The REAL Dr. Spencer VS. Kitty Cyst!

DrSpencer Presents:
“My Namesake Gets a Kitty Nipple Cyst!”

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My PTZ name comes from my awesome kitty, the real Dr. Spencer. Well, not long ago I was rubbing Dr. Spencer’s tummy. I could feel a small lump around where his first nipple should have been. Spencie has a lot of fur, so after wading through all of it, I found a hole with what looked like a piece of extremely dry skin or part of a cat’s claw.

For those of you who don’t have cats, sometimes when they get too long, a cat’s claw can splinter into two pieces. It’s kind of like when a human nail cracks. I honestly thought that’s what was stuck in poor Spencie’s nipple- half of a claw! So MrDrS and I got out the tweezers and tried to remove the claw piece to no avail. We left it alone for the night.

The next day, after I fed Spencie his dinner, I got out my best tweezers and took Spencer away from the other animals. I then applied some antiseptic, pain relief spray to the area and gently started to remove “the claw”. To my surprise the “claw” piece was actually dried sebaceous material from a small cyst. Previously, our vet had told me that if the cyst has cheesy material, it’s okay to gently squeeze it out. Well, I went for it, and Spencie was a total trooper the whole time!! After I was done, I sprayed the now visible nipple with disinfectant spray.

Pictures include shots of the material removed. You can see the hard, yellowy part that was the in hole- the part I thought was a claw, then there is white “cheeze”, Spencer’s very red nipple, which was literally pushed into his skin, under the pressure of the sebaceous material. I’m just sorry I didn’t take a picture of the area before I started tweezing! And there’s a picture of Spencie post procedure giving me an annoyed but relieved look.

Sorry about no video; it was just me taking care of it myself. But I thought my PTZ family might appreciate the real Dr. Spencer’s cyst story.

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