Horribly Infected Hand!

This guy’s hand is SO infected! His other videos showed him pulling out pins, probably from a fracture repair? Kirschner wires are surgical “pins”… the original **ZIT**le translates to “Removing Pins (kirschner wire)”… This video is pretty lengthy, approximately 21 minutes & the pus just keeps pouring out! I certainly hope he’s better now! HAPPY POPPING!!! 😀

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Surgery of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

YT Commentary:
(original) “fico pensando ate hj como q td isso estava la dentro da minha mao …”
(translated) “I wonder to this day how it was (?q td it?) in my hand …”

RUNTIME: 21min 13sec

TITLE: “Tirando pinos (fios de kirschner) v3”
YT INFO: Uploaded by Alexsander Bruno on Feb 14, 2012

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  • His understatement in “Pus”tuguese was funny: “I think this is going to hurt a little.”

    And the pus flow, plus the fact that he speaks the language of Brazil, made me think of the great Iguazu Falls, between that country and Argentina.

    Ah, the United Nations of Pus–only on peace-loving/pus-loving Popthatzit.com. We are all amb**ZIT**adors.

  • The payload and camera work is magnificent. This is a nasty infection. I really hope this kid is under a doctor’s care. Due to his youth and ignorance, he seems to lack the sense of urgency this infection deserves. In other words, “boy, put that camera down and git yer a*s*s to a hospital!” Awesome post BP! 🙂

  • Well this time I DID read before viewing (YAY!) Its stated that in other videos he was pulling out surgical pins???/OMG I cant even wrap my mind around that…the pain??? I am **ZIT**uming that if he had surgical pins that he must have had some kind of antibiotics at one point. Hopefully he is still on them…but it seems he may need a different kind or stronger ones because that infection is monsterious. He has to be in a lot of pain at the time of this filming because of all the pressure that puss must be causing….Thanks for posting Buford and thank you to the paitent for sharing his experience with us. Hope you get better real soon patient….My heart goes out to you. The hand (and especially the fingers) can be quite a painful place to have such an infection. And as my mother would say…”That was a doozie”.

    • By the way, I did check out the other videos (couldnt help mysefl and Im sorry I did) He is pulling those surgical pins out with a pair of plyers that dont exactly look very sterile…They were not filthy looking to me, but you can tell they were used before (probably in the way they were meant to be used for). I didnt see the whole video. There are 2 vids but I was only able to watch about maybe 1 minute and had to stop. My blood ran cold. He was gripping the pins so hard and twisting them and often the plyers would slip off and he would try again…you can actually hear them slipping off with force. OHHHHH MY!!! He was twisting them every which way he could to get them out…now I dont know why he was doing this and not having the doctor remove them..(Im sure there is a story there, but dont know it). Also, even though I took 2 years of Spanish in high school, all I can manage to do is count to 10 today Needless to say, I was not a good student in that department…He might be explaining whats going on, but I dont understand it. Maybe someone here who does know Spanish could translate for us?? Anyway, this “might” be the cause of the fierce infection?? Oh my heavens, if this young man might be reading these comments, please take what EVERYONE is saying and seek medical attention for this…This is not meant to scare you needlessly, you really could loose your hand and possible your life…HONESTLY !!! That infection could spread thru your body.

      • Wow…I’m pretty sure his MD did not write an order for him to remove his own pins—-as they are often placed DRILLED INTO THE BONE!!!! Ouch. If anyone speaks/reads spanish(?) I would love to hear the rationale (if there is any) for him removing his own pins!!!

  • Why on earth does this guy think he can ‘cure’this infection?You can see how inflammed it all is plus the fact that these pins/wired have obviously been put in by a surgeon.
    The pain would be off the scale and if the infection hasn’t caused Osteomylitis(infection of the bone) he will be very lucky.This needs IV antibiotics because it needs an aggressive push of the correct AB’s.A would swab will isolate it offender.
    Without medical intervention he is at very high risk of developing septicaemia (systemic blood poisoning )By the look of the elegant bathroom money is not an issue but obviously he’s trying to be a ‘tough’ man.He is really dicing with death.
    On what do I base this opinion?25+ yrs as a registered nurse and the fact I’ve had septicaemia not once but three times and I got mine from being in contact with someone carrying 4 different very nasty bugs.Each bug needed a different AB so I had two weeks in hospital and four days of that I have no memory of.My CRP (this calculates how much infection u have in your body)blood test came out at 640(normal is under 10!)My physician has been in practise for nearly 30 yrs and he had only had one patient before with a higher count(641)who had survived.My family were told not to bank on anything.It took 6 months to really get better.
    Maybe this guy wouldn’t have left it to get so bad if he knew what could have happened.Not tough just dumb!

  • Anyone with even 5 minutes of medical training knows this is a


    this needs wide incision, AGGRESSIVE DEBRIDEMENT and a course of antibiotics. Or a prosthesis for the soon-to-be absent right hand.

    • Totally agree cyst destroyer. This kid has an enormous cavity that just keeps refilling. And so close to (or already infiltrated/necrotic/destroyed) bone, muscle, tendon…the whole nine yards. Thanks for the post Buford but I didn’t enjoy it much as I couldn’t stop screaming in my head “STOP SQUEEZING!!! Go to the hospital NOW!!!”.

  • absolutely horrifying but incredibly mesmerizing…what was going through my mind after the horror of the reality of his perhaps untimely death was how there must be a chunk-o-meter about pus – like after watching so many of these videos you have an idea about how old the cyst/whatever is by the chunkiness or wateriness of the pus and am thinking of like a speedometer of chunkiness, yanno? Like the “truth-0-meter” regarding political statements…

    How there is generally a layer of wateriness first then the solid pus underneath…then blood…are there definite rules on the nature of cysts?

    Just thinkin…

  • Unfortunately, and I am taking nothing away from the quality of the video or the urgency by which medical attention is needed, but this video is 10 min long and repeats itself halfway through. All of a sudden we are back to the two closed wounds, then the top one opens up again, is squeezed until we get some blood mixed in, and then he finally opens the smaller bottom wound with the toothpick. It is a most impressive video and stringing two “plays” of it together to make one longer video was absolutely not necessary. PLEASE go to the hospital – that thing needs to be opened from hole to hole and pretty deep I am guessing!

    Sorry to be rain on the parade 🙁 but I still think it is an awesome video.

  • I am fascinated. Really. I think it’s because the infection seems to be free-range in his hand rather than bond by a discernable capsule. There are so many things I’d like to do – drain/squeeze/drain the thing, soak in cool saline water, add gauze and a light compression bandage (like ACE). Some antibiotics are probably in order, but he looks so pleasant – not sick or uncomfortable.
    If that were my hand, I’d poke at it and drain it for weeks – no doctor – because it would be my new fascinating hobby. I have a really hard time saying he should go to the doctor when I know I probably wouldn’t.

  • While amazingly fascinating, this kid needs a doc! I’m thinking ostoe is the next step. While he has very pretty eyes, I don’t think that will overcome the social stigma of a stump…

  • What everybody else has said. Ah, the misguided youth of today – many of them cannot envision even an hour into the future. Imagine, he risked his health and the mobility of his (probably dominant) hand. Sometimes I wonder how nice it would be – at least for a few hours – to have absolutely no cares and no concept of the future.

  • Thanks for the 2-for-1 post, Buford! At first, I thought my sick laptop lost sound half-way through, but then I realized our patient/popper looped it a second time without sound! I do hope he heals up soon.

  • This kid needs to see his doctor yesterday. The pins that he originally had are used when there is a fracture to hold the bone fragments in place. The infection probably has gone into the bone where the pin tracts were. Squeezing only pushes the infection deeper into the wound as well as into the bloodstream. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS. Oral antibiotics will NOT cure this; it will require a course of intravenous antibiotics and a skilled physician to open and drain the wounds, and to remove infected bone, if indeed there is still bone in his thumb. I have seen infection eat away small bones of the fingers and toes. Please, whoever knows this kid, take him yourself to the hospital ASAP. At this point he has a life-threatening situation which will NOT improve without medical intervention.

    • @Loretta ~

      Just thought I’d fill you in – most of the videos here on PTZ are taken from YouTube, and most of the time we have no connection, not even the person who submitted the video, with the person in the video. This is very good advice, but will in most cases not reach the appropriate person. I would suggest seeking out the video on YouTube and posting these types of comments there, were the person may have a better chance of benefiting from your knowledge. It would also perhaps give you some further insight as there may be comments on the Original video post on YouTube that may give you more information.

      I am sure many members share your same concern, and you are very kind for voicing that care and worry. As a community, I think it is always gone unsaid but is there nonetheless that we do care very much about the health and safety of those individuals undergoing medical treatment, professional or DIY, and that it isn’t just about the pus and guck. 😉

      Thanks again!
      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

    • I’ll take dumb **ZIT** for $3000 lol

      No wonder it was infected. I looked on YouTube. He pulled the pin out on the 10th Feb with filthy old pliers and KAPOW infected on the 14th.

  • Love that it started gushing without any cutting – just pressure. One “**ZIT**p” drained” right away; the other took more attention. Our self-medic slowly increased attention to the secondary site but kept going back to the leaker. It is all very swollen – looks painful. He presses right next to site 2 and site 1 leaks more…it is all interconnected. LOTS coming out of site 1. He finally directly **ZIT**s open site 2 and gets some flow. Next, he presses both holes and gets good flow. That has to feel better just from released pressure. But he has just treated a symptom so IT will be back
    IF he and his hand survive. He need professional help.

  • I agree with all the posts.One doesn’t need to be a seasoned medical professional.
    Not sure if u guys in the US have secondhand shops(thrift stores I guess)but perhaps they will have a customer soon!!Either that or we can all give him a hand!!!Come on clap,a rousing round of applause please!!I don’t think that will be a physical activity this guy will be doing before long.He definitely needs to take himself in hand!!!
    I missed the rusty pliers job what a tool!

  • I’m kind of curious to see this “other” video.. If someone has surgical pins in the hands or where ever they’re located, they were generally put there for a reason.. Pulling them out with a pair of pliers is just **ZIT**ed.. With the amount of **ZIT** that was coming out of his hand he would be wise to seek medical attention, unless that is if he likes the prospect of losing the hand entirely.. There are some things you can do yourself other things are best left to someone who knows what the **ZIT** they’re doing..

  • dang i wish i was there to help him push out all that infected goodness it’s hard to do that kind of stuff on your own great post and find BUFORD PUS-ER smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Infected hand? This kid could lose his life. Kirshner wires are pins about 3 inches long. They are put in the hand at strategic locations to aid in the healing of a fractured bone. I’m amazed he was able to pull them out by himself with pliers and no numbing agent. These pins were holding bone together. When he pulled them out, he did a lot of damage. After all, this pus was the result of only one or two days post pin pull. I wouldn’t be surprised if the infection has already infiltrated the bone itself. If that is the case, he looses a hand. If he doesn’t seek immediate medical attention NOW, he may lose his life. The normal looking skin is mearly hiding the devastation brewing in his hand.
    This craziness is a YT phenomena that is running rampant with young men. To see the crazy, stupid things these attention seekers are doing, just look up ‘nut shots’. Or watch in amazement as a self described redneck, breaks his back trying to do an Evil Kneivel by jumping a rusted out old Winnebago. No helmet, seatbelt, or roll cage. These type of stunts go on every day. A kid can make a thousand dollars a month through ad sense. All they have to do is jump off a two story building and survive. The worst part is the parents, who sign a release paper for their under age child, absolving YT of any responsibility. Is this the price of a free internet highway? I don’t know the answer. How do you stop a young teen from damaging himself permanently? And it’s not just here in the Western World. No, this phenomena is world wide. Teens in Saudi Arabia are drifting their cars at 150 mph on crowded freeways. Many loose control and are thrown from their vehicle and pulverized into the asphalt, or smash into a crowd of on lookers. If they make it, they become local celebrities. Are they bored? Nothing better it do? I have no answer except we as parents are failing them. O.K. I’m getting off my soap box. Pop on.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  • That is one seriously nasty infection- best wishes to the young man. Hope he gets better! But as OCDgirl said, that is one mesmerizing river of pus. Bet it felt better once some of the pressure was relieved (but yes, he does need to get medical help instead of squeezing that).

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