quite sometime! i would imagine never forgetting that if i were carrying it.bleck and yet so cool something to tell your kids about one day lol

  • Hmmmm watching it yet again (my addiction now) what the hek was the huge syringe at the end for? S**ZIT**ching maybe?

    Got my scalpels so all set to slice-n-squeeze at a moment’s notice!

    IMHO this is the #1 video of the friggin CENTURY!

  • Great payload. I too was wondering how it got that big. The music was fine to me and was fitting. Did anyone notice the torn sweatshirt sleeve at the end? Must’ve been a friend of the patient there to comfort him in his hour of need. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna watch this gem again. Tee Hee!

  • that was awesomeness but my mind did go somewhere errrrr you know hehehe it looked like a stubby hmmmmm can’t say to dirty bad audie bear bad anywho **ZIT**le totally goes with it **ZIT** yep a nice pus filled **ZIT** thanks for the great post BUFORD PUS-ER smooches hugs and great big audie bear loves

  • This is one of those vids you keep watching over… and over… and over… and… I LOVE the way the dr gets stuck in, no **ZIT**footing around, 4 finger squeezing, get ‘er done… How cooperative was that sac too huh??? lolol… I was also pondering what they would do with the extra skin and I imagine they would remove it and sew the cut up nice and neatly… Great find, thank you so much for giving so many people so many hours of pleasure 😉

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