Lipoma From Between The Toes!!!

This is a lipoma in a odd place, between the toes. (A very rare thing, indeed!)
Another excellent example of Dr. Sankaqm work!

*** WARNING! ***
Professional Surgical Excision of Lipoma.
May be Considered Graphic,
And Contain Blood
Viewer Discretion Advised.
*** WARNING***

“This Lady has swelling in her first inter digital **ZIT**e right foot since 5 years.The swelling was slow growing, painless , mobile.She developed an ulcer at the angle which was causing discomfort in walking with foot wear.So Surgical removal of foot swelling planned.

Under Local Anesthesia Longitudinal Incision was given .The swelling was fixed with left hand to make the surgery easy while an **ZIT**istant has to retract the first toe laterally to create more surgical **ZIT**e.

On gentle steady pressure the two skin flaps get separated and the underneath swelling popped out from the underlying.It is the **ZIT**istance form left hand pressure helps a lot to dissect the swelling properly.

If dissection continued in proper plane then the removal of this type of swelling become easy , intact and blood less.

After complete removal the wound is sutured and pressure dressing is done.
The dressing changed after 48 hours .As the surgery is in foot, care to be taken to keep the wound and dressing dry and healthy for proper healing.Antibiotics prophylaxis to be given with anti inflammatory medicine.

The swellings in this area is mainly dermoid cysts, implantation dermoid.

Lipoma in inter digital **ZIT**e is rare swelling And Surgery in this area also tricky.
Lipoma in foot or web **ZIT**e present and painless mobile swelling. But in this case the developed ulcer in the angle made the patient difficulty in walking.”

RUNTIME: 2min 56sec

TITLE: “Lipoma From Foot (Inter Digital Web Space) Removal Technique”
YT INFO: Uploaded Dec 15,2012 by sankaqm5

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