The New Biggest Blackhead Pop!!! *FIXED!*

*FIXED! Thanks, Heidi!!!!*

Congratulations, masher!!!!! This may be the best and biggest blackhead on PTZ – so much more than the other similarly shaped and placed blackhead worm!!! Thanks!!!

I say, “Squeeze On!”
Nice, fat, juicy blackhead…a family affair!

YT Commentary:
“This is GROSS! And graphic! Not for the weak stomached! πŸ˜‰ enjoy”

RUNTIME: 8min 28sec

YT INFO: Posted to YouTube by allieca44, Nov. 18, 2012.

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  • Great find, masher! I feel sorry for the poor guy. Looks like he has some other problems on his back as well — possibly a sunburn that is peeling? What’s that to the left of her hand? A skin tag? And the black things? Are they moles or other skin problems? Seems he needs to see a dermatologist. Hope he’s feeling better now!

    • Thank you. I’m pretty sure there was little bit of keratosis over his back, but it’s “mostly” harmless; some of them looked like more blackheads, though. There was a lot of moles, too. Poor George, lucky us. πŸ˜€

  • OMG!! I love it that is the best Blackhead video I have seen so far! But I must say there looks like there is a few more blackheads on good ole uncle georges back when can we get a glimpse of them getting popped??

  • For the most part, the camerawork was excellent! The popping technique on the female was not the best: I was jumping for joy when she finally used her fingernails instead of the paper towels. They were just too big and getting in the way of the camera shots.
    Congratulations on your first post. I loved this video and gave it a 5 star ranking. .It is one of my top 5 videos on this site.

    • OMG, Zit Obsessed you read my mind! I hate paper towels around the action especially on such a fantastic comedone! You’re so right, I loved her nails but they were not made for popping. Gloves would been heaps better. But despite that, holy cow what a great post! That was one very old comedone with it’s thick black top & almost never ending ‘yellow with age content’. Well done Masher on a fantastic 1st post-that going in my fave’s! Hope you can find more like this-I loved it!

      • Ooops-I forgot to thank ‘Uncle George’ for supplying his fantastic back for Thanksgiving. I had an Uncle George (RIP) once & it was difficult to get a hug let alone checking out his back for blackheads (& I think he probably had a few, a couple on his face & neck where very worthy!). He was a tough as nails rural Aussie-not like us ‘city folk’. Thanks Masher that was fun!

  • Holy schnitzel!!! That was awesome! The guy was a huge wimp! He he he! She knows her stuff and did an A+ job! Thanks to Mr uncle for letting it be filmed! What family fun for everyone! Thanks you Masher, for sharing one of the best blackhead videos to hit PTZ!!

    • Well, I’ll be a monkeys uncle! I thought this was gone forever! I’m so happy and thrilled to see it back here and working wonderfully! This is one of my all time favorites. You have made me one happy girl today! Thank you very much to Masher and the person who fixed it!

  • Wow – that majestic specimen was big enough to merit its own zip code! Next time, though, a different, less wussy cameraman; a big thanks to Uncle for the entertainment and Masher for the find!


    Happy Holidays all!!!!

    • @Celine-if you want to see a huge comedone check out out “AMAZING Giant Blackhead-surgical resection” on PTZ. It’s an old post but still a jaw dropper. I’ll say no more-tell us what you think!

  • Wowsers! I’m impressed! A real teeth and **ZIT** clencher, waren’t it? Maybe those black c**ZIT**ers were solar comedones? Hope so for Georgie’s sake…

    Def a 5 and Favorite!

  • I’d like to get one of those OTC liquid nitrogen kits and freeze all those warts off his back. It would be fun to listen to the qtip sizzle as the warts freeze. My do I have a sick mind…….love it

  • Well, thank you everyone. Thanks to Masher for posting this “academy award” nominee for short films, thanks to Uncle George for allowing his back to be placed on the internet for posterity and to Uncle George’s niece for a terrific job of expelling a river’s worth of contents. My only thumbs down is for Brandon and his incessant whining. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Put the camera on a tripod and amscray. Unkie really has an interesting back – between the blackheads, cysts, skin tags and senile keratosis – it looks like an atlas with various elevations. I would love to spend a couple of days cleaning up that section of his anatomy. Then I could truly give thanks.

    • Pusareus, you are truly a gentleman and a scholar, for your well-wishes for good old Uncle George. Wish there was some way you could actually DO that, and PTZ could sponsor the “event” (and of course, record the whole thing for posterity) I for one, would donate to that!

  • Judging by the paperesque and wrinkled waistband inside of Uncle George’s waistband, somebody’s incontinent and wearing adult diapers. No shame, Uncle George. I’m in ’em too. That’s how we roll.

  • That was a great bac3k blackhead! you could tell by the size of that hole that it had been festering inside that fleash ca**ZIT** for a long time.
    The lady popping was good she had a nice touch and was not a wiper
    and that is good.
    And yes the boyfriend or husband was a whimp!

    anyone else notice something different about Uncle George’s atire?

  • Uncle George was sporting some Adult Diapers I believe! Is Brandon a freaking DRAMA QUEEN???? The way the were calling each other “babe” reminded me of the guy and girl in the hotel and the girl had the huge zit on the back of her ear lobe! What a TOOL!! “Babe, I’m getting tired of watching this. BLUHHH!!!! Don’t ever use those tweezers again! EVER! Thank the Lord it’s gone!” Anyway, Brandon got on my nerves BAD, but George was a Rock Star!!

  • masher – ABSOLUTELY STUPENOUS FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!! My jaw just keep on dropping and when the second one popped out a little while squeezing the first it’s a miracle it didn’t fall completely off. I really wishes they had squeezed out the second but the first one was so freaking awesome I couldn’t possible complain. Man I hope Uncle George and the sometimes delicate and fragile elderly skin is up to having the second and possible two more I think I saw removed on camera. WOWZERS and TROPHY ZIT kudos πŸ™‚

  • I thought I would weigh in with a few comments pertaining to this video. Seemed to be a family affair. Uncle George hung in their like a trooper. The camera guy should have had the camera taken away from him and forever banished from any further sessions. Although he did a good job for the most part, he lingered too long on the original crater while the popper was busily doing justice to another blackhead. A Kodak moment lost forever. I don’t see a talented popper like she is staying too long with wussy camera guy. Come on over to PTZ and find a real man. ja ja ja
    Caio Prunesquallor

  • Somebody needs to slap some “MAN” into that whining whelp of a husband filming this vid. I never heard so much complaining before just to video. It’ll smell, it’ll shoot at you, if I see it, I’ll puke…good **ZIT** MAN UP AND GET A PAIR,!! Great video though…

  • Omgggg seriously awesome blackhead video that was ruined by a whiny **ZIT** camera man!! For realz shut up u **ZIT**in **ZIT** it’s just a blackhead! He doesn’t even kno how lucky he is to see something like that! I would kill to have been there. Lol I woulda gone to town on unc George’s back, he woulda been all cleaned out by the time I was done w him!

  • Thanks to the durability of Uncle George, the capability of his niece, and yes, the video technique of her husband, they gave a good representation of this uncommon phenomenon. However, I will have to say that the husband’s squeamishness did detract, though he probably can’t help that. I was laughing when he said that **ZIT**ody else could film it because he was grossed out, so he was sure it was too bad for mom and dad to endure. But their daughter had no problem! But, that little complaint aside, he did do a good job of do**ZIT**enting it and he was able to get his second wind. Amazing video overall.

  • OMG, great job! She should have used her finger pads and moved them around in a bit of a wiggle. No nails! And, Brandon? I might have just smacked him in his pansy **ZIT** face. I’ve never heard so much whining in my life.

    • Exactly what I would have done. I would have rolled that area around and loosened that mummfied pus up. Got a hot towel and held on there for about 15 mins and I would have gotten a sterile needed and inserted as far as I could go without causing discomfort and then twirl the needle around. You can best beleive when I grabbed Mr. Blackhead again, he would have been poppin’ outta of there like he had seen a ghost…LOL..

      AND WHO IS BRANDON?? I don’t hear anyone whining….

      Great video Masher!! Best blackhead that PTZ has, or that I have seen. Someone provided info on another one that is here, and I can’t pull it up.

  • I’m soooooo glad I had my volume turned off!!! I got to watch all of the awesome without any of the whine & that, works for me! Fabulous BLACKHEAD, it made me very happy watching that monster as it oozed & oozed & oozed some more. I really hope we get to see more of Uncle Georges back, ears, face, behind, whatever or where ever the blackheads are, being squeezed from his body. If she’ll cut her nails before the extracting begins, I’ll donate the $$$ for a new set when she’s done. If just once, before I die, I get to squeeze just one big fine blackhead like this, I’ll die a very happy woman!

  • Everybody acts like Uncle George is cultivating those things on his back–but, like a grand old tree with its mosses, lichens and other parasitic (or symbiotic) growths, he has ac**ZIT**ulated a few skin tags, warts, moles, etc. etc. Personally, I’m beginning to find smooth tanned muscular backs rather boring.

  • Having been there with my late parents, I vote for the family seeking skin-care education from Uncle George’s physician.

    We learned too late that the damage from decades of squeezing contributed to my father’s back cysts becoming abcessed in his later years.

    Since elderly folk generally have weakened immune systems, infections of any kind are dangerous as well as uncomfortable. Abcesses, boils, furuncles, and carbuncles are all skin infections.

    For more info, look up on abcess, boil, furuncle, carbuncle, epidermoid cyst.

  • Amazing. Video. Thanks! I might respectfully suggest to uncle George that he hie himself to a doctor’s office and have the sawbones have a look at those black moles. I certainly hope they’re not melanoma.

  • WOW! I’ve never seven a blackishwhitshhead so big! Coool, but it looks like the oldster has skin CA , that black area should be checked out by a dermatologist! He also has some skin tasgs obviousely, I was wondering if she was going to try to pop them, but she knew better. I think that was a sebac that dried out over the many years.

  • Slow boat to China getting that anaconda out. If she wasn’t so worried about her manicure we might have gotten better ejection. That back is pretty messed up, poor guy.

  • Fantastic blackhead, but as many have mentioned, Uncle needs to see a dermatologist. That greenish “m**ZIT**” just above the second spot squeezed could be the most trouble. I grew up in South Florida fishing and rarely with shirt or shoes or sunscreen. Just bronze and rarely sunburnt. Mom, a 30+ year RN for an oncologist, makes sure I keep after all the various sized “freckles” on my back. Her general advice to me has always been, if I see something that is an odd shape and that color, it could be some very dangerous skin cancer. She’s been riding my **ZIT** and showing me pictures for 30 years now. The pics look like that. I think I started wearing sunscreen and shirts a lot more after college.

    I SO wish, as someone suggested, that we could get messages to some of these popees about such matters. Many are just idiots, I know, but many others just don’t know!

  • I’m no expert, but here goes: it appears that the skin on the center portion of his back has had some type of tissue trauma. The skin is uneven and pockmarked, as if he has suffered some type of burn or abrasion (road rash?). The skin can heal unevenly leaving small crater type openings where dirt, debris, etc. can be trapped and eventually form into the fantabulous surprises like shown in this video. I think other than the legit pus-filled abscesses, these are my second fav!!!!

  • Pop That Zit General are pleased to announce the safe arrival of twins today for Uncle George, delivered by the pressure method, the two offspring were born some 2 minutes apart and father and offspring are doing well.

  • Great find. I was wondering why his back was so scaly. Turns out he’s a very elderly gentleman, probably a fisherman or some other outdoor work he engaged in to make a living. I was hoping to see the second blackhead squeezed out. He’s got enough zits to make another dozen videos.

  • I so wish I could be so lucky as to encounter one of these in my immediate circle! My dad has about the same size cyst on his back but won’t let me touch and/or film it getting sliced open by the doc. Sooo jealous!! πŸ™ The stuff coming out was so thick too! Crazy to think they can get that huge!

  • Great video! Poor guy though, those acrylics must’ve hurt like no other! I was hoping she’d do the 4 fingered double thumb and index fingers squeeze– good work nevertheless. And what what what were the grayish-brown patches on his back? Looked like dry skin, a scab sloughing off, or even the c-ancer word. πŸ™ All in all a great video and the music was quite enjoyable!

  • Yeah, the music’s much better than listening to Brandon and his incessant mewling. I respectuflly suggest to Brandon that he grow a pair of cojones and a backbone.

  • That poor little man! His back appears to have a lot of scar tissue or something, in any case it looks very delicate. I do not approve of jamming those square false nails into his skin when it’s in bad condition. I like these vids as much as the next person, but let’s keep it ethical. He should have gone to the doctor to have these removed. Poor Uncle George, he can come live with me.

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