PTZ’s Advent – Dec. 9th: “You Got a Reaaaaal Purty Pus Pocket…”

December 9th “You Got a Reaaaaal Purty Pus Pocket…”

Immediately showing us the good stuff… But then there is the digging….that skeezed me out….and am still debating if my love of pus overrules it. All signs point to yes.

So without further nonsensical nonsense from me: Ladies and gents, meet grandpa’s infection. He got it making a chocolate cake somehow. Nonetheless… if I had a slice of yummy cake AND this entertainment, I’d call that a perfect night!!

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Surgery of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
…PS: VOLUME Concerns – Be Aware…
*** WARNING! ***

“So my dad made german chocolate cake, and out of doing so, received a minor cut that turned into a big problem.”

RUNTIME: 5min 35sec

TITLE: “Most DISGUSTING Infection meets the NEEDLE!”
YT INFO: Published on November 23, 2012 by LecaLexx

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  • Very good video, only the lady with her “MMMMMMMMM”……..
    But it left me also with a question:
    Didn’t the infection hurt when grabbing things? Because that place really s*cks of all places where you can get an infection.

    Sorry for any mistakes in my posts. English isn’t my best with writing. School was 21 years ago (man, am i getting old), and many things changed after that.

  • Efteling: Your English is better than most Americans, believe me…

    German chocolate cake injury? WTH? Well, maybe the icing dripped in the cut and that’s how it happened…

    Actually my mom made the BEST german chocolate cake and the icing is to die for – drippy, nutty, caramel-y goodness!

    That’s one nasty thing, that is (the thing on his hand)…

    Yeah what’s up with MMMMM lady? Maybe she had something in her mouth so she wouldn’t urp up?

    • She might have been remembering the cake???? Seeing the boo boo made her remember how it got there and the cake was yummy… and she was actually saying Mmmmmmm good !!LOL !! Just a guess, but it was kinda getting to me a little, however watching the puss Im able to tone it out.

    • I think she was the one with the **ZIT**oo….she only mmmm’d when the hand was touched. And the hands do look like feminine ‘farm hands’. I know quite a few farm ladies whose hands look just like hers. (I’m from the middle of Wisconsin.) I do think I prefer the ‘oh my god’ to ‘mmmm’ though lol

  • Not a fun place to have an infection – but i found myself getting distracted looking at the clubbed fingernails and marvelous veins! You could start an iv on him blindfolded! Nice find, Sir P.

  • Ouch! The wound is right smack dab in the middle of the hand. You don’t realize how much you do with the middle of the hand until you hurt it. Yes, I am speaking from experience!

  • At first (of course I didnt read first…big surprise) I thought it was a burn blister. Of course anything in that area is QUITE painful. A few months back (I have an electric stove with gl**ZIT** top) I was in a hurry and had turned the burner off so it was not red, but still VERY hot and I brushed my hand across the burner…OM Heavens, that was the most painful thing I can think of. I had to hold a face towel with ice all night long and rest my hand on a beach towel to catch the melting ice. That was the only slightest relief I could get..I was near screaming in pain. The palm and especially the fingers have so many nerve endings that its truely one of the most painful areas to have an injury. I feel for this man…he must have been in pain for quite some time and as it seemed he still was while popping this. Hope he is better now. Can get infections there easily too…just think of all the things your hands touch in a day…hand railings and money!!! The germs??? I still wonder how he got it and what kind of “minor cut” he got to cause this??? Enquiring minds want to know?? LOL ! Thanks for posting Sirpimplenicker, I enjoyed it.

    • Yes! Fungal infection on at least one nail. Hardly a sterile environment to be messing around with an infection. Oh, and, paper towels… they’re not sterile either. Hope he’s got a good immune system…

      Damn that looks painful…. I’d be cripple with something like that… not to say what it’d do to my **ZIT** life… Had to say it… ;-0

  • For some reason, hand injuries just make me squeamish. It could have a been a burn, or a kitchen tool injury. I hope the cake was good- and that the hand heals well.

  • OMG which part of ‘dirty’isn’t getting through.Finger nails and everything looked like they’d been used to dig the garden never mind cooking a cake!
    There r around 60,000 nerve endings in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.
    I’m really surprised that the whole hand wasn’t really swollen and there weren’t red track lines going up the arm!Even the pin/needle was as blunt as a tent peg& kitchen roll oh please!!!A salt water soak and a pin/needle sterilised in a flame followed by a bid old bandaid would have been better!Obviously never heard of hydrogen peroxide cheap as chips from the supermarket or the drug store would have flushed out the pus pocket.
    Must have been super painful on one of the most sensitive parts of the body.
    Very true about the bugs that would have been flooding into this cut just from one days every day life.I hate to think what a simple wound swab would have grown!I shudder to think.It makes the hairs on the back of my neck bristle just from the thought of what was teeming around this person’s blood stream!
    I wonder how many times it needed draining or did this guy finally realise that this needed a doctor not a chef.One hopes that eventually this was properly treated before the ‘rot’ set in.If not I’d say his days of cooking chocolate cakes German or otherwise would be severely cut short!Sorry about the pun!!!!

  • MMMMMMMMMM, ya think they should check the expiry date on the dairy ingredients? How does one get an infection from a cake anyway? Avian flu, yes. German chocolate sebac, no.

  • LecaLexx, Grampa needs to be on antibiotics for that very deep wound. If the infection migrates any deeper it could permanently interfere with the functioning of his hand. Please have this attended to – even if looks like it is healing on the surface.
    SirPimpleNicker, this was a great find on your part. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • hahaha that girl in back ground mmmm mmmm mmmm she is having a ptz **ZIT** moment **ZIT** and wow that had to hurt looks like he needed a helping hand great find SIRPIMPLENICKER smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and all the angels and saints of the most high **ZIT** in heaven above, save us and preserve us.

    Major distress. This is flexor tenosynovitis. Go ahead. Google it. Now you understand why I am very, very distressed to see this.

    PTZ can serve a useful purpose. Zitpopping is a normal, human/simian behavior. There are place you don’t do this. You don’t pop a zit in the triangle formed by the corners of your mouth and the bridge of your nose; and you don’t pop zits when you have a medical emergency. Which flexor tenorsynovitis certainly is. This is not fun. This is loss of function, with sequelae that…..

    Look, I had a pt come in once who had had this. And it healed up, “got all better.”

    No, it did not. The deep **ZIT**es of the hand (palmar and thenar) contain an astonishingly-great capacity to hide, store and incubate purulent material. You take this pt to the ER stat, open the palm and debride like you’re some kind of barbarian horde. One fellow I worked with would spend a few hours pulling the junk out of the hand, and then irrigate with FULL STRENGTH betadine. This new patient had a hand that was not all better. The infection had fulminated in the deep **ZIT**es for months, doing irreparable damage to tendons and sheaths, as well as nerve and vascular bundles. He transferred to a public hospital for course of IV vancomycin, so I don’t know the outcome, but the statistics are bad, more than half of “untreated” cases lose the hand or much of it, and mortality is quite high as well.

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