Going Inside the Cyst… Again!

There is nothing more enjoyable to watch than a medical professional, especially a doctor, who so enjoys not only exploring (ahem, playing with) the contents of a sebaceous cyst removed intact from a patient – but shares the experience!!! The first time Dr. Sankaqm5 (look at the video, he does put this **ZIT**le up sometimes… I may be blonde, but I don’t go for the extra bleaching hehehaha)… anyways, he did this before and here is the link:

“Squirting a Sebaceous Cyst Just For Fun!” ~ Second video down. The first vid is the extraction surgery. Posted to PTZ by 3cysterscafe!

This cyst is way bigger, and so there is way more fun. Makes sense, right? :)!!

Hope you like it, my New Year’s Resolution Procrastinating Cysters and Blisters!!! Whooop! And let’s get this basic observation out of the way… it isn’t a *ahem* from the male anatomy. But yes, we are all thinking it and I am leaving it there. *snicker* 😉

Shout out to Deb p – who also submitted this video, and is a real fan! Kudos, Deb!

~~~ CAUTION! ~~~
This Video Contains Unusual Subject Material.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
WBC & CWR, Thanks!
~~~ CAUTION! ~~~

RUNTIME: 5min 24sec

TITLE: “Inside Cyst Part 2”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 3,2013 by sankaqm5

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  • Does anyone remember the fad for pet rocks in the 1970’s, and after that Chia Pets and after that Tamagotchi?

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to introduce to you the new inanimate object pet craze of the New Year: The Pet Cyst!

    Your entire kit, so you can play dermatologist at home, includes a month’s supply of replenishable surgical gloves, gauze and cotton swabs for taking cultures.

    The Pet Cyst itself has a moist, rubbery, skin-like feel and comes with just the right size opening (not too large, not too small) so you can enjoy squeezing just the way you like it: hard for squirts, soft for steady oozing–because YOU are in control.

    But wait! The best part about the Pet Cyst is that it also comes with a month’s supply of replenishable PAYLOAD! That’s right, once you’ve squeezed it all out, you can fill it up again from the bottom and empty it all out onto the gauze. And its realistic aroma of se**ZIT** and putrefaction is guaranteed to fill up your bathroom or other favorite squeezing spot. (Please keep out of reach of children or pets who might want to–well, just keep out of reach of children or pets.)

    To order the Pet Cyst or to restock on payload and other squeezing supplies, just call 1-800-PETCYST or visit us online at http://www.petcyst.com. (LOL!)

    • You neglected to tell us the price OR if there is a special on right now. If I am the 50th caller, will you send me 2 fer? Just pay seperate shipping and handling fees?

      🙂 Very cute! Not sure why anyone would thumbs down this, because it was genius! Speaking of CHIA pets, I watch this realty show called DUCK DYNASTY, it is a hoot. All of the men have huge redneck beards and they have a CHIA Willy Robertson. It is hilarious to see them advertise. The show is genius, everyone truly is original. There is no cussing, no disrespect, no fighting, no drinking and no drugging, it is al about making duck callers and making a bunch of rednecks rich and HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! Oh yeah, and watching Miss Kaye fry bullfrogs!!

  • Wow a shout out! Thanx poppintime!

    Three observations:

    1. Loupus, you’re gonna have to keep me supplied in Depends I swear, you make me laugh so hard…

    2. When one works 3-11:30pm and one has restless leg syndrome, what better way to spend a sleepless night wandering around the house with new iPad mini watching our obsession videos. Then to find this dream video, well…

    3. Just made beef bourguignon and that thing looks exactly like a beef cube…

    Ahhhhhh heaven

  • It has taken me all these years to finally figure out why many doctors perpetually keep you waiting in their waiting rooms. If they take an extra 10 minutes after each patient, to play with…… oops, I mean do research, on the surgical specimens left behind by said patient, the minutes quickly turn into hours. I thought they were supposed to carry these specimens home in their empy lunch buckets and do this work in the evening. Live and learn.
    Seriously, this was interesting to watch and thanks for posting it.

  • Thank you poppintime! I just love seeing the cyst contents squeezed out. That cyst seemed to have an unusually thick wall-I can’t imagine that cyst wall breaking off if it was being removed opened from the arm, leg etc. like we see so many do. Regardless, heaps of fun! Thanks for another great post poppintime 🙂

  • This should be required viewing by all DIY poppers.
    It shows the importance of:
    1. Making a big enough hole
    2. Squeezing hard enough
    3. How much can still be left inside after you think it’s done

  • I don’t know what it is about these DR’s from India but they sure do love the joy/pleasure of a good Cyst/Blackhead…..Cool!
    and it seems that the climate in India is great for the production of
    world cl**ZIT** Blackheads, It could be India’s greatest export to the USA
    other the food.

  • I forgot to thank you cyster poppintime <3, Great post!!

    Also, does anyone else just love to here this doctor say: PUNCTEM?? or is it PUNKTIM?? Either way, it is another proper way of saying pus!!

  • The tissue looks very tough and rubbery. That bad boy was in for many, many years to get that thick, tough skinned. I don’t think the doctor could have squeezed the cheeze out if all they did was puncture the top of the cyst. Cheeze is ancient like cement. Wonder if had a bad odor?

    Dr is the KEWLEST taking out the cyst then popping it. He was giving it all his might to empty it. Great videos are timeless and never tire of watching them 😉

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