First BTE of the Year… and Second!

A nice behind the ear (BTE for those of you new to PTZ! Welcome!) popping session, where you can tell this guy likes his popping… and especially the pus! He does some great “show me” fingers, plus his technique isn’t half bad. Good camera work, no screamin’ me-me-me’s on the scene either, LOL. There is a younger person present, who despite a few “Ewww!”statements and a bit of coughing (not full gagging, so it might be unrelated), seems like a Future Popologist!! Calk up another one folks!

All in all – an enjoyable BTE from a guy who we will probably be seeing again! Enjoy everyone!

BONUS!: Found a prior pop, same ear, different pus pocket. However – minor warning that there is some >>ADULT LANGUAGE<<< in this one (just in case you have the youngsters within hearing distance!). I guess Grandma's house has some rules on swearing, perhaps? 🙂 YT COMMENTARY:
“Check out this action packed never ending pimple! Make sure you wait for the mirror blast lol!”

RUNTIME: 9min 39sec

TITLE: “Pimple Popping at Grandma’s House LOL!!”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 2, 2013 by jillzy10

BONUS! “4am Pimple Popping Session WIN”
“Stayed tuned..we think its going to refill lol!…”
RUNTIME: 4min 39sec

TITLE: “4am Pimple Popping Session WIN”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 2,2012 by jillzy10

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