PTZ Member Original: “Goodbye to the Unicorn Horn”

“Goodbye to the Unicorn Horn”
by pickypicky

No matter how hard I’ve tried, I have managed to fall at the very end of the zit vid posting line for YEARS now. (there has only been one time I made it to the forefront, I think…and the only reason THAT happened is because our darling Halph Staph took pity on a newbie and served a good one to me underhanded.) Destined to be the least published PTZer out there, I knew my one chance to manage to grab first dibs on a post would be if I went after the proverbial PTZ br**ZIT** ring…

the ever elusive PTZ Original Video!

With that one goal in mind, I have waited and watched, then carefully cultivated and groomed a small circle of sebaceous cyst incubators amongst my friends and family. (If you rush a sebac, you get a wimpy squeeze. Wait too long, and it abscesses and ruptures when you’re 20 miles away and you’re doomed to wait 5 more months for refill. My sister’s father-in-law has got me on speed dial now so that will never happen to me again. I was mad for a week.)
I’ve waited for it.
The right moment.
The right cyst…
…The right cell phone with a decent video app.

Now, after years of waiting, it finally happened. To me! At LAST!

I finally achieved a decent original vid! It only took me, what? Four years?!? Who cares! Pop on!

So, without further ado and with WAAAAAY too much written build-up (I’m destined to get low starrage because I’m so over the moon about a small sebac!) Here I am, squeezing a lovely sebaceous cyst on my friend’s head, which she has been calling her Unicorn Horn for many years.

It’s impossible to get a proper 4-finger squeeze when you’re taking video with one hand. I’ve got to invent some kind of phone tripod with a swinging boom extension for the next time I get lucky. I’ll emblazon PTZ on the side of it…I hope you enjoy, my PTZ family!

Dear pickypicky,
We are all jealous, and you done GREAT o glorious PTZ cyster! Thank you for sharing your moment of glory with us all! 🙂

RUNTIME: 1min 57sec

TITLE: “Goodbye to the Unicorn Horn”
INFO: First Published to the Internet on Jan 23,2013 by pickypicky; PTZ Publication Jan 26,2013
All Rights Reserved by Original Video Creator, No Copies or Use Without Express Written Permission from Owner of Said Rights.

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  • My Dear P/P,

    What an excellent video. The cyst was great. The camera work was great. The pop-age was excellent. But the commentary was over-the-top. I don’t normally listen to video and I’ve gotten in trouble for being insensitive about my excitement over an excellent pus-spewing video that was causing a great deal of pain b/c I didn’t listen to the audio. In your video, I enjoyed everything so much! I could immediately tell that you were one of us. Your verbage about “hyper-wipers” was a definite give-away. Thank you for taking time to record your glorious moment. I wish my family and friends were as indulgent as yours. Pop On!

  • Great post pickypicky. I listened with glee as you described the reason you couldn’t do a proper 4 finger squeeze. And how you didn’t want to appear to us as a hyper wiper. You have been schooled well by the members of PTZ. Did you evacuate the complete cyst? How about the obligatory sac? Or do we have a part two to look forward to? I think I would be over the moon as well, if anyone I know confessed they had a cyst of any proportion for me to pop. Friends like these are truly a friend indeed. Pop on people.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  • Congrats on your 1st post picky picky! I thoroughly loved your squeezing (shame you didn’t have someone to help be CO) & your commentary cracked me up! Hope we see lots more posts from you in the future 🙂

  • I think the video that was recorded and uploaded by PTZ member from the start deserves a star more.

    This video is good, considering the cir**ZIT**stances, even excellent.

    However, after some thinking I came up with the idea that it could be better with the help of a mirror. “Patient” would then be able to record action in the mirror (or just lookin’ at the viewfinder in a mirror). And Pickypicky, he could use both hands (or all four fingers 😉 ) .
    Do not take this as a huge criticism, but rather as advice or an idea for a future similar action.

  • I’m late to the show, Pickypicky. I wasn’t able to watch your squeeze with the sound on until today. (Watching with sound on is best done when my hubs isn’t around to make gagging noises and ruin the show.) Oh, what fun! This one was so much better with the sound on b/c I loved sharing in your joy! I’m so glad you got to take care of your friend’s unicorn horn; she is truly a good pal.

    You did a lovely job, especially considering you were filming too! Squeezing was “spot on” and camera was on target and focused. WTG. Now, I look forward with much delight to your sister’s father-in-law’s call to you. Crossing my fingers that happens soon. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Pah, 4 years? Just means you’ve had time to hone your craft well – and it paid off big time (and I loved your written intro) 🙂

    It’s not unusual for me to hit the mute **ZIT**on on these vids, but I considered your audio delivery (and your friend’s dead-panned silence) icing on the cake – it was hysterical (I’m still smiling) 🙂

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