Candles Are for Ambience – Not Ears!

Should you get the urge to perform the Hopi Ear Candling ceremony, or just try and do some at home ear care with “specialized ear candles”… don’t. You are more likely to burn yourself or worse, not remove a bunch of impacted wax. Please consult a professional… and don’t forget the video camera! (lol!!) 😉

Thanks for the great vid, Justis!!!

“Nick removes wax after man deafens himself trying to use a hopi candle…Dont risk it get a healthcare professional to check your ears.”

RUNTIME: 3min 27sec

TITLE: “Ear wax removal – Hopi Candle gone wrong”
YT INFO: Published Nov 17,2012 by Nick Chitty

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  • The magnification was incredible! I kept thinking a **ZIT**roach was going to appear because we were right on top of the wax. Poor guy – deaf from the candle technique. Hot wax must have penetrated the ear drum.

  • Ive seen many vidoes about this candle wax technique….Each time, I get an awful feeling about them…Somehow it just didnt seem right to me…very dangerous to try that. You cant control much…Hot wax hitting the ear drum????? How can anyone think that this sounds like a good idea?? I mean red flags popping up immediately! I know that some people swear by them, at least from the videos Ive seen. They show what comes out after and to me it just looks like the wax you just put in….candle wax…not ear wax! And it takes forever to do this process. So glad to see Nick back…Ive missed him. Thanks for the post. and WELCOME BACK NICK!!!

  • Hello Dr Nick! (Sorry couldn’t help myself, I’m a Simpson’s fan!). Like many comments above, I’ve always felt inherent danger about ear candling. Thanks for the post Justis & demonstrating just how dangerous this practice can be.

  • Have to say I have used the candles for years and never had a problem. I find them very good for headaches. Also they are not like normal candles, there is not hot wax, dripping or any other type. They are made from 100% cotton or linen, dipped in herbs and sometimes aromatherapy oil. they are hand rolled and are hollow. The also have a platic filter inside and when they burn the ash is like silk.

  • I was encouraged by a friend to try this technique, a few years ago when I had an overgrowth (?) of wax, but I went to my PCP instead, and she blew it out with a big syringe barrel full of betadine soap and water–PHEW! Never knew something skooshing through the ear could be so thrilling! All the way to my toes it tickled!
    Interesting post!

  • Ear candling is utterly bogus. It doesn’t “suck ear wax” out. It deposits more wax in there! And the idea that the American indians did this is even more ridiculous.

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