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Oh my … What a lovely load of juicy pus! I accidentally ran across this & am so happy I did! I think all of you will be happy as well!! 😀 I was unable to listen to this one, but maybe someone that can listen to it could comment on it? 🙂 It was way late when I ran across it & I couldn’t find my headphones, so I do apologize for that. Nonetheless, I think everyone will enjoy this one! HAPPY POPPING!! 😀

RUNTIME: 5min 45sec

TITLE: “evacuación de quiste cevacio”
YT INFO: Published on Sep 13, 2012 by pedro gabriel jeldres maldonado

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  • ¡Mira, mira! Look, look! They all had such a wonderful time enjoying the heck outta this extraction! Their enthusiasm is catchy, ¿sí? I’m rusty at translating, but I know they wanted to be sure they got it all. Thanks so much for the super find, Buford.

  • Nice find on the video but the popping technique was so frustrating – first off, I hate when people use the tissues/paper towels … all they do is get in the way. Second, this lady was a cl**ZIT**ic “pincher” which means she just kept trying to pinch the top of the cyst and press down when what was called for was a nice wide grip that would allow her to get “under” the sac and apply pressure … A couple times she got herself in position for the wide grip but then backed off when one nice hard squeeze would have blown the thing up. oh well – maybe there will be a part II.

    • Nice one Buford. I am used to hearing things in spanish, got no issues with it, but for some reason, this chatter was like 100 long tail cats in a room full of rocking rocking chairs and the occupant of the chair is morbidly obese! Again, not sure why the chatter is bothering me (perhaps because it is 3am)??

      Geez Louise!!

      Take care!

  • Wow, Buford you made my night! Fantastic payload of creamy white se**ZIT**! It kept coming and coming! There was a lot more in there than I expected there to be. That’s always a nice treat! Thanks again Buford for a most excellent video!

  • Muchas gracias por muy bonita pus.

    Mas bacne, por favor.

    MRAC (Me rio a carcajadas–LMAO or Laughing my **ZIT** off).

    No translation necessary. Why? Because pus is the universal language.

  • I didn’t catch a lot of what they were saying, but there was a lot of “look! look!” And toward the end, I did catch her saying “it’s incredible how much smaller it is.” I wish I would have gotten the jokes, but some of it is just stuff I’ve either forgotten or haven’t learned yet. It’s been like 10 years since I had a spanish cl**ZIT**!

  • the camera may have been cheap and therefore the focus not as good as can be, but the cameraperson did a good job of holding still and not drifting off so that I am looking around the sided of my screen to see the action (yes I’ve done that – admit it, so have you!). I also agree that the pinching method, even with a bit of shaking of the loculations, just doesn’t get to the bottom of things, and the paper covered fingers can block the view, tho these were at least folded and tidy compared to some.

    • I agree cheezysqueeze ! Thats my biggest pet peive (sp?). I see so many videos that when they are not doing anything its right smack dab in the middle of the screen…as soon as the squeezing begins, the camera drifts off and we get to watch the bookcase in the corner (or something like that..hehehehe). Ive mentioned this before…I hope Im not the only one who does this..when the cyst is in the very corner of the screen, I find my self tilting my head over to that side as if I can look behind my computer and see whats going on..LOL !!! I get so frustrated and usually mumbling to myself “You;ve got the entire screen, but yet you choose to have something entirely different in the middle and the cyst is in the corner, sometimes its not in the shot at all. Oh well, I think the reason this happens is the person thats filmng wants to see first hand whats going on and not thru the camera. They line it up in the center but as the actions starts they are looking over their camera and it just starts straying away. Ok I will stop my ranting now..Sorry this was so long, but I do feel better now so thank you. I did love this video btw. Ive already watched it about a dozen of times.

  • Good one Buford!! If just once before I die, I can pop a big juicy pus filled cyst like this, I will die a very, very happy woman! If I ever do get a chance at one of these, I’m going after it with a two handed grip, right from the get go. Really enjoyed this a lot. Plus, it looks like it’ll be a gift that keeps on giving. At least we didn’t see the sac coming out. Hopefully, 6 months down the road we’ll get to watch it a 2nd time.

  • Popology 101: DO NOT SQUEEZE BY PRESSING DOWN! It always amazes me when poppers get underneath the cyst, squeeze upwards and get a huge payload THEN they go back to placing their fingers right by the opening, press down and get nothing. Always, always, always get underneath that sucker and squeeze upwards for maximum squirt. BTW, great find!

  • What a great payload! The popper obviously isn’t very knowledgeable about the best popper techniques but we all have to start somewhere! Wish I could of swapped places with her 🙂 I loved their excitement & no screaming was a bonus. Thanks Buford Pu-ser for yet another fantastic post-keep up the great mining!

  • Whatever they were saying, they had a great time saying it! They sound like a group of high school girls talking about their latest crush! Nice string, got a bit dizzy trying to follow the twists and turns, but all in all good payout. Thanks Buford!

  • One of the best ever! Mountains of thick Se**ZIT**.! My only complaints are the rather poor popping technique, and the low quality recording. Other than that, it’s a masterpiece!

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