PTZ’s Advent – Dec 4th: “Slowly, But Surely…”

December 4th
Quiste en la cara or “Slowly, But Surely…

A nice cyst on the face, produces really good amounts of goo, but this guy did not want to squeeze it with enough effort! 😀 He gets there, but I wanted to jump in & squeeze it myself!! Ha ha! Just one, great big squeeze!!! He appears to be in a car popping. It’s a foreign language, but the people in the car aren’t loud, aren’t cursing, no gag noises & are just enjoying the ride & the ‘show’!! At least there is one ‘muy explosión excelente’… splurt!! ENJOY!! 😀 HAPPY POPPING!!! 😀

YT Commentary:
“Operacion de quiste en un coche de viaje. 2Horas de duracion en total de la operacion!”
YT Commentary, Translated:
“Cyst operation on a car trip. 2hours of total duration of the operation!”

RUNTIME: 5min 11sec

TITLE: “Quiste en la cara”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 24, 2012 by girondens


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