PTZ’s Advent – Dec. 14th: “A Pedicurist’s WORST Nightmare!”

December 14th
JiffyyPop’s Foot Collection:
“A Pedicurist’s WORST Nightmare!”
Over 15 Minutes of Action! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

If you work at a Spa or nail salon, you might not want to view this as it may result in your failure to appear for work tomorrow, or in worst-case scenarios you showing up at the salon the next day armed with a scroll saw blade secured between a stout, flexible branch and some lye.

This poor guy obviously has a serious skin condition but Certified Flakeologists (or as in my case, just plain flakes) will truly appreciate the amazingly thick, chunky scales that he deftly excises for our viewing pleasure. I simply could not stop hitting the PLAY **ZIT**on repeatedly like some giddy Kitteh just given an IV catnip infusion.


“I just finished a overnight foot treatment using salicylic acid 4% / triamcinolone ointment.
The dry skin gets like this after a week or two of not doing treatments.”

RUNTIME: 2min 13sec

TITLE: “Dry Cracked Foot Skin”
YT INFO: uploaded by mrfeetstuff on February 14, 2012

BONUS! More Videos, Same Feet!

“Right foot July 12 2012 “

RUNTIME: 2min 12sec
YT INFO: Published on Jul 12, 2012

“Left foot July 12 2012 “

YT Commentary:
“Im working on getting the chunks of sock lint out of the crack that was bleeding thru my sock. This one sucked and I cant wait to slather the acid ointment on it. Woot Woot it will feel like I have fire ants eating my feet all night tonight.”
RUNTIME: 2min 52sec
YT INFO: Published on Jul 12, 2012

“Left foot July 13 2012 “

YT Commentary:
“1 day of having the foot wrapped in Saran wrap w the acid ointment applied.”
RUNTIME: 3min 21sec
YT INFO: Published Jul 13, 2012

“Mrfeetstuff Halloween 2012”

YT Commentary:
“Yeah this is real, not fungus, I got electrocuted by 440 volt 3 phase power line.”
RUNTIME: 2min 50sec
YT INFO: Published Oct 31, 2012

“Mrfeetstuff dry foot skin”

YT Commentary: “A little longer just after acid wrap.”
RUNTIME: 2min 58sec
YT INFO: Published Dec 9, 2012

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  • If memory serves me, I believe this condition was featured on that British medical show which also was posted here. The young lady had a similar disordered that turned out to be a serious immunity deficiency.

    • The little girl had warts on her feet. Completely different condition. Dr. Christian was so alarmed because of the severity of them, and suspected an immune problem. Turns out his intervention saved her life.

      • Why is someone hitting thumbs down for these very imformative posts? I wish there was a way to weed out these debbie thumbs downers…People are something else..If they don’t have enough brains to have a thought, wh are you gonna screw up someone elses fun?? :/

  • What were you doing to get that much voltage run through your body?
    You need to see a podiatrist for your problem and let the doctor trim those scales!!!
    Great find Jiffypop

    • first of all he probably was a line worker or repair man second he more than likely IS seeing a podiatrist why and how do you think he got the acid cream?? this is just from using my deductive reasoning and common sense

  • Wow and I thought I peeled some nasty **ZIT** off my feet when I had casts on for months at a time! Hope he is more careful with that foot then it looks, all those cracks could harbor mul**ZIT**udes of bacterial infections using that dirty knife. Did anyone else notice that thosse scales kinda looked like the ubderside of a sea turtle?

  • I saw the first video a few weeks ago on YT looking for remedies for dry feet..I was shocked at it…however I only saw 1 video, didnt see the series. His feet kind of haunted me..I felt sooo bad for this fella. Can you imagine what it feels like to walk on those tough scales?? It cant feel good. I did find some remedies for my problem (not nearly as severe as his) and a poditrist said to add zinc and fish oil pills every day..which I have been doing and it seems to work…I think this guy needs much more than that though. It was hard to watch at times because you could tell he had to watch how hard he pulled at the scales because it would go into the quick. Then Im sure he would have a much bigger problem. (if thats even possible). Hope this guy finds a cure for his troubled feet. Thanks for posting and thank you to this man for sharing his very difficult aliment.

    • I have my foot wrapped up right now because I have 1 spot under the big toe that looks like this, mine is about the size of a 50 cent piece though. And you are right, peeling just a little bit will get into the quick and OMG…the pain is excrutiating for a couple of days. Right now, I am just puting NeoSporin on it, but I think I have some of this Triamcinolone cream…gotta go look for it…Thanks for the info everyone! I started off giving advise come to find out, I got the same issue…YUCK!!

  • start taking biotin – its a vitamin, walmart or where ever you buy vitamins. its cheap. takes about a month to kick in. also buy some bag balm, put on feet at night with white socks. presto good as new

    • Yes Biotin works great….I forgot to mentions that I was already taking Biotin for quite some time now..I found it years ago because it make my finger nails strong and healthy looking. Also good for hair. I also use that kind of file he is using . I use it at the end of my bath..just p**ZIT** across feet a couple times when feet are soft from the warm water (thats why it works best at the end of bath) and presto feet smooth as can be. I have a problem in the winter with dry skin and especially my feet. So after bath I also use plenty of lotion and on my feet I found this product called Flexitol Heel Balm..rub it in and put socks on at bedtime. Works great. This is a very good product if anyone has problems with dry feet.

    • Ditto on the use of Bag Balm. For those who don’t know, it was developed decades ago in Vermont by dairy farmers whose dairy cows got crusty udders from exposure to Vermont winters. This was in the days before steriods and antibiotics. All natural ingredients. It’s available in gallon size cans and bigger so it’s economical. You can find it in some drug stores but for the biggest go to a feed and grain store. Ladies, just go in and tell them you need the stuff for crusty udders. They will fix you right up.

  • This looks terribly uncomfortable and probably should be treated by a podiatrist, however, it probably looks far worse than it is – meaning that is very probably nothing contagious or even dangerous to the foot owner’s health, just annoying.

    • I think it goes beyond annoying and well into agonizing. He said his biggest enemy is staphylococcus. I can only imagine what a breeding ground for infection those cracked feet are.

      All joking aside in my initial introduction, my heart really goes out to this man.

  • I don’t know if he’s joking or what, but getting electrocuted enough for it to come out your foot, you don’t live through it.
    I’ve been an electrician over 30 years and have never seen or heard of anything thing like that.
    If the voltage is high enough, it can blow the bottom of your feet right off, but it has to be in the thousands of volts to get to ground through your boots.
    The skin melts, and you get severe burns, it doesn’t callus up.
    I can **ZIT**ure his feet didn’t get that way from electricity.
    He just has super thick callus’s that he’s using acid to get rid of.

    • I think you should keep an open mind.
      Crazy stuff happens when a person cooks (tissues dehydrate, cell walls burst turning cells to mush, body sends fluid to make up for the missing fluid to give something for protein to hold onto, repeat, repeat, repeat until the burn source is removed).
      Here in the Land of Lakes, we see more skin burns from cold than heat. “Frost bite” is an extreme dehydration to skin just like a burn. If you take a look at frostbite pictures, as skin goes through the healing/hydration process, calluses develop as the body tries to balance the protecting-the-skin (like blisters) to preserving hydration (like calluses. Once the inside bits are healed up, the outer bits can return to normal, but it takes a long time. Crazy stuff.
      I hope you never, ever get electrocuted. Be safe!

    • I know someone from my hometown of New Orleans (actually the subburbs) and he was the mayor. I was friends with him because he would do notary work for my company, well years ago..(I swear this is true) he was flying a toy plane that had a long thin wire extended from the control to the plane,(this was the late 70’s, not many radio controlled toys then) with his son and it was struck with lightning and it blew out the bottoms of both feet. Now I have no idea of how many volts etc. It, of course, was all over the news and he was in intensive care for a while. He made a full recovery but he did have problems with his feet from then on..He never discribed anything quite like this (and I did not see his feet ever) but apparently where the lightning went thru, the skin there didnt grow very well and he did get some callouses, it was his bodys only way of protecting his feet..freaky I know. But if I have learned one thing from this site (and believe me Ive learned way more than just 1 thing) its that Im always amazed at the human body and what it can produce.

      • Like Genacyst says, I guess I should not jump to conclusions just because I’ve never seen that happen.
        If his feet were initially burned, could the skin that was burnt, turn to callus?
        I’ve never heard of anything like that.
        This has got me curious now.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. There would be burns present – not callouses. I also wonder what he means by “acid treatment.” This guy needs to consult a podiatrist in a big way.

      Perhaps a potato peeler would be more effective than the knife? 😉

      A while back, I had a nasty callous on the side of my foot near my ankle that would crack and cause me grief. I eventually dealt with it by using a Dremel tool until it got close to the skin. Then I used shea **ZIT**er over many days and was eventually able to grind it down completely with an exfoliating “cheese grinder” type gizmo (which actually looks like the same one he is using). The Dremel was remarkably effective with a heavy sandpaper bit – although it did generate a lot of heat which was the only pain I experienced while using it.

      • The “acid” treatment is probably similar to salicylic acid, the main ingredient in many acne creams and skin preparations. He told me his pharmacist compounds the ointment with another ingredient and he applies this to his feet and wraps them in Saran wrap overnight. He said it burns like fire ants. Poor man. I have severe and permanent foot damage from serious injuries and surgeries, and burning neuropathy. I feel so much sympathy for people with foot pain.

        There are so many nerves in our feet to help us and protect us from injury but when the nerves themselves get injured the pain can be unimaginable.

        Sounds like you dealt with your severe callous in a pretty effective way!
        Being diabetic (we have all seen on this site what kind of infections can stem from uncontrolled blood sugar!) I keep my blood sugars in very tight control and my feet clean, manicured, soft and absolutely callous free.

        I make my own soaps, lotions, scrubs, etc and Shea **ZIT**er is in practically all of them. It’s great stuff.

        I have heard that aspirin rubbed on warts can remove them. Aspirin has salicylic compounds in it as well. As a matter of fact,
        ( spelling?) Are in so many of our daily products is hard to not use them. They are naturally produced by plants as well.

        I wonder if rubbing a callous with an aspirin would work. Worth a try I suppose.


  • maybe this is a fungal infection gone very wrong.
    in which case i hope he gets whatever is growing in his skin and causing that condition cultured so he can take the correct medical treatment to help him get some relief.

  • In the past when I have walked (barefoot, around the house) but not much, the dead skin on the bottom of my feet didn’t have enough friction to wear off, so I developed plates of dead skin with cracks where it had to flex. The cracks only went through the dead stuff (didn’t break the good skin) and all of the skin under the plates was fine. It took some soaking, etc to loosen the plates and then they had to be pried off (like in the first video) and pumiced. I had to do it several times over a period of days. When it was all off, the soles of my feet were completely smooth like baby feet – no lines or anything.
    I can’t imagine the hard, crusty stuff like this. I imagine this person was taller and their shoes didn’t fit right.

  • That’s wild. I’ve never seen anything like this. I can only imagine how miserable it is to walk on those feet. Fascinating find @jiffypop. I always learn new things on PTZ.

  • omg at first i thought he had that tree man infection but read it’s caused from electracution wow poor guy that has to be painful and i must admit i puked in my mouth a little bit in the beginning i also thought at first it could be a really bad case of athlets foot lol boy was i wrong great find JIFFYPOP smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Poor guy. I live in Kenner, Louisiana, which is about 30 minutes outside of New Orleans. Wellm during Hurricane Issac, we lost power for 7 miserable days in the blazing September heat. Since I take blood pressure pills, I sensitive to the sun. I got the worst sunburn I had ever had with second and third degree burns on my chest, arms, shoulders, face, and back. When my burn started healing the skin looked like that. He should get some cream called silver sulfadiazine. Worked like a charm. I hope he feels better. EW

    • Hi Susan, I have a couple of questions, 1st, isn’t Kenner, LA where the Coushata is? Also, the silver sulfadiazine, is that like Silver Colidial (sp)?
      If it is silver colodial, gotta be careful with that stuff, it will turn your skin blue, like in purple, fig blue. I saw a man on Youtube, he was on world news..he had treated a skin disorder with the silver colodial, poor guy was Papa Smurf blue. You can search it on Youtube and see the guy…kinda cool, but kinda creepy too…

  • Electrocution! One of my co-workers was electrocuted at work and died.Therefore, this guy was lucky. Although his foot needs alot of work and followup care, at least he’s here to take care of his foot.
    I enjoyed these videos thoroughly. After the first one, I thought “I want more” and as I scrolled down, there were more videos! And I enjoyed them all. I just wish I were there so I could have gotten the debris off…
    Thanks for this unusual post.

  • I have no idea about these sorts of things, but everytime he started to s**ZIT**e, by the end of the video he’d make just a little bit progress. I wanted to find him a small orbital sander or something with some power. his knife blade, the clipper arm or the manual sanding device he was using just don’t capture enough of the dead skin unless he was going to be going at it for hours. I also agree about sanitation, pointing an unsanitized blade into the crevases, picking at it with an ungloved hand. but it certainly is unique!!

  • OMG, I want to help him peel off that skin. I don’t understand why he can’t grab the skin at the loose edges and then peel it. Is the skin that thick such that if he dug at it and peeled it, he would bleed? I’m a big skin picker and it was frustrating to watch him file and pick with little success. I’m wondering whether his wife has helped him with it, or maybe he just wants to deal with it by himself. **ZIT** bless him.

  • Very, very, rarely, do I get totally grossed out. This, sent me all the way into gag reflex & major eye watering. Feet have never been my favorite thing to begin with. This, was just too much, I couldn’t take it anymore after half of the 1st video. I feel really, really, bad for the man, just not bad enough to watch anymore.

  • I wonder if it will ever get better? It seemed to be one step forward and one back. I can’t imagine trying to stand or walk on that foot. My heart goes out to him, I know how debilitating life can be when your feet are not healthy. All the best to him! Thanks for the post! The follow up videos all in one place is really appreciated.

  • In the medical profession, this is commonly know as, “Biscuit Feet.” Do not let your heart strings be tugged. The only thing that should be tugging is the corner of your mouths, where this guy set the hook. YES….you’ve all been had. I watched all of this person’s videos and never saw one drop of real blood. He simply worked up a batch of flour and water (biscuit dough) and stood in it. Then, waited until it dried…and, voila!! Instant foot scales. What upsets me is that I have treated people with the REAL condition and it is VERY painful. Not ONE of them would be so brave as to take a cheese grater and begin to just s**ZIT**e away. They would be bleeding like crazy. So, actually, just to draw some attention to himself, he has made a mockery of the poor sould who really do suffer from this maladay.
    SHAME ON YOU, sir!


      • If it were flour, the water he ran over it would’ve washed off. The skin is split in one shot as well. As to the pain and blood, this is dead skin.

    • Wow! I have texted him back and forth a bit in the comments section and he told me the cracks are very painful. I suggested asking his doc for 5% lidocaine ointment to m**ZIT**age into the cracks and possibly soaking is feet in a dead sea salt solution with a bit of tea tree oil.

      As a doctor, what do you think of my suggestions to him if he really were (is) suffering from a disease. Also, what is the name of the real condition and what causes it? What is the treatment for such a malady?

      Personally, I don’t think his feet looked like they had dried Bisquick on
      them. The deep fissures looked pretty realistic. I am thinking all of the dried flour would flake away when he whittled with the blade.

      I think I will try an experiment and see if I can do this to my feet and get the same results. I will post a video if I do.


      • If you will notice, I specifically put the term, Biscuit Feet, in quotations. Not that I was actually quoting someone, but in sarcasm. Have you not ever seen someone speaking in sarcastic tones and use their fingers as “quotation marks?” That means, NOT REALLY. So…No, there is no medical term for this. However, you would be shocked at the amount of people who have emotional imbalances, who seek the attention of physicians so desperately that they will regularly make up ailments, hypochondria, just to be examined. Therefore, we are highly trained to look for little things that show a supposed illness or injury to be fake or falsified. This doesn’t mean the patient is not ill. This simply means the patient is not ill with what they are “presenting” with.
        I simply give my opinion. In my opinion, this individual does NOT have an acute case of , “Mocc**ZIT**in Tinea Pedis,” which is what he appears to be trying to draw attention to. I challenge ANY of you to google the term, Mocc**ZIT**in Tinea Pedis, and find even ONE image that comes close to what this person is presenting. EDUCATE yourselves on this one. This is not legitimate. The bleeding and pain would be astronomical. Believe me or not….it makes no difference to me one way or another. However, I do encourage you to research it for yourselves instead of just taking a picture as fact.

    • Seriously, you have a large amount of people that make up batches of biscuit dough, stand in it until it dries and then come to see you for treatment thinking you will not notice it is fake? So much so you have coined a phrase for it?

      • @Justis, I was thinking the exact same thing! So many people do this flour and water thing that there is a medical term for it called “Biscuit Feet”????? Never in my life have I heard someone going to the ER with this disorder? And for what reason?? To get pain meds??? Thats the only thing I hear about when people fake an illness and go to a doctor. If a doctor couldnt tell it was flour and water within 10 seconds…I dont think I would want that dr to treat me..all they would have to do is put some water on it and “Voila” it would disappear. This guy has a REAL MEDICAL PROBLEM. I feel bad for him. I too have watched these video over and over (cant help myself) and believe me its real.

      • I’ll just say it lwhat the guy is doing. But, they overdo it and then give themselves away with it. A case of MTP of this magnitude would be hospitalized and praying to **ZIT** for his feet to not be cut off.
        But….people are going to believe what they want to believe.
        I meant no disrespect to the guy. I just hate the fakers out there confusing people. I only try to speak up and admire a surgeons good work, and to OUT a faker. 😉 so…..all I can do is my best.

      • @Dr. Len, I respect your position as a medical professional and typically wouldn’t challenge your opinion as a medical professional. The only reason why I am saying anything is I have a similar situation with my feet right now. It isn’t nearly as bad, by any means, but for no reason that I can think of, I get a rough dry itchy scaly spot and then before you know it, the skin is cracked and the cracks are deep since foot skin is so tough and thick. If I take off the dead stuff, if just a tiny piece of live tissue gets removed, the whole process starts over and it is so painful, shoes are not an option.

        Right now, i have Neo Sporin all over the area with large bandaids covering it and an ace bandage around the foot to keep it all in place. Actually, this guys condition is much worse than mine, but whatever he puts on there, he is able to s**ZIT**e most of the skin off. So, I still stand by my original comment, this is real, it is real painful too. I can’t see removal of the foot unless gangrene sets in…just my opinion..

    • I disagree. When people are injured or in pain, just “living with it” can reduce their quality of life to ZERO. This leads to depression, drug/alcohol abuse and even suicide. If he were to ignore the scales on his feet they would dry, harden and created huge, bleeding fissures. He would most likely not be able to walk, much less go to work. I know what chronic pain and injury can do to a person. I have lived with both for over 12 years. Being pro-active and at least trying to fight back is the first sword blow in a very long and permanent war against having one’s life stolen.

  • Pedi-sickness
    Scaly feet
    That is my lure
    Like a mildew buildup – worse –
    This man has a pedi-curse
    Chisel, sandblast, file it off
    But be sure to catch the slough
    In a bucket, box or bowl
    Then display it for us all
    It will doubtless be a hit
    On this website, Pop That Zit.

  • This gentleman may have been electrocuted but it looks to me like he has a severe case of psoriasis. I have psoriasis, thank **ZIT** I have never had it on the bottoms of my feet but at its worst about 1/3 of my body was covered in it. I had a place on my stomach about the size of a dinner plate that scaled and peeled just like this. I was on Enbrel for about 2 years which cleared about 75% of it. I have now been on Humira for about 2 years. Other than some small spots on my elbows I am mostly clear. He should really ask his doctor about trying Humira. There is even a patient **ZIT**ist program through Humira that will pay for the medication if you cant afford it.

  • I am curious on how long he has been battling this callous growth on his feet, as in, was he electrocuted 3 months or 3 years ago? I hope that it does not become a chronic condition as I cannot imagine walking on it. Perhaps he could try walking on a beach barefoot to see if the sand could help exfoliate? Though at this stage, it does appear like a doctor is needed.

  • Great series of videos! Thanks for posting them- totally fascinating!

    As far as the guy goes– bless his heart, that looks incredibly uncomfortable. I hope it gets better for him soon!

  • This also looks like plaque psoriasis or some other skin disorder. i have plaque psoriasis and my feet havent been effected like this. He really needs to see a dermatologist then go from there. Using the hi acids and s**ZIT**ing with a dirty pocket knife is only making his body want to produce more skin cells. That has to be so uncomfortable.

    • Don’t coat the bottoms of your feet with Bisquick and let it dry.
      Then….you’ll be just fine.

      For all of the “believers” in these vids, I have been a Doc for 25 years. And, I have NEVER……NEVER EVER, seen a case of WHATEVER like this! Not in any text book, not in any examination room and not in any ER!!

      I am shocked at what people believe. I guess they believe what they WANT to believe. I just don’t understand it. Of course, most Doctors that have worked with the general public can become quite cr**ZIT**. A poor bedside manner, if you will. It’s mainly because of the constant attempt to separate the real from the mental.

  • Here is something funny for y’all. Did anyone notice ole dude farted int he 3rd video? About 10 seconds into the vid, he cut one loose!! LMAO!!

    Sorry for the double comment, I wrote the same thing today as I did a couple of days ago..oh well, at least my story is consistant.

  • this condition is called hyperkeratosis and the only way he can fix his feet, not cure, is by having a laser surgery to remove the thick plantar skin, and then use several medicinal creams for life. I love to see his videos but I wish him the best, go to the doctor…

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