Operation Push Pus Out

Aussie guy pops painfully infected zit on his face. (FYI: Moans of pain included at no extra charge… 😉 )

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Surgery of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
…PS ~ Loud, Adjust Volume Accordingly ~
*** WARNING! ***

“If you are queezy, you might not want to watch this…”

RUNTIME: 5min 15sec

TITLE: “[WARNING] The Biggest zit ever popped!”
YT INFO: Posted on Jan 11,2013 by Sean Phillips

BONUS! Action Shot!

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  • UNBELIEVABLE! We got a pimple-pus coach! “Good push there”, “Oh, good wipe!” Yeah GOOOD push. The poor guy acted like it hurt so much it was making his *AHEMS* shrivel up!
    Hope it wasn’t too hard for him, cuz it sure made for a funny vid!
    Good post, Coc**ZIT**!

    • lol… kinda like Lamaze for pus birthing. 🙂

      Wish he could’ve bit the bullet there a bit more. He was pretty close to getting it all out. However, there did appear to be some swelling further back along the jaw. Not sure if it was the same lesion or not.

  • I wondered why the guy waited so long to “Pop that Zit”, but when I saw how painful it was, I understood. It almost hurt me just watching. The camera work could have been better; I don’t get why in some posts, the middle of the screen is all that is shown, It’s like the opposite of the “letter boxing” they do in some movies shown on TV. Oh, well, all in all, I thank you for sharing, coc**ZIT**!! (:

  • Oh my heart goes out to this fella…You know it hurts bad when they do “The Dance Of Pain” as Dweedwaa said! (btw good name for it Dweedwaa). Nothing fake about that. he was in real pain. Seems to me there is a whole lot more going on there than just a pimple ?? I think I would have someone in the medical profession check this one out…needs to be on antibiotics first of all. Hope he gets better soon. Thanks for posting.

  • Great post Coc**ZIT**! That was a nice pus pop in the beginning! Yep, I would definately say he was in some major pain! He was rockin a super staph infection or something lose to it! I agree, he needs some antibiotics! I think we’ll be seeing him again!

  • Yes, there seems to be more going on then first meets the eye. By the looks of things, he might have bad dental problems. An abscessed tooth or jaw, can actually cause paralysis from the neck down. The puss is like water, and takes the easiest route out. Depends on what it is that is infected. What ever is happening, this guy needs a Dr.. Like his friend said, ” why aren’t you doing this in a hospital?” Or words to that effect. Good post coc**ZIT**. Pop on people.
    Caio Prunesquallor

    • I was actually thinking it could be a spider bite. We have some nasty **ZIT**s out here (though I think they might be Kiwis). You know what they say: In Australia, if it looks like it could kill you, it might. If it’s cute and cuddly, it will definetly kill you.

      I have a great little spider bite a few months back. Bloody thing burst before I could get the camera out! devastated!

  • Lots of pus but looks like he’s in pain. I believe the vertical videos are taken by iPhones. It bugs me too, because the person taking the video sometimes doesn’t focus on the subject.

  • At the risk of sounding **ZIT**ist – this is how I would imagine guys doing childbirth. A team atmosphere, back slapping and high-fives, camera at the forefront, and the :Dance of Pain: as previously mentioned. Nice find, D!

  • Great post, coc**ZIT**! I tend to groan right along with the sufferer, so I was actually relieved every time the camera veered off the patient…gave me a chance to recuperate!!

  • If that bad boy was on my face, I wouldn’t want anyone to be standing between me & the doctor’s office. I’d run them over getting there. Yeeoouucchh!! I think he needs a round of antibiotics & a professional extraction, with lots of lidocaine. I hope his wiper takes the camera to film the draining….

  • Loved the midwife-cameraman.

    If the popped should (**ZIT** forbid!) die from this infection–which looks like a MRSA that could spread, so he should see a doctor soon–we will at least be able to recognize his ghost from the moans he will make.

    Maybe all ghosts moan because they are in pain from being unable to squeeze out the root of a painful zit for all eternity no matter how much they squeeze. Doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend eternity.

  • Poor guy, that was excriciating to watch, never mind being the one dealing with it 🙁 He was handling the pain well though, no theatrics or drama, but you could see from his face how much it hurts… I have to agree that he needs to see a Dr to have it properly draained and to get antibiotics asap…

  • That was p**ZIT** out painful for the poppee, his face was a picture of torture, but what an excellent video that aside! i think the cameraman was australian and the poppee and wife/girlfriend were south african, there accents were much stronger.

  • An excellent video I must say. This young fellow should get himself to a doctor as soon as possible for it appears that the infection with which he is dealing is not the only problem he has.

  • Dear Lord, this is “jaw full” all over again: https://www.popthatzits.com/2007/02/jaw-full/

    I bet that if he hadn’t been in so much pain and if he had kept squeezing, he would have ended up with a payload just like the one the guy in the jaw full video had. To me, it looks so similar.

    I really can’t blame that poor fellow though; you could see the tremendous pain he was in on his whole face. I hope he got this checked out and that he’s okay now.

    • I agree with you. It looks so painful. I know that there are people don’t like going to drs but some times you have to go so that the infection doesn’t start infecting the bone in his face. And needing even more work done on it.

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