PTZ Member Video: “Sewing Class with Dr. Pepper”

PTZ Member ‘debivc78’ Presents…
“Sewing Cl**ZIT** with Dr. Pepper”
A Personal Surgical Experience

~~~ CAUTION! ~~~
This Video Contains Unusual Subject Material.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
WBC & CWR, Thanks!
~~~ CAUTION! ~~~

In 2009 I fell on my knee.  Since I was taking blood thinners at the time, a small blood vessel deep in my leg burst from the impact.  The result was blood pooling into the **ZIT**es between the muscles in my leg.  When I finally got to emergency surgery my leg was the size of a basketball.  In the video you can see, it’s not much smaller at the time they tried to suture it closed.

The first doctor, the guy I forget his name, got paged out a few minutes into the procedure, (you can hear his pager going off) and had to leave.  The resident who finished the job was a very sweet girl who probably wasn’t thinking it through when she married a guy with the last name Pepper just before she started med school, resulting in her name becoming… Dr. Pepper. I asked if she ever thought about using her maiden name to avoid all the inevitable jokes. She said never, she loved the jokes and the reactions everyone had when she was paged in the hospital. When I heard this I knew she was probably the coolest doctor I’d ever met.

Anyway, after all the time and effort it took to get my leg all sewn up, 4 hours later all the s**ZIT**ches had popped, (a real treat since the numbing had now worn off) and I had to go home with the wounds open to heal. After a week of twice daily dressing changes, that felt like someone was trying to rip the skin off my leg with a branding iron, my home health nurse told me I needed a wound vac to help speed healing and eliminate the painful dressing changes.

Since I have no desire to sit here and try to explain what a wound vac is to those who don’t know, (I have no idea how to begin to explain it anyway) here is a link if you are that interested and want to read a bunch of medical blah-blah-blah on how it all works.

So after all this, I spent 5 months on the couch, unable to walk any further than my bathroom and bedroom because no or very little weight could be put on my leg without a whole lot of pain and the possibility of the wounds tearing back open.

The original video was 18 min long, and the actual procedure took over 2 hrs. This video is fairly long so feel free to fast forward to whatever you consider “good” parts. There are some places where you can see the wound oozing as they pull it closed that are pretty cool. I yammer a lot all through it, so enjoy my “witty” banter, LOL.

RUNTIME: 14min 47sec

TITLE: “S**ZIT**ches”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 21,2013 on Debi Reed

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  • debivc78, you fit right in with the rest of us, but you are extra special because you shared your real life experience. Would you be willing to let us see a follow-up all healed up picture? Thanks again for sharing!

  • What at great MLK Day of Caring video! S**ZIT**ching someone up so they can get back up on their feet again.

    To echo a line out of “The Three Amigos”: Sew, sew like the wind!

  • Judas Priest. That video nearly killed me. You need to know that I can hear Robert Shaw in Jaws asking for Piano wire.

    Holy mother of goodness-that was one nasty gash.

  • Thanks everyone for the great comments.
    I am posting before and after pics this morning. Beware, they are pretty graphic. Even more so than the video since I got pretty up close and personal with them so …..yeah
    Hope you like them. And thanks again for the nice comments. 😀

  • I can’t wait to see the pics which you’ll be posting–evidently they’re not up yet….I can’t imagine the horror you’ve been through during this seemingly avoidable ordeal.
    The idiot doctor who started this mess deserves a malpractice suit!
    I suppose the poor girl who had to take over didn’t know what else to do but try her high school blanket s**ZIT**chery out on that poor skin! But WHY oh WHY (dear Lord) weren’t there any intramuscular s**ZIT**ches to support the pulling together of all that flesh and muscle and fat? Or some sort of clamps or something on the outside ?
    My first barbaric c-section was closed up with big metal clamps with wire sutures running through my skin and under and around to the other side where it emerged and was twisted together on the top of the clamps. They didn’t aim for that sucker to come apart!
    But then, there was a buncha extra skin in that area to do it with, unlike your poor leg so swollen, with the skin stretched so tight….I KNOW you are glad to have this in your past. Best of luck to you for the future!

    • I agree …. I don’t have a certificate on my wall that says I p**ZIT**ed Doctor 101, but gosh … it seems that they should have sewn some of the “underpinnings” together first. Less stress on the skin. In any event, glad that you healed. Can’t wait for the pictures! 🙂 Great video!

  • I just went back and watched the video on the wound vac therapy–is this what you had to do then, to get your leg healed? Looks like it was long term, anyway. Again, did you sue that doctor? (LOL)

  • I can’t exactly sue, they did everything they were supposed to do. As far as the s**ZIT**ches go, I have no idea why they didn’t do inside s**ZIT**ches first, or why we even tried this at all except that I didn’t want to deal with the painful dressing changes.
    At the end of the day, I had to have the dressing changes anyway, at least until I got the wound vac.

  • A hundred years ago when i had my one and only ortho pt with compartment syndrome, they did the standard back then which was to slice the skin multiple times the length of the calf down to the fascia and allow the leg to swell… Maybe they are doing it differently now, or because your ws from intramuscular bleed?

  • My goodness, what a huge gash to have to close just using top s**ZIT**ches. That had to be so very painful, I’m glad that you are doing better now. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • I don’t like this one. I don’t get how it fits with PTZ. Are we going to see more open flesh, horrifying surgeries? I don’t want to think about how much the inside of someone’s leg looks like something from the meat counter. horriblehorriblehorrible

  • Wooow… That is wicked wild… Speechless again from PTZ… Awesome video and I hope she recovered well. I have the same slippers. They rock! Homer keeps ya warm at winter and definitely get laughs…. A+ video and A++++ way to take it!


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