Dr. Yadav’s “Black Heads On Nose…”

Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav’s:
“Black Heads On Nose – Diagram & Removal”

Dr. Yadav continues to churn up and pop out more wonderful large comedonal extraction videos, and we continue to enjoy the fabulous fruits of his labour (of love, methinks!) PTZ hearts Dr. V.S. Yadav, without a doubt! 🙂

“Outer layer of skin is epidermis, in which lies hair follicles, hair shaft, sebaceous glands, so hair follicles & sebaceous glands form a unit known as pilosebaceous unit. Sebaceous gland secrets the oily material, the se**ZIT** or the keratin, which when ac**ZIT**ulated in sebaceous duct & follicular duct leads to the formation of black heads & white heads which are also known as open & closed comedones, they are now being removed with the help of comedone extractor. You can understand the pilosebaceous unit with the help of diagram shown in the video, we have written informed consent from the candidate shown in the video to show the video here.”

RUNTIME: 1min 17sec

TITLE: “Black Heads On Nose – Diagram & Removal”
YT INFO: Repaired, Re-Uploaded Copy – Published on Feb 5,2013 by Vikram Yadav

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  • Halphie, where did the time go? One minute I’m watching it and the next, it’s gone… oh well, I shall just haveta watch it again!! Thanks for another great Dr. Yadav post.

    • That is what happens when you are so quick on those new posts… you get caught in tiny time and **ZIT**e warps (aka… Halphie sez “Ooops! I forgot to add this….” *hits “Update”* There”…

      …and on the other side of the screen Popfiend screams “Halphie!!!!!!!”

      😉 Hugs
      ~ H.S.

    • I totally agree I love his videos , but would love to see him tape from start to finish with one person that has a lot of blackheads on thier face that need to be extracted , would totally love it !!!!!

  • That was a lovely harvest he showed at the end, but alas, once again he only showed the completion of it, not the ac**ZIT**ulation of it. He gets SUCH wonderful patients, blackhead-wise; honestly, I think I could die happy if he just took one of those particularly loaded faces and cleaned it up from start to finish in one sitting.

    But I still have to thank him for showing us what he does — his patients have gloriously m**ZIT**ive blackhead collections, and it’s always a pleasure to watch him squeeze them out!

    • I agree debivc78! I don’t care if the wonderful Dr. V.S. Yadav gives us a post that’s 1 minute long or 18 minutes long-I love everything he has the time to give us & upload. Thank you Dr Yadav for being a PTZ member & continuing to give us educational & excellent popping posts 🙂

  • What a pleasant surprise . . little bit of blackhead extraction on a Thursday night. Kinda like stumbling on a candy bar you forgot you stashed for a rainy day. Thanks Dr. Yahav. My dream is to help you remove a few hundred of those immense dreamy comedones with my new **ZIT**anium and stainless steel extractor. I want to wear it completely out. I dream of using it until it snaps in two like a dry twig. Ahhh………..

  • Another fine video from Dr. Y. I liked his little diagram, and there were some choice blackheads extracted. I also like his still pictures of the results. I, too, long for a longer video just concentrating on one of those blackhead filled areas of the face, showing each and every blackhead being extracted.

  • Thank you Dr Yadav! You’ve shared yet another of your wonderful videos with us and for that I am grateful! You’ve made my day today complete! I’m looking forward to your next post!

  • Another fine video, but for me, seeing the blackheads already popped is not gratifying. If only he could show a complete case! I like to watch his videos, but if he could just show one complete case it would be better. I don’t know why these things are so gratifying but I suspect it is our nature to want to make the body healthy and rid them of infections, etc. I would love to further understand the psychology of this! Seeing a cyst already cut out and then popped is not gratifying either. I hope that one day he can show us a complete case from start to finish on one patient. Thanks again, Dr. Yadav!

    • Yes, my therapist thinks I’m waiting my time but I cat explain it either…hubby doesn’t get it either…

      Wondering if ths s the same gentleman we’ve seen before – if it s, boy the doc has performed miracles for sure!

  • Dr. Yadav: I want to squeeze; I want to extract; I want to watch; I want to touch; I want to smell; I want to enjoy; I want to keep; I to film; I want to do**ZIT**ent; I want to promote; I want to teach; I want to do; I want to be…but since I can’t be…You….I will be honored to follow, worship and adore.

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