The Largest Boil I’ve Ever Seen!!

This poor guy!! I’m pretty sure he has the biggest boil I’ve ever seen in my life! For real! Let me go ahead & warn everyone about two things: (1) This guy is in MAJOR pain & he let’s out a few curse words! Of course, I feel sure that I would too! (2) This is a bit of a long video, and the pus flowing is intermittent. Probably because of the horrible pain the patient is in. Don’t get me wrong, the doctor drains A LOT of pus & blood, but it’s not quick & straight to it …. Still totally worth a watch though!! πŸ™‚ I hope this guy is all better now & I hope everyone enjoys this large boil being drained! πŸ™‚ HAPPY POPPING!! πŸ˜€

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Very Bloody
Underarm Abscess / Boil Eruption.
Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

RUNTIME: 12min 40sec
YT INFO: Published on Sep 19,2012 by Tiki Demery

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      • Well you sound like me , and if I’m in pain , and I’ve endured physical pain before in the hospital. I don’t want the doctors to be stingy with the pain killers, nothing worse than having an operation or percedure done and they give you a motrin to take. Load me up with morphine or demerol or something for the pain. LOL

    • I think I would have demanded a morphine drip !! OMG !!! That thing looked angry as HELL ,,,,,,,,,,,, WOW I felt that guy’s pain as well , I was watching him and holding my breath when he was cause the pain was sooooo bad Hope he’s better now , that totally sucked

      • whoops svs sandy I clicked the wrong one meant to click the thumbs up… there anyway to “undo” your whoops? lol

    • Didn’t it also seem like the doctor was timid with the incision? The guy already hurts and you need to get the evil out. Don’t **ZIT**-foot around with that thing. Stab it and drain it kiddo.

    • Holy mackerel that was a nasty boil! I’m trying to imagine how one could live with this thing… How could you even sleep? I’d need a morphine shot to get to the commode…. Wow, what a find Pus-er…

      I hope he was admitted and clinically managed after this…

      • I also wondered how long he went without medical intervention! Geez he should have seen a Doc about 2 cups of pus ago!

        I also question why the Doc didnt clean the area better before starting – all that sepage & semi-dried goop should have been wiped away with betadine or something better than the half**ZIT**ed blotting with a dry gauze pad!

      • cysts, abscesses from infected or blocked hair follicles or (sweat) glands, and trauma are just a few common ways to get boils and other productive pockets of goodness πŸ™‚

  • I think underarm zits should qualify for general anesthesia really truly. I know I had some **ZIT**ps that went away but the pain was horrible, nothing like we see here.

  • I felt so bad for this guy I wanted to buy him a couple rounds of beer or something just to knock him out. WOW! It hurt to watch that thing! Loved the pus plug coming out. Wish more fluid could have drained so the poor guy got more relief!

    • The doctor short-changed the poor guy in the draining department. I think under-medicated the patient and then seemed too intimidated to consistently go after that thing and get the job done.

  • Wow, I felt his pain. I had an armpit abscess several years ago and still to this day remember the pain. I had so much pus, the doctor sent me home with a rubber drain stuck into it. I don’t remember what happened when I went back, like whether or not it was packed.

      • It’s a line from the movie “40 year old virgin”. The guys take him to get his chest waxed as one of the ways that he’s supposed to make himself more attractive, and when the tech is pulling off the strip, that’s what he screams at one point. Incidentally, when they were filming this, they didn’t rehe**ZIT** this scene because they wanted Carrell’s reaction to be genuine. That was seriously the first time he’d ever gotten his chest waxed.

  • O. M. G. That HAD to hurt! He can drop all the F-bombs he wants to, because I would to! I’m surprised he didn’t p**ZIT** out cold! It still doesn’t look like its empty, but maybe they didn’t film the rest of it. Doctor said he would pack it. You sure do find the good ones, Sir Pus-er. Thanks from the bottom of my EWWWWWW! πŸ™‚

    • Actually men have a higher pain tolerance than women, as we have fewer pain receptors in the brain than women, but i would defy anyone, man woman or beast to laugh off this underarm cyst, when he said he could feel the pain in his fingers, it proved that nerves where being disturbed by the procedure so that gotta hurt BAAAAAAAD!

  • I would sure like to know what type of infection he had and how he got it. I cannot imagine a person allowing an injury, insect bite, a cut or whatever started this to fester so long until it becomes an infected abscess. Why in the world didn’t he have it worked on soon? WoW!

      • Hopefully it was not the same doctor who diagnosed lymph nodes. Even if that was the diagnosis, those things aren’t supposed to ever get that large!!! It should have been treated the first time. He had to be in agonizing pain – it was HUGE!

      • You’re right there NMGAPAOH. It was the size of cantelope at the start of the video and was drained to the size of an orange towards the end.

        The irony is that this devil fruit grows around the pit more like an avocado… πŸ˜‰

  • This lesion got this bad, almost certainly, because the pt messed with it, but not completely. He left pyogenic material inside, the wound healed, and the infection festered, almost certainly penetrating the recemose parts of the axillary tissue. This probably represents an infection that has been out of control X 12 months or so.

    You don’t want to use general anesthesia for this, and opiates are for post-operative **ZIT**gesia, not intraoperative anesthesia. I just don’t understand why he injected the lido into the infection instead of establishing a field block.

  • You got it right B-Ford-that boil was huge! It could of had it’s own post (zip) code! I thought he restrained himself with the swearing, I would of been worse! When those pus flows let go though, it was fabulous. Hope the poor guy is healing up now & always gets a 2nd opinion. You always bring us excellent posts B-ford-thanks for yet another πŸ™‚

  • To paraphrase a phrase commonly heard on these type of videos. OH. MY. GOD. That was one BIG ouwee. I felt the Dr. did an excellent job as he laid the facts of the procedure on the table for his patient to digest. Still, the pain had to be felt within a ten mile radius. You could see the pus oozing out as the Dr. introduced the numbing agent. The flow from the squeezes had to be the highlight, and reason it has has prominent place on my favourites list. I tell you unashamedly, I would be a’cursing as much or more then our intrepid victim. I just wish we got to see our physician probe for loculations one more time, as explained to the suffering patient. Card full? Batteries die? We may never find out. All in all Buford, a good candidate for boil/cyst of the year. And it’s only Feb.1. Pop on people.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  • Very few doctors know how to properly numb an abscess for an I&D procedure. There is an ER doc on YouTube that has a channel called PROCEDURETTES. It is directed at other MD’s and dedicated to humane and comp**ZIT**ionate patient care.

    The doc has a lot of great ones, with his ABSCESS SUCCESS tutorial being outstanding. In it he demonstrates how to make the procedure FAR less painful for the patient by:

    *covering the abscess with EMLA cream prior to injecting. EMLA is a very strong numbing paste and can be used with some surgical procedures.

    *buffeting the lidocaine with sodium bicarbonate to take the sting out

    *warming the syringes in water or with a warm wet towel

    *using teeeeny little needles initially before graduating to a larger one for deeper numbing.

    All this takes is a bit more time; the supplies should be in any ER. The problem is few docs take the time. Even in the ER they can manage their time if they are inclined to: the tutorial suggests that while the EMLA cream works they can use that time to check on other patients, look at labs, etc.

    Another huge concern is that doctors often can’t clean the wound out properly with the patient howling in tortured agony. Also, many patients are terrified of returning after the first ordeal for any follow up care. So the infection may not be cleaned out properly

    Here is the info on this vid:
    For medical professionals only. This Procedurette describes ways to reduce the pain of incision & drainage of cutaneous abscesses when using local anesthesia. The initial injections of an abscess can be horrendously painful, and while the method shown here takes a little longer, let’s face it: we’re supposed to reduce agony. I have avoided a lot of procedural sedations with these tricks, so give ’em a try the next time you’ve got a patient with an especially low pain tolerance. Also shown is an alternative to gauze packing.

    Do a search on PROCEDURETTES and check out his other vids. He is hilarious and absolutely dedicated to comp**ZIT**ionate patient care.

    I have an enormous pet peeve on inept care and torturing patients from apathy, ignorance or both.

    Peace, Jiffy

      • EMLA is more than just Lidocaine. I think it has Prilocaine or something g to that effect in it as well. It is so effective that actual cutting surgical procedures can be carried out using it. The ER doctor on the channel PROCEDURETTES said abscesses really seem to numb up well with EMLA. I’m thinking it might be (in part) due to the thin skin on top and around many abscesses. With proper use of EMLA, buffered Lidocaine and then a skilled field block almost any patient would have significant reduction of pain during and probably even after the procedure. It is astonishing how many ignorant, lazy, careless and clueless doctors are right here in the US. πŸ™ Peace, Jiffy

  • That is one angry S.O.B of a boil. Heaven to Betsey, I would have needed a change of draws, because there is no way that I could have held myself from **ZIT**ing my pants….and probably would have got a lil bit on the Doc.

  • TOTALLY agree with the heading on this one! I’m a HUGE fan of boils and abscesses and this one just takes the cake… I’d love to see a follow on of him going back on Wednesday and having the packing removed as that’s SURE to have a bunch of the puss and blood leakage that was missed in this vid. BTW how in the HELL do you just let something fester and grow to this point of severity?! If the infection had spread anymore he could’ve lost his arm, seeing as he felt the squeezing up to his fingers. Bravo on the find, I’m rarely grossed out and this one almost completely got me!

  • This is 7th century barbarism! What the **ZIT** did he use for an anesthetic? Vodoo? Animal sacrifice? Hells bells. 150 years ago, the patient at least got a few slugs of whiskey.

  • I have worked in teaching hospitals like I **ZIT**ume this one was, young DR, perhaps in residence, experimenting! He should have stopped at some point (like when he was screaming and nicely restraining himself from punching the “Dr.”) and made the decision to put this man under general anesthesia to carry out this procedure in a humane way. As a former medical professional, I KNOW that that pain was completely unnecessary given the right kind of medications. It’s a shame what the poor or under insured have to put up with!

    • You hit he nail on the head. I have been with Kaiser for 28+ years and have had my issues with them but they are VERY concerned with patient comfort. I have never heard a single scream or shriek in the offices or ER’s. My ankle surgeon is going to take me into the OR and sedate me to do a platelet injection into my tendon.

      There just isn’t any excuse for this **ZIT** in the US. I’m sorry for the harsh words but that’s how I feel.

      You are correct about the poor or underinsured. They often get the bottom of the barrel. My niece was one of them. A simple skin graft for a burn she had on her arm was so botched that the resulting scar looks like someone chewed about 20 packs of pink bubblegum and wadded the m**ZIT** on the burn. Lumpy, raised, ridges, clumps of scar tissue….in the hands of a competent surgeon she would have barely been able to see it 10 years down the road. I have seen burns 100x worse than hers heal amazingly.

      But… Her parents had no insurance so she was a guinea pig for some intern. Sigh….

      Peace, Avie

  • The emptying of the man-teat. Good payload.

    And the poppee has proven his manliness. I’d have given him an injection of Vitamin K to sedate him, but that’s the stupid platoon medic emergency anesthetic procedure with the stuff available at hand.

  • why did the skin expand and blow up every time it was depressed, as if it was full of gas. was there a connection to the lung, or was it caused by the gas production of the bacteria? i think it was the latter. i think it was an anaerobic abscess caused by Clostridium perfringens, the causative agent of gas gangrene. this bacterium is found in the soil, or sometimes in spoiled foods. he probably got a puncture wound by a dirty object. this isn’t the same as tet**ZIT**, btw. this would indeed hurt like a jumbo gumbo. i think he was probably admitted in any case, and given IV antibiotics, especially given the size of the wound. it may have required surgical debridement, given the pain he was in. he would have needed to be sedated for it. just my thoughts, and humble opinions. it could have been something else altogether.

  • I wasn’t able to tell, were any of you able to tell, if the dude was in pain? he was so quiet and casual it was hard to tell. lol gotta give the dude mad props though. when the infection is that bad no amount of novacaine will kill the pain – the nerve is under way too much stress.

  • It was some nasty, festering, angry boil! Poor man! Imagine just walking down the street, or doing everyday things. Your armpit is involved in everything! It must have been so sore all the time!
    But I agree with most of the comments: the patient should not have been in that much pain, especially in a U.S. hospital!
    What’s done is done, and hopefully he is doing better.
    I loved the thick pus action and pus plug/fibroid coming out! Thanks Buford for the post!

  • NOOOOOOO way would I have put up with that. He should have taken better care of. I never had them that big in my armpit like that but I had much bigger and that size several times on the inside of my thighs and **ZIT**ocks like that. I still have huge dents under my skin that feel really weird and it has been 10 to 12 years since my last big one. They gave me IV nerve meds and pains b4 they even started numbing me. I had really great insurance at that time though. If anyone suffers from these I used antibacterial Dial soap and never had once since. I don’t know if it is coincidence, age or something else but since I started using it I haven’t had had any major abscess breakouts like this. I used to be plagued with them and missed a LOT of school and flunked out of college because I couldn’t sit walk or stand because of them.

  • Given my experience of having abscesses NO WHERE NEAR the size of magnitude of these, may I just say in my opinion THIS PATIENT IS A ROCK STAR. He never flinched or impeeded the doctor doing the procedure and was really good about letting it continue. As far as I’m concerned he can swear like a trucker, given the pain. I too wonder if this was an anaerobic abscess because it did seem the area filled up in size after each expression of funk. I certainly hope he’s doing better.

  • I am so sorry. He would’ve had to knock me out. I can’t take pain much anyway and seeing this just made me only imagine what the pain could’ve been like. I would’ve had to have had one of those drips they give you that puts you in that twilight state.

  • If the guy was in so much pain (and you can totally tell by the redness and the “angryness” of the abscess) why didnt the doctor put him under full anesthesia? It would have been a way more humane way to excise the abscess.

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