HAPPY 2013 from Dr. Vikram Yadav! Billions of Blackheads!

Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav’s
“Billions Of Black Heads- Small Movie”

There is no better way to kick off the New Year (as some of us shake off nasty hangovers, holiday blues, and the must and moss of a year finally gone by) than with our favorite giant blackhead extractor and PTZ’s own pus loving Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav!

As promised, he has created quite the lovely film as a gift to all of his numerous fans ~ so ENJOY!!! 2013 is shaping up to be the best year ever!!!

“This is a black head 18 minutes film, watch out billions of black heads on forehead, biggest black heads on eyelids being extracted out.
You need to have a container, water, burner, towels, soap, isopropyl alcohol, comedone extractor, gloves and a guy with blackheads on face.
Boil the water in container, this will convert the water to vapour state, tilt yourself on container so that face can be exposed to vapours, put towel on head as shown in video, this will loosen the black heads from pores.
Wash your hands properly, wear gloves and start extraction of comedones, by applying gentle pressure on skin, procedure is painless, in between sterilize the comedone extractor by dipping in iso propyl alcohol.
We have written informed consent from all the candidates shown in the video to put the video on youtube.”

RUNTIME: 18min 55sec

TITLE: “Billions Of Black Heads- Small Movie ”
YT INFO: Posted Dec 31, 2012 by shaziajafrey8

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  • “…like stars in the sky. Like bees in the hive.”

    The man is the Davinci of blackheads! I want to become a dermatologist and move to India!

    (or take up smoking and working outside!)

    • I loved the part how get the pores open and close getting the comedones out.

      Most of all is explanation that comedones are not a result of poor hygine. The sun is believably scorchingly hat,

  • This was terrific! As always, Dr. Yadav delivers the se**ZIT**! However, I’d love to see one complete extraction session on one patient with solar comedones on the nose. Then I’d love to see how the patient looked afterward. Also, I sometimes wish he’d dig a little deeper, mindful of not hurting his patient, to get all the goo out of the pore.

  • Thank you Dr. Yadav, for this extended video on the causes and extraction of comedones. This is a video I will have to look at more than two or three times, in order to get most of the information you offered us. My wife thinks this site is just about boils and pus. However, there are so many videos like this one, where I see and hear medical offerings I can get nowhere else. I truly enjoyed the first part showing the farmers working in the hot sun. If you think the sun is hot in North America, you owe it to yourself to experience India. Somehow, the sun seems to have more intensity in the southern hemisphere. Dr. Yadav, you are truly a man of the people. I know of no other Dr. who goes the extra mile to educate by video, and explanation. Thank you again, for giving us this twenty minute explanation of comedones. I, for one, am looking forward to more in the coming year. I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy New Year.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  • Wow, Doctor Yadav, This was over-the-top, Beyond anything we have seen so far! I’d like to thank you very much for all the time, patience and effort you put into every video you do. Thank you once again for a job well done! You amaze me!
    Your #1 fan!
    Aka, Lee

  • To see the living conditions of these people – the racking of the sugar cane stalk in half – so interesting and he’s always in his pristine suit! They must consider him some sort of mini- god!

    Yeah Dr Y pop that huge eye blob in live action next time, OK?

    I love the grammar and usage of words too LOL

    Yes zit **ZIT**istant is a **ZIT**le profession I aspire to for sure

    • I agree with you Teresa. I was a little disappointed too. In most of the Doctors other videos, there were more extractions in just a few minutes.
      I appreciate your videos, I am just being honest about this one.
      Thanks Dr Yadav.

      The video and narration seemed to be out of sync? Was it me?

      • I agree with Gliss & Teresa…. I’m typically overwhelmed with the doc’s videos but this one left me feeling incomplete. Although his hard work is always much appreciated, this 18 min video ended up with only 5-6 min of actual popping. And even then, most of those weren’t complete. I, too, wish that he would’ve gotten the eyelid ones and BTE but he didn’t. Like I said, he usually hits it out of the park but unfortunately this one was a strike out….for me anyway. Sorry. 🙁

  • For some reason, I’ve always pictured Dr. Y older than he is. Don’t know why, I just have. It was very nice to put a face to the voice!

    What a great video, with information and education, not just pops. I appreciated both parts. Thanks for taking the time to inform us, help us understand why we’re seeing what we are, how to do it correctly and to share with us the great pops, Dr. Y. And please, thank your patients who let us share in their visits to you as well. It’s generous of them to let us into their doctor visit; most people wouldn’t be comfortable with that. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much Dr Yadav for this excellent mini film to start our 2013. It was an unexpected surprise to actually see your face (now we can picture you in the mind when listening to your familiar voice) & to see you in the fields, at your parents feet & all the other little extra’s. I loved the thumbnail too LOL!!! My favourite part (other than the extractions) was the quote “like stars in the sky. Like bees in the hive”-your a poet too! Thank you again for all the effect you put into making these fabulous videos for us, it is truly appreciated. Happy New Year to you & your family. Hope we see continue to see lots of your posts in 2013 🙂

  • It took me a couple of times to realize that he wasn’t suggesting using “estrogen” to close up the pores, but “astringent.” Haha, that makes more sense! Another awesome video, but some of those pics were big teases! I would have loved to see that big one on the eyelid popped!

  • A handsome man; someone needs to **ZIT** him up! Imagine the benifits – a learned man, and all the zit **ZIT**isting you could ever dream of! Be mad at me if you like, but I was somewhat dissapointed – I REALLY wanted to see those big monster ones annihilated…

  • I almost fainted when I saw the 2 earlobe comedones. Honestly has anything ever been so good? I would gladly pay that blackhead owner $100 for the privilege of squeezing out those 2 beauties. This video was superb – had me on the edge of my seat yelling and cheering and wishing I was there to help. Thanks Dr. Yadav!

  • Thank you Dr. Yadav for another brilliant video! I have enjoyed all of your videos. However, this by far, is my favorite. If I could give it 10 stars, I would. This is my absolute favorite video on PTZ.
    Millions of blackheads on the patient’s forehead??? OMG!
    The protruding blackheads on the eyelid and ear – let me at them!

  • I really wanted to see him extract those two huge ear blackheads, and that gigantic thing on the eyelid. Those could have been the subjects of their own videos.
    Thank you again for sharing, Dr. Y.!

  • Very informative as always. I really expected to see more blackheads being extracted. I kind of hate it when all we get is pictures of these awesome blackheads with no extraction process. It’s like waving a big juicy Tbone steak at a starving person, but not letting them eat any of it. Not my favorite but still worth watching.

  • Am i dead? Because this was blackhead-heaven and Dr. J as an angel.
    Only one thing: Who can make a soundtrack for this video? I’ll hire a cinema, make fresh popcorn, take care for the drinks and all other things.
    Imagine this; a whole cinema for us with our favorite video’s, all free!

    I wish you all a happy, healthy, blessed, wealthy and popping 2013!
    Let the world be free of terrorists, war and crazy people that shoot innocent children.

  • Whoooo Hooooo!!! That was awesome! I just wish it had lasted longer and that the good doctor had went after those beauties on the eyelids! Thank you Dr. Yadav!!!!!

  • Dr. Y always delivers. This time he made an educational video, probably getting tired of hearing people accusing the Indian farmers and other outdoor workers of poor hygiene. Thank you, Dr. Y! And also thank your great patients for allowing you to create these videos for your viewing audience.

  • @ Dr Y,

    Absolutely SPELL BOUNDING AND GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you the cameo appearances!!!!!!!

    It definitely lived up to the promise to watch 1/1/13!!!!

    MARVELOUS to begin the new year 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • If there is no Mrs. Y, I’d like to offer my hand in marriage.

    Yes, I’d like to see a complete before-and-after, and yes, I’d like to have seen the earlobe and eyelid blackheads done…but the truth is, I haven’t seen any blackhead vids that come close to Dr. Y’s. The man is a prince. Well worth our “precious time.”

    Like stars in the sky…

    • Dr Y You are so good at explaining everything in your videos. This was very educational for me and my coworkers. Thankyou very much for just being you. Loved the video THE BEST YET THANKYOU PEGGY I DO NOT KNOW HOW THEY SCORE THIS STUFF UP HANDS UP FOR AT LEAST 100 PERCENT.

  • Thank you yet again for a great video. Everything is so well explained. You are obviously a caring physician with a great bedside manner. I’m looking forward to your future films. I would also love to see some of the other procedures in your clinic. Looking great. Happy New Year.

  • All do respect to Dr. Vikram, he is the “man of the blackhead”
    I know we are spoiled and have come to expect better and better
    but I would have liked to see more pure extraction. I would have paid
    1,000,000.00 Rupie to see that large cheeser behind the ear meet it’s end.
    Thanks Dr. Vikram

  • I love that he goes from digging a hole and building a hut to giving himself a facial. I’m pretty sure he also has magic hair. I don’t know if y’all notice, but after his steam treatment with a towel over his head, his hair was still perfect and voluminous.

  • I love the good Doctor’s videos but I REALLY wish he would just use his **ZIT**ed fingers. That blackhead popper of his irritates the daylights out of me and it looks like it leaves the root of the blackheads. I would give all I own to get my hands on his victims (patients). I’d show them what one highly motivated American can do without a stainless steel blackhead popper.

  • It’s like this doctor is reading my mind – when he shows us a shot of multiple blackheads, he always zeroes in on the EXACT ones that caught my eye too! It’s such a relief. I prefer the loop extractor – I can see better with it – but I agree with Tim, get some fingers in there!!

  • Fantastic as always. Was really surprised to see how handsome Doc was. He’s obviously a very charming guy. The only disappointment was not catching the planet-sized one on the ear emerging on film. I think I may be losing sleep tonight!

  • C’mon Dr Yadav Man! I love your uploads and am a Big supporter of you!But c’mon Man Why didn’t u show the Extractions of the Earlobe and Eyelid Black Heads???Please if you have a good heart DO NOT Tease as like this!Thank You!!!

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